10 Games like Lost Ark for Android

Games Like Lost Ark

The phenomenal rise of Lost Ark (LA) could be attributed to its ARPG mechanics, stunning graphics and a satisfying combat experience.

At the time of writing this article, Lost Ark is the highest played MMO on Steam. However, its high player count spelled trouble for new players as they had to wait for hours to get into the game, all thanks to overloaded servers.

Best Games Like Lost Ark for Android

If you have played this epic MMOARPG, then you must be looking for more such games on PC or mobile platforms. For Android, there are a few open world MMO games like Lost Ark. While they may not be as good as LA, they provide a satisfying MMORPG experience.

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Best Android Games like Lost Ark

An isometric ARPG like Diablo, Lost Ark features three PvP modes – deathmatch, team deathmatch and team elimination. Players can choose from 15 unique classes, fight hordes or take on huge bosses. Check out some of the best games like Lost Ark for Android

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