Girls Connect Tier List – Updated For February 2024

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Girls Connect Tier List
Photo: EskyfunUSA

The ideal Idle RPG for female gamers and anime lovers out there! Girls Connect starts with the divine war ending and the evil forces taking over. Now your job is to save the land of Eileen by assembling a girls’ army.

There are over 80 characters, and the majority of them are female. Your task is to train them, upgrade them, and improve their skills. It’s a long adventure game by EskyfunUSA that many would enjoy.

Since there are so many heroes, one would get confused about which ones are the best for them. And this is why we have come up with our own Girls Connect tier list!

So, today we’ll see what the current best female and male characters are to use and which ones you should avoid.

How do we Define our Tiers?

Before diving into the actual Girls Connect tier list, let’s look at what we mean when we say a character is S, A+, A, B, C, or D tier.

  • S-Tier: Hands down the best characters in Girls Connect. Whenever you get them, always focus on upgrading them and improving their skills.

  • A+ Tier: These are pretty much similar to the S-Tier characters and can be used instead of them. There’s just a slight difference between these top two tiers.

  • A-Tier: Great characters without any doubt. They are very handy to use, especially early on in the game when you don’t have other powerful heroes.

  • B-Tier: Good heroes, but they can’t be compared to the above three tiers. But still, they are decent, and you’ll most likely get them at the start.

  • C-Tier: Not recommended to use. When your lineup has enough heroes from the above 4 or 3 tiers, stop upgrading the C-tier ones.

  • D-Tier: Completely useless as you move forward in the game.

Girls Connect Tier List

Having defined the tiers, let’s move on to our tier list. I’ll include the names of the characters, their class (warrior, mage, assassin, or support), and their faction (water, light, dark, fire, or wind).


Photo: EskyfunUSA

These characters have the following similar stats:

  • Overall Power: 61745
  • HP: 1070K
  • ATK: 81940
  • DEF: 3442
  • Level: 380

Apart from that, they can differ in their class, faction, and, obviously, skills! Here are the S-Tier characters:

  1. Jessica (Mage, Light)
  2. Siyi (Mage, Light)
  3. Nidhogg (Mage, Dark)
  4. Niord (Mage, Water)
  5. Labis (Mage, Fire)
  6. Mira (Mage, Wind)
  7. Utega (Mage, Wind)

A+ Tier

Photo: EskyfunUSA

The stats of these characters are different, but they fall in a decent range, as follows:

  • Overall Power: 593922, 599802, 602747
  • HP: 1250K, 1470K, 1220K
  • ATK: 66533, 55327, 70035
  • DEF: 3442
  • Level: 380

These belong to the same Ultra-Rare category, but since their overall power is a bit lower than the S-tier, they fall into A+.

  1. Leia-Mia (Support, Light)
  2. Cottonwood (Support, Light)
  3. Aurora (Support, Light)
  4. Berserker (Warrior, Dark)
  5. Dirge (Support, Dark)
  6. Tsubasa (Warrior, Dark)
  7. Dante (Assassin, Dark)
  8. Hera (Mage, Water)
  9. Alice (Assassin, Fire)


Photo: EskyfunUSA

These characters also have different stats, but they are pretty close to each other in terms of their impact. All of them fall in the A-tier of our Girls Connect tier list.

  • Overall Power: 495252, 500149, 5002599, 514850
  • HP: 1040K, 1220K, 1020K, 898333
  • ATK: 55417, 46083, 58333, 68250
  • DEF: 3000
  • Level: 330

Now here are the characters for this tier:

  1. Sigurdley (Warrior, Light)
  2. Epsilon (Mage, Light)
  3. Puro (Warrior, Light)
  4. Setsu (Mage, Light)
  5. Nia (Warrior, Light)
  6. Nicole (Assassin, Dark)
  7. Bradley (Warrior, Dark)
  8. Cadley (Mage, Dark)
  9. Specter (Warrior, Dark)
  10. Lan (Assassin, Water)
  11. Rin (Warrior, Water)
  12. Leviathan (Warrior, Water)
  13. Yuna (Support, Water)
  14. Frost Star (Support, Water)
  15. Silassia (Warrior, Water)
  16. Snow Ruler (Mage, Water)
  17. Mirenne (Mage, Water)
  18. Lorelei (Support, Fire)
  19. Gulvig (Mage, Fire)
  20. Misty (Warrior, Fire)
  21. M. Kuzunoha (Mage, Fire)
  22. Chloe (Assassin, Fire)
  23. Petrolia (Support, Fire)
  24. Bahamut (Warrior, Fire)
  25. Y. Kuzunoha (Mage, Fire)
  26. Rengetsu (Assassin, Fire)
  27. Donley (Warrior, Wind)
  28. Sherra (Warrior, Wind)
  29. Arabel (Mage, Wind)
  30. Daisy (Mage, Wind)
  31. Bonaire (Warrior, Wind)
  32. Vel (Support, Wind)
  33. Ensei (Support, Wind)

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Photo: EskyfunUSA

These characters have overall power in the range of 72K to 75K and they are pretty decent heroes to begin with.

  • Overall Power: 72950, 73327, 74024, 75971
  • HP: 140207, 164949, 137458, 120963
  • ATK: 7857, 6533, 8270, 9676
  • DEF: 1500
  • Level: 160

The following characters fall into B-tier:

  1. Tenjin (Warrior, Light)
  2. Rudy (Assassin, Light)
  3. Black Crow (Warrior, Dark)
  4. Michelle (Assassin, Dark)
  5. Pan (Support, Water)
  6. Sasha (Warrior, Water)
  7. Liffa (Assassin, Water)
  8. Shikioni (Warrior, Fire)
  9. Ketty (Mage, Fire)
  10. Sylas (Assassin, Fire)
  11. Averna (Support, Wind)
  12. Elvie (Assassin, Wind)
  13. Granine (Support, Wind)


Photo: EskyfunUSA

The power of these characters is between 19K to almost 21K. But if you compare them now to the above tiers, they aren’t close.

  • Overall Power: 19850, 19997, 20311, 20995
  • HP: 36979, 31432, 30816, 27118
  • ATK: 1739, 2091, 2201, 2575
  • DEF: 874
  • Level: 100

Here are the characters:

  1. Galford (Assassin, Light)
  2. Alkam (Assassin, Light)
  3. Grey Crow (Assassin, Dark)
  4. Flamie (Assassin, Dark)
  5. Angelina (Support, Water)
  6. Shiloh (Support, Water)
  7. Alphen (Warrior, Fire)
  8. Uno (Assassin, Fire)
  9. Nepheru (Support, Fire)
  10. Kurasha (Warrior, Wind)
  11. Vladimira (Support, Wind)
  12. Harby (Mage, Wind)

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Photo: EskyfunUSA

As told above as well, these characters are totally useless and won’t benefit you much. There’s no point upgrading them instead of better heroes. Here are their stats:

  • Overall Power: 9218, 9524, 9900
  • HP: 15322, 12768, 11236
  • ATK: 824, 1043, 1220
  • DEF: 495
  • Level: 60

The good thing is that there aren’t many D-tier characters except the following 6:

  1. Imperial Witch (Mage, Water)
  2. R. Starsoul (Assassin, Water)
  3. Dire Wolf (Assassin, Fire)
  4. Yabon (Warrior, Wind)
  5. Graveller (Warrior, Wind)
  6. Dryad (Assassin, Wind)

And this was our Girls Connect tier list. The characters were divided into these tiers after assessing their skills, ratings, and performance.

So, do you agree with the list, or would make some changes? Let me know, I am reading all the comments!

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