Garena Fantasy Town: How to Find and Redeem Codes

Anurag Ghosh
Garena Fantasy Town

Garena Fantasy Town is the newest farming sim game from the creators of Free Fire. You will be rebuilding a town partially destroyed by trolls. Grow and harvest crops, construct buildings, produce resources, fight trolls, explore the mines and restore the town to its former glory.

Like other mobile games, Garena Fantasy Town lets you enter coupon codes to redeem special gifts, which could be a free citizen, gold or rubies.

Where to Find Them?

To find Garena Fantasy Town codes, go to their official Facebook page. Like and follow their page to find the latest updates and posts, which may include a code or two.

You may also want to follow their Instagram page. Note that you will find several region-specific Instagram pages. Follow those that belong to your region and always check if they have a blue tick.

A coupon code might have a validity period. Redeem it before it expires.

Here’s a list of codes

These are expired codes. I tried entering them, but couldn’t get any reward:




Don’t fret, there will be more codes shared on their Facebook and Instagram pages in the future. Keep an eye on them and don’t forget to follow their pages.

How to Redeem Codes?

Tap on the cog icon on the upper-right corner of the screen. It’s next to the envelope icon. It will open the “configuration” page.

On this page, press the “enter coupon” button. It can be found on the bottom.

Tap on the empty space, type in the code and press the “OK” button. If the code is correct, you will receive rewards.

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