Game of Nations: Epic Discord Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Game of Nations
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Game of Nations (GoN) is a stunning idle RTS game. It lets you choose a civilization from seven different civilizations, pick the most powerful troops, change your army’s formation to gain an upper hand during real-time auto battles, upgrade units to make them stronger and make the most of epic heroes to crush rival armies.

Battling the Iron Giant in Game of Nations

The game has a single-player campaign and a PvP arena mode where you battle human players from all over the world. Choose the best lineup, summon new troops and battle some of the most powerful civilizations. Our comprehensive Game of Nations: Epic Discord guide will help you in your battle for supremacy!

Choose Your Nation Wisely

There are 7 nations or civilizations in GoN. Each has its own unique starter troops and an epic hero, which gets unlocked later in the game. The starting army of a nation comprises of melee and ranged troops. Melee troops engage in close-range combat whereas ranged troops will attack enemies from a distance. Here’s a list of civilizations and their starting army/heroes:

Greeks: Known for great scholars. You will get Hoplites (melee soldiers) and Toxotes (archers). Leonidas will be your hero.

Egyptian: Known for their wit and mystic arts. Swordsmen and Archers will be your starting army if you choose Egyptians. Cleopatra will be your hero.

Norsemen: Known for their toughness and strength. They can withstand the harshest winters. Hird (melee) axe throwers (ranged). You will get Loki as your hero.

Romans: A technologically advanced empire. Their starting army consists of slingers (ranged) and legionaries (armored melee units). Caesar will be the epic hero of the empire.

Mayans: Blood thirsty warriors and star-gazers. Their starting army consists of warriors and pelechah (ranged).  Hero: Hun Hunahpu.

Koreans: They fight to death to keep their kingdom safe. Known for their love for archery. Starting army: Gaya Warriors and Jeoseung Gungsu (archers). Hero: Admiral Yi Sun-Sin.

Native Americans: Fierce warriors and skilled hunters, Native Americans go for the kill! The starting army of Native Americans consists of tomahawk warriors (ranged) and buffalo warriors (melee combatants). Hero: Pocahontas

Note: Each epic hero has his/her own set of unique abilities/skills. After selecting a civilization, you will get our epic hero in two-three days.

Pay Attention to Manpower Slots before Assigning New Troops

Once you reach player level 2, you will unlock “My Army”. This is where you can assign new troops to expand your army, upgrade them and devise a new strategy.

Tap on My Army. On the top-left side of the screen, you will see yellow helmets. These indicate how many troops you can have in your army. Helmets are also known as “manpower” in this game. If there are 6 helmets, it means that you can assign a maximum of 6 troops to your army and not more than that.

The left side also shows your current army’s formation. More on formation later.

On the right side of the army screen are troop cards. The word “deployed” will be written above a troop’s card if it has been assigned to your army. You can drag and drop an unassigned troop card to your army on the left to deploy it. To know more about a troop, such as its abilities, stats and skills, tap on its card. On the bottom of the troop info are “skills”, “story” (background) and “gear”. I will explain each of these in the next sections.

My Army Screen - Troop cards on the right and army formation on the left.
The greyed out helmets are empty slots

On the top of the army formation screen (left side), a greyed out helmet means an empty slot is available. You can assign a troop Check the above screenshot. You will see three greyed out helmets, which means that there’s still some space remaining to get more troops in my army.

But there’s a catch here. If you pay attention carefully, you will notice that a troop card on the right side of “My Army” also has a tiny helmet icon with a number underneath it. The number shows how manty empty slots it can take up.

Let’s take the example of my army:

The last troop card (in purple) on the lower right side of my army is named Kinichu Ahau. It’s a very powerful unit. But if you pay attention carefully, you will notice the number “3” below the tiny yellow helmet on this unit’s card. That number 3 suggests that it will take 3 slots out of 6 slots in my army.

To accommodate this unit, I will have to remove 3 troops out of 6 from my army. The other troops only take one slot, but Kinichu Ahau will take 3. Now it’s up to me to decide whether this card is of any strategic value and will it compensate for the loss of three troops in my army? The only way to find it out is to play a campaign mission with this unit to test its might. You can do the same and experiment with different troop types by testing their skills and abilities in the campaign mission.

Tip: You can expand your army by acquiring more unit slots (yellow helmets). Continue playing the campaign mission and win battles to gain Player XP and level up. You can unlock additional slots on certain levels. I have already unlocked up to 6 slots and will unlock one more when I reach level 12.

– If you are into zombie-themed strategy games, then you must play State of Survival!

Level Up Troop Cards to Increase Power

Tap on My Army. You will notice a fist icon just below the yellow helmets on the top-left side of the screen. The fist icon is your army’s total power and a higher score indicates a powerful army.

You army’s power score has to be higher than the enemy nation’s power score. There is a very high chance of winning a battle if your troop’s power (fist icon) is higher than the enemy army’s power.

To increase power, you can have more troops in your army. Gain additional troop slots when you reach certain levels and summon new units from the portal using diamonds to get new troops. However to instantly increase power of your current army, you must upgrade each troop.

Unit EXP is essential for levelling up your troops and gaining higher power.

You can obtain unit EXP by completing campaign missions, claiming quest rewards (find quest on the left side of the game screen), opening arena chests and claiming your AFK treasury on the bottom of the game screen.

To upgrade a troop, go to My Army, tap on a troop card on the right side of the screen and press the Level Up button. You will increase key stats, such as health, defense (the higher the DEF stats, the less damage your troop will take per hit) and Damage (the higher the damage, the more damage will be inflicted per hit).

Power (fist icon) of a unit gives a gist of your troop’s battle strength. Higher power means that your troop stats are much stronger. Upgrade to increase troop power, which will also reflect on your army’s total power.

You may also obtain 2 hours of worth unit EXP from arena chests and arena milestones. Play the Arena mode against random human opponents to gain chests. Once you obtain a chest, start unlocking it. It will take a few hours to unlock a chest. Obtain points by winning a battle against human opponents in the arena and fill the milestone bar to gain unit EXP on certain levels.

You will also gain unit XP accelerators from quests.

Obtain the 2 hours’ worth of unit EXP. It’s an accelerator so you will have to activate it to get 2 hours of unit EXP in your inventory.

Tap on your inventory, which is located on the right side of the screen. Now tap on the unit XP accelerator icon (blue globules icon). Select the amount by dragging the slider on the right and press the use button. Make sure you drag the slider to the extreme right to use all accelerators. This way you will gain max EXP. 

How to Obtain Rank Points

Rank points (RP) have a pinkish-purple icon, unlike unit XP, which has a blue icon.

You will need unit XP to level up a troop. RPs are also needed to upgrade a troop, but only at certain levels. RPs greatly boost a troop’s stats and power.

Here are some ways to obtain RPs in Game of Nations:

From the AFK treasury: The treasury is located on the bottom (middle) on the home screen. It accumulates rewards automatically, whether you are battling enemy armies or not playing the game. The treasure accumulates AFK rewards when you are offline, i.e. not playing.

From campaign missions: Keep fighting AI armies in campaign missions to gain rank points.

From weekly quests: Tap on the Quest tab > weekly to get 2 hours’ worth of rank points (rank point accelerator). Activate this accelerator in your inventory to get lots of RP.

From the Tower of Aspiration: Earn RP by defeating enemy armies in the tower of aspiration. It can be found under “Outskirts”.


Game of Nations is an idle RTS game, so your army formation plays a crucial role during combat.

The general rule of thumb is to have ranged troops on the back row and melee troops on the front row. You can also add creatures on the front row so that they can keep enemy armies busy while archers take them down one by one from a fair distance.

To get your army formation right, always check how many troops can be added to your army. Check the troop slots, aka manpower on the top left of the My Army Screen. I have explained this in detail in the “Manpower Slots” section of this guide. Do read before choosing your formation.

Your army’s formation is shown on the left and troop cards are on the right.

To assign a troop to your army, drag its card from the right onto your army on the left and drop it.

To remove a troop from your army, tap on the troop on the left side of the screen and then tap on the “X” button.

Please note that you can’t assign more troops if the slots (displayed as yellow helmet on the top) are full. Also, always check the number of slots required by a troop on its card. There’s a tiny yellow helmet and a number below it on the card, showing how many slots it needs to be assigned to the army. Some may need only 1, others may take up 3 slots.

Always experiment with different formations and test their effectiveness in the campaign missions. They are easier to beat than arena missions.

Acquire New Troops

You can acquire new troops, including epic and legendary troops from Outskirts > Portal of Summoning.

Summon new troops from the portal using diamonds (basic summon) and hearts (alliance summon).

Obtain hearts from your alliance. Once you have joined an alliance go to city > alliance headquarters and get hearts as gifts from other members.

How to Obtain Diamonds

Diamonds are premium currency. You will need them to summon new troops from the portal of summoning. Here’s how to obtain diamonds for free in Game of Nations:

Join an alliance from “City”. Go to City > Alliance Headquarters soon after getting accepted by an alliance. Fight the Iron Giant under “Alliance Hunt” > Challenge to get your rewards, which includes diamonds.

Battle human players in the arena to obtain chests. Unlock chests to get diamonds.

Certain quests grant diamonds. Complete daily, weekly and monthly quests and you might receive those precious trinkets.

You might also get diamonds by beating bosses in the campaign mode and from outskirts > tower of aspiration. Beat enemies in the tower to get diamonds as rewards.

Read the story of all troops, including newer ones to obtain diamonds. Tap on My Army, tap on a troop card and then press the story button to read the description.

Level up and you might get diamonds as rewards.

Get Your Starting Hero

When you choose a nation, you will get starting troops comprising of melee and ranged units and a starting hero. However, the latter will join your army later. In my case, I selected Egyptian and received Cleopatra (starting hero) two days later. You will get it for free, but there will be a delay of 2 days. You can see your hero’ portrait on the left side of the screen. After two days, tap on it and claim your hero.

A hero may take more than one slot in your army. Don’t remove any of the starting troops, as they have gotten stronger in these two days as you might have upgraded them at regular intervals. Instead remove any of the newly assigned troops and replace them with your hero.

Equip Gear to Your Troops

Besides leveling up your troops, you can also equip gear to them.

Equipping gear to troops increases their stats (health, damage, defense etc.) and ultimately, their power.

Tap on “My Army” and then tap on a troop card from the list of troops on the right.

Equip gear to your troops

Now tap on “Gear” on the bottom of the screen. Press the “Equip Gear” button and the most powerful items will be equipped to your troop automatically. You can also manually equip gear to all four slots by tapping on the green “+” button, but we would not recommend doing this. Leave equipping the most powerful gear to the AI.

Elemental Advantages

Once you select a civilization, you will be given two starting armies and a hero that are closely connected to the civilization. So if you choose Koreans, you will get Gaya Warriors and Jeoseung Gungsu (archers).

However, later you might obtain troops from other civilizations when summoning new units at the portal. For example: I chose Egypt as my nation, but later I received a unit named Kinich Ahau, which is a Mayan troop.  

Each troop, whether they are closely connected to your nation or from another civilization has an elemental advantage over the other. Troops with elemental advantage over other troops will deal 25 percent extra damage to them.

Each civilization is aligned to one of the 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These elements have distinctive icons.

Elemental Advantage

To know the elemental advantage of your troops, go to My Army and tap on a troop card on the right. Tap on the tiny element icon on the lower-left side of the troop page. It’s locate just above “LVL”. You can also filter your troops according to their elements by tapping on their icons on the bottom of the screen, between “Retire” and “Back”.

You might find this list handy:

Earth element Civilizations: Native Americans and Egyptians

Fire Civilizations: Mayans

Water Civilizations: Romans and Greeks

Air Civilizations: Koreans and Norse

1. Earth is stronger than Air

2. Air is stronger than Water

3. Water is stronger than Fire

4. Fire is stronger than Earth

Unlock New Buffs

Upgrading your troops at certain levels will unlock buffs for that troop.

Go to My Army > tap a troop card on the right and then level up until you unlock those locked buffs displayed on the troop page. These buffs grant positive status effects to your troops, such as increase in attack damage, boost in blocking chance, CRIT hits, extra defense etc.

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