Gears Pop! Guide: 7 Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Gears Pop is a real-time multiplayer game from Microsoft Corporation. It lets you collect and place cute Funko versions of iconic Gears characters onto bite-sized battlefields. Gameplay is very similar to Clash Royale, but there’s a unique “cover” feature that lets you capture covers using certain troops to expand the deployment zone. There’s a big strategic benefit of expanding the zone, which I have explained in the next paragraph. Check out our beginner-level tips, hints and strategies to win Versus battles against players:   

1) Drop Tank Troops After Expanding Deployment Zone 

When a versus battle begins, try to capture the first two rows of cover to expand your deployment zone. Deploy troops that have cover symbol to capture covers. The deployment zone moves forward ONLY when you capture both covers in a row. As the deployment zone expands, you can place troops closer to the enemy outposts which results into faster troop movement towards the enemy.  

Gears! Pop - When to Deploy Tanks
Deploying a Tank after Capturing Two Rows of Cover

Once you have expanded the zone by capturing at least two rows, you can freely deploy slow-moving tanks when they are available. Dropping a tank early on can be suicidal – By the time he reaches the enemy outpost, his HP will be decreased considerably. Yes, tanks can absorb large amounts of damage, but if the enemy deploys multiple troops to target a tank, his HP will surely be depleted by a huge amount when he reaches the outpost. Also, don’t forget the constant barrage of bullets from enemy outposts when he will be close to them. Your focus should be to deal max damage to enemies but take less damage at the same time and a tank deployed closer to the enemy outpost will do the job for you. 

Note: The expanded deployment zone will scale back if your enemy’s troop captures even one of your captured covers.   

2) Keep your Squad’s Average Power Cost Below 4 

While creating your squad, pay attention to the “average power cost” on the top right corner of the screen. Each troop’s pin has a power requirement. The pin can only be deployed when you have the required power.  For example, if you have Augustus Cole in your squad, then he can be deployed only when you have collected “3” units of power. This is indicated by the power bar below. You can recruit 8 troops in your squad.  

The power bar on the bottom of battle screen displays how much power you currently have and a pin becomes active when you meet its power requirement. You can then deploy a pin onto the battlefield. If you have too many pins that require “5” power units, then it will take more time to deploy them because the power bar usually fills up slowly until “Double Power” kicks in.  

Have a mix of low power, but more efficient troops and high-power troops in your squad and try to keep the average squad power cost below 4 to deploy units faster. Just below your squad is your Pin Collection where all unused pins are kept. When you earn new pins, check your pin collection and make sure to filter your results by power to know which pin consumes less power.   

3) Learn New Strategies in Boot Camp 

The best way to learn a new strategy in Gears Pop is to play the Boot Camp mode. It features a series of tactical challenges that will help you discover new abilities of your troops. What’s more, you will also receive coins as rewards when you complete a challenge.   

4) Play Practice Battles against Trainers 

After the tutorial ends, you shouldn’t jump straight into PvP battle mode. Begin with the game’s “Practice” mode to form your own strategies when playing against the trainer. You will learn a lot about each unit’s abilities while practicing against AI.  

When ready, begin playing versus battles against random players, but don’t stop practicing yet. As you progress and unlock new arenas, you will discover new units and the best place to experiment with new units is the practice battleground. When you reach level 2, you will be able to unlock an extra slot to create another squad. You can then form a squad with new pins which you received from gear packs and then try your newly formed squad in practice mode before using it in versus mode.  

5) Take Full Advantage of Double Power 

When only 60 seconds remain in a battle, “Double Power” gets activated. This is when the power bar on the bottom fills up at a much faster rate than before. Deploy your best troops in double power mode and try not to panic. Since only 60 seconds remain, one tends to panic a bit but this is when you should hold on your nerves and place your best troops to destroy enemy outposts and defend your outposts.  

6) How to Level Up 

To increase your leader and outposts hit points and damage, you should know how to level up in Gears Pop. Acquire duplicate pins of your original troops from gear packs. You can obtain gear packs as rewards when you win a PvP battle mode.  

Level Up Troops

You will need a particular number of duplicate pins to level up your troops. When a unit levels up, you gain XP. Collect XP to reach a new player level. Check the required amount of XP on the top left corner of the screen. The required amount will increase when you reach a new level.  

Tip: Upgrading troops increases various stats, such as HP, Damage and Damage per second. Besides a certain number of duplicate pins, you will also need coins to level up a pin.  

7) How to Play Horde?  

Horde is a co-operative battle mode in which two players fight together against waves of enemy hordes. You and your partner’s goal are to survive all waves and finally beat the boss to earn cool rewards. However, you must be in a “Crew” to start playing Gears Pop’s Horde mode.  

To join a crew, tap “Social” on the bottom of your home screen. Next, tap the green “Join” button. Tap a crew and then tap “Join” gain. Make sure the crew isn’t already full as a maximum of 50 players can join a single crew. Also, some crew’s close even if there is room to add more players. The admin of that crew has probably closed it as he/she does not need any more players in his crew. You can also create one using 1000 coins.  

Additional Tips 

Complete missions under “Daily Bounties” to earn rewards such as crystals and coins. You can use crystals to speed up unlocking gear packs.  

You can learn a lot about each character when you tap his pin in your squad or collection. Tap a Gear Pop! character’s “info” button on his pin to get a quick summary about him, his stats and class. Also, check his strengths and weaknesses shown on the bottom of his card. Don’t forget to tap the tiny “i” beside his class to know more about it.  

Know your units role, strengths and weaknesses

Win versus battles in a row to get special “win streak” gear packs. If you win 5 PvP battles in a row, you will receive a giant gold pack which contains lots of coins troop pins. Your win streak ends when you lose a battle, so don’t worry if you lose a battle after winning three versus battles in a row. There’s a reward for winning 3 battles in a row. You will get a medium silver pack. Tap the “Win Streak” rewards and read the full chart to know more.  

Check your inbox. The team will send special rewards for the next seven days. Tap “Social” and then tap “Inbox” to claim your rewards each day.  

Tap the tiny “i” in the “Versus” card and then tap the “Gear Pack Reward Info” button. Now tap the “i” info on the top-right corner of each gear pack to know what that pack contains.  

Get the best units from Daily Deals

Daily Deals is the best place to spend in-game gear coins to purchase character pins. Tap “Store” and then scroll down until you find this section. You can buy a lot of pins per troop or unit at the “Daily Deals” section. It resets every day and new pins appear. You can also unlock additional slots for more deals once you reach player levels 5, 10 and 15.