Genshin Impact Fontaine Underwater Exploration Guide

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

Genshin Impact (developed by miHoYo) has no shortage of compelling storylines, tryhard quests, and a lot of content to grind for. With the new updates come new challenges, and among those challenges lie the Fontaine Underwater Exploration.

The quest is quite simple, but you need to go through a few hoops and nooks to unlock it, and even after, it’s not just going from point A to point B. So, to lay out everything straight and make your adventure just a little bit easier, here’s a guide!

Unlocking Fontaine Underwater Exploration

Photo: miHoYo

First things first, we need to head to Fontaine and look for statues. Paimon might have already mentioned this to you, so follow her and interact with these.

This only happens during first-time interactions, and once the quest pops up, you need to get the Fontaine waters since most of this will be completed underwater.

Going Underwater

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Make sure that the water body you’re diving into is not shallow since Genshin doesn’t let you swim and dive in puddles. From there, just jump inside headfirst and keep going deep.

Remember, your character doesn’t need to come up to breathe, so there’s no need to rush and reduce your hunting efficiency! But your stamina is still consumed, and you don’t want that!

Go slow, but go deep, and make sure you’re equipped for battle!

Battling Underwater

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Now we’re underwater, and this is where you need to shine. Not literally, but you still need to have the know-how since you can’t really use your abilities underwater.

The main method is to absorb the abilities of the creatures underwater, and then use those abilities during combat.

This works by using the Transoceanic Sourcewater aimed towards an underwater creature. Each attack will absorb some of their abilities.

However, this only works on creatures Xenochromatic in nature. Now, depending on what you find, the abilities can vary:

  • Xenochromatic Hunter’s Ray: This allows you to launch wave-form attacks that can cut seagrass.
  • Xenochromatic Armored Crab: As the name suggests, you’ll be encapsulated in an armored bubble and release shockwaves. Oh, and the shield is reflective, so good luck with that.
  • Xenochromatic Blubberbeast: Unleash pulsing waves that are suited for reckoning. Use these to find items, and objects!

How To Regenerate Your Water Stamina?

Photo: miHoYo

While underwater, even if you go as slow as possible, you’ll still be losing a fair chunk of your stamina.

The simple solution to this is to look for underwater Recovery Orbs. You’d not only regenerate your stamina, but also HP, so any after-battle scars can be removed swiftly, given you stockpile on these!


In essence, the underground waters are a relatively uncharted region in Genshin Impact, but it isn’t all that difficult. With a little bit of knowledge, and luck, you’re well on your way to success!

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