How To Get All Weapons In Roblox Zombie Game

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Zombie Game
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As the name suggests, Zombie Game on Roblox is all about killing lots of zombie enemies.

That being said, you’ll need a lot of weapons to kill them all. We’ll go over exactly how to unlock every weapon in this guide.

Some of the ways are more simple than others, so hopefully this helps you get them all!

Zombie Game
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How to Get All Weapons in Zombie Game

All players start with a Baseball Bat. This is the primary weapon of the Roblox – Zombie Game and can be carried at any time in the armory at the start.

The merchant near the armory sells melee weapons for points earned by defeating zombies.

His list includes the following:

  • Katana – 2250 Points
  • Machete – 2500 Points
  • Frying Pan – 2750 Points

You can also buy a Landmine for 100 Robux or an OP Sniper for 349 Robux in this room. However, this is not advised unless you have a lot of money to spend.

Zombie Game
Photo: Roblox

Before you go into the How To Get All Weapons In Roblox Zombie Game article below, take a minute to browse our other game guides!

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is an offensive weapon with a relatively slow swinging motion. It causes a lot of damage, however, and it is incredibly easy to unlock for free.

Simply head out of the start and climb up the hill right above it to reach the corner of the map.

There, you will find a lone tree with a fire axe stuck into it. Just click on the axe and it will become useable in the armory.

Zombie Game
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Minecraft Sword

Return to the area where the fire axe was, and jump down near the tree to find a water-filled cave.

Follow it until you spot an iron ingot on a shelf.

Click to grab it, then return to the cave. Turn left upon leaving, follow the hill to the opposite corner, and find a green block on the ground.

Remember it. Turn around, and navigate pillars to find another iron ingot. Return to the green block, fall through, and enter a secret cave.

Zombie Game
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If you grabbed both iron ingots earlier, a free Minecraft Sword waiting at the making table.

Charged Bat

There is a campfire with four chairs around it in the other corner of the Zombie Game map.

To unlock the Charged Bat, you and three other players must sit on these seats.

Once everyone is seated, the Charged Bat should appear in your inventory instantly, that is, if you can get any three people to assist you.

Zombie Game
Photo: Roblox

Illegal Guns

If you return to the tunnel where you picked up the first iron ingot, you may leap through a hole just ahead of the shelf.

A notice hangs over the table. Every few minutes, an NPC will spawn here, and you may buy two weapons on the table anytime they appear.

Zombie Game
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These are the following:

  • Shotgun – 300 Points
  • Pistol – 150 Points

While they are cheap and strong, these weapons are reportedly not lasting. So, you will have to keep buying them every time you come into Zombie Game.

Shovel and Zombie Staff

Unlike most of the other tools here, the shovel and Zombie Staff can only be gained as a drop from rare types of zombies.

If you see a zombie holding a shovel, kill it and click on the tool that it drops on the ground.

Zombie Game
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The same goes for the Zombie Staff, except this weapon can only be used if you are infected.

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While not exactly a standard weapon, the antidote can be used to quickly take out a zombie by making them a regular person.

Zombie Game
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To get it, you have to enter a well-hidden laboratory. While facing the “Zombies Only” door, run to the right until you reach the area marked below.

You can go through this part of the wall. After entering, you’ll find a keypad buried in the wall.

The code is “5555”, so just enter that to open the door.

Inside, you will find the antidote just sitting on a table in the back of the room. If it isn’t there, that means somebody recently took it. If that happens, just wait for it to return.

Zombie Game
Photo: Roblox

Fire Katana

If you have earned the Katana, you will be able to receive the Fire Katana for absolutely free as well.

All you need to do is equip the standard katana and head over to the campfire just beside the waterfall.

This can be found directly below the cave that you have been exploring earlier. Just follow the water down.

While standing beside or right on top of the campfire, you have to type “ignis gladius” in the chat box.

Zombie Game
Photo: Roblox

After doing so, the Fire Katana should quickly appear in your collection.


Zombie Game on Roblox is a fast-paced zombie game in which players must clear the playing field of waves upon waves of undead opponents.

Each weapon mentioned in the Zombie Game guide goes into detail on how to accomplish an opening, which gives players a strategic advantage.

By starting with a basic Baseball Bat and earning points, players may purchase other combat weapons from the dealer in the armory.

The article also includes hidden weapons such as the Flaming Axe, Minecraft Sword Charged Bat, and Katun’s flaming sword.

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