How Do You Get Gold Cards In Monopoly Go?

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Along with building an empire, Monopoly Go wants players to become a collector. That’s why we continuously get new Sticker Albums to fill. Within those Albums are Gold Cards, the most valuable of collectibles in Monopoly Go.

But how do you get Gold Cards that are essential for completing every Sticker Album?

Simple, follow this guide. Even the rarest items can be found if you know where to look, and that’s exactly what this guide does.

Understanding The Monopoly Go Gold Cards

Every new Season of Monopoly Go brings a new Sticker Album for players to fill. Within these albums are some rare Gold Cards or Stickers.

For instance, the latest Sticker Album of Monopoly Go is the Epic Myths album that has 21 sets of stickers. Each of these sets has ONE Gold Card/Sticker. So, to complete the Epic Myths album, players must collect 21 Gold Cards.

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The rare Gold Cards are further categorized by their Star Rating as well. Here are the five categories of Gold Cards:

  • 1-Star Gold Card.
  • 2-Star Gold Card.
  • 3-Star Gold Card.
  • 4-Star Gold Card.
  • 5-Star Gold Card.

1 to 3-Star Gold Cards are relatively easy to get. However, a 4 or 5-Star Gold Card is the rarest of the lot.

How Do You Get Gold Cards In Monopoly Go?

There are no shortcuts or sure-shot schemes for getting Gold Cards in Monopoly Go. If you want the Gold, you’ll have to do the digging.

Here is a detailed overview of the TWO methods to get Gold Cards in Monopoly Go.

1. Complete Limited-Time Event Tasks

Monopoly Go almost always has a Limited-Time Event, like the Sea Safari Event, going on. These events have tons of different tasks. Players earn points by completing those tasks.

Accumulate enough points, and you’ll get rewards like Rolls, Monopoly Money, Sticker Packs, and more.

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Complete as many tasks as possible within the time limit, and you might get a Sticker Pack that guarantees a Gold Card.

2. Earn Sticker Packs

There are ELEVEN different Sticker Packs in Monopoly Go right now. Five of these eleven Sticker Packs only have Common Cards/Stickers. The other SIX guarantee at least ONE Gold Sticker of a varying star rating. 

Here’s a table of all the Sticker Packs available in Monopoly Go right now.

Sticker PackReward
Green PackGuarantees a 1-Star Card/Sticker
Orange PackGuarantees a 2-Star Card/Sticker
Pink PackGuarantees a 3-Star Card/Sticker
Blue PackGuarantees a 4-Star Card/Sticker
Purple PackGuarantees a 5-Star Card/Sticker
Green + Gold PackGuarantees a 1-Star Gold Card/Sticker
Orange + Gold PackGuarantees a 2-Star Gold Card/Sticker
Pink + Gold PackGuarantees a 3-Star Gold Card/Sticker
Blue + Gold PackGuarantees a 4-Star Gold Card/Sticker
Purple + Gold PackGuarantees a 5-Star Gold Card/Sticker
Premium Purple + Gold PackRewards a Gold Card that’s missing in your Album.

Now all you have to do is get your hands on these Sticker Packs. If you don’t know already, here’s how to get Stickers and Sticker Packs in Monopoly Go.

  • Complete Quick Wins.
  • Collect Daily Treats and get Stickers and Sticker Packs.
  • Complete Limited-Time Event Tasks to get Sticker Packs.
Monopoly Go
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Now you know how to get Gold Cards!

If you play your cards right, you can easily get the 1 to 3-Star Gold Cards. After that, it’s all about persistence. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually get the rarer 4 and 5-Star Gold Cards.

While you’re here, also check out our guide Monopoly Go levels guide. And stay tuned for more guides, tips, and tricks about Monopoly Go!

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