Gold And Goblins Event Tips Guide

Charles Judd

Gold and Goblins by Redcell Games is an easy-going idle merger. But when beating the main mine becomes grueling, participating in an event is a good way to continue enjoying the game. Event mines have fantastic rewards when you complete them, but you only have a limited time to do so. The following Gold and Goblins event tips guide will help make sure you get the best prizes.

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Merge Wisely

Like Idle Pocket Planet, you can merge characters of the same level to upgrade them. In this case, you have goblin miners, and carefully merging them is the key to winning events. Having two high-level goblins lets you break more rocks simultaneously while having one merged goblin allows you to eliminate a single boulder but faster.

Merging them depends on what your goals are at the moment. It’s wise not to combine any miners if you are going to be offline for long hours. This generally gets more work done when you get back.

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Rush with Your Strongest Miner

Events tend to have a lot of checkpoints and getting to them as soon as possible will give you treasure chests with formidable bonuses. The fastest miner to assign this task to is the one with the highest level.

Yes, gathering all the keys on the map is an event’s primary goal, but you won’t have access to them unless all areas are unlocked. Have your strongest goblin lead the way, and the rest of your miners can take care of the keys and other items.

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Don’t Forget the Mineshafts

When rushing the checkpoints, don’t neglect mineshafts. One reason for this is that you can’t move on to the next stage if you still haven’t activated all the mineshafts in your current area.

Furthermore, shafts in Gold and Goblins are like tables in Animal Restaurant. They are essential for stable money-making. Automating and continuously increasing shaft production should be on your list of top priorities. You will need event cards and elixirs to do this.

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Save Cards and Elixirs

There are various types of cards you can collect for events, and you can use them all to boost different facets of your mine. A proportionate amount of event elixirs is also needed for each upgrade.

Enhancing mineshafts even after automating them is possible, but this is not advised. You must save your elixirs for rare cards that will only be unlocked in the farthest parts of an event.

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Store Dynamites

Apart from goblins, you can also merge dynamites for better results. They can’t completely obliterate obstacles of the same level but dynamites can massively reduce the time needed to break rocks.

However, you can’t have as many dynamites as goblins. You can only have four out at a time, and the highest level they can reach is plus three above your strongest goblin. Be aware of these limits if you plan to store dynamites for merging.

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Like several other idle merge games, Gold and Goblins have an alternative playing mode to entertain you. An event may be temporary, but it can give you a lot of enjoyment while it’s there, mainly if you apply the right tips.

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