Best Game of Thrones Games on Android

Three Must-Play Game of Thrones Games for Android

You won’t find many Game of Thrones games on your favorite gaming platforms. There was a PC strategy game called “Ascent” developed by Disruptor Beam, but it shut down in Jan 2019. However, there are a few good GoT games for PC, such as “Genesis”, a real-time strategy game and an action RPG simply titled “Game of Thrones”. But are there any GoT games for Android?   

GoT Games on Android?

Currently, there are a few Game of Thrones games on Android, but I hope there will be more games added to the Play Store in the near future. With a complicated story, complex characters and dragons GoT surely deserves a full-fledged RPG or an RTS mobile game, and guess what!

There's some good news - A new GoT game called “Beyond the Wall” will soon hit the Google Play Store and it will be a strategy RPG. Have updated this list and included this game, although one has to see how good the gameplay will be. So, here are three Game of Thrones Android games you can play right now, on your mobile device and the fourth game will launch soon: 


Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Combining RTS and RPG game elements, GOT: Conquest reminds me of mobile strategy games like Brutal Age, although there are a few new features that might keep you hooked, at least for some time. The game lets you manage your territory, recruit army, fight rival lords, defend your territory from raids and engage in diplomacy using the game’s unique “allegiance system”. Oh yes, Dragons! You will also raise your dragon and use its infinite powers to destroy your enemies.

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Reigns: Game of Thrones

GoT played in classic Reigns style? Sounds interesting? In fact, it’s the best Game of Thrones game you will ever play on your Android device. The game’s unique swipe mechanics will allow you to change the fate of the Seven Kingdoms forever. Reigns: GOT presents a set of cards that can be swiped left or right to make key decisions which will affect your kingdom’s finances, people’s demand and your rivalry with old and new enemies.

By just swiping a card, you can meet or reject the plight and demands of your people, advisors, military generals. You will forge new alliances, outwit your rivals and win favor of your people. However, you will have to make ruthless decisions, including eliminating those that you think area threat to your rule by just tearing their cards. Ruling Westeros won’t be easy, and with Reigns, there will be lots of challenges and dangers awaiting you once you claim the Iron Throne.

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Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ (Coming Soon)

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is an upcoming game developed by Behaviour Interactive. It will be a strategy role-playing game that will allow players to recruit their favorite characters such as Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen and deploy them in a grid-based battlefield against enemies. Players will also be collecting different costumed versions of your favorite characters. Each hero has a unique strength and ability, which will be tested in turn-based battles.

Beyond the Wall's story will follow the show’s timeline, but will have a twist ending, which will be very different from the original show’s ending. The game will also give you a chance to command the Night’s Watch to defend the Wall. Will “Beyond the Wall” be the best Game of Thrones game for Android? Time will tell.    

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