Gacha Life 2 – Ultimate FAQ: The Game Explained

Nivenka Stanton
Gacha Life 2
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2023)

Gacha Life 2 is the sequel to Gacha Life. This is an awesome casual, simulation, and dress-up anime-style game designed by Linime and is available to download and play free on the Play Store.

Gacha Life 2 - Intro pic
Photo: Linime

Gacha Life 2 Gameplay

Within the Homepage Icon, there are 8 character slots set up for you at the beginning of Gacha Life 2.

They are:

  • Charlotte
  • Luni
  • Wwww
  • DJ Phantom
  • Pura Star
  • Flotalendy
  • Keito
  • Elizabeth

An additional 300 backup character slots are also available, you are able to let your imagination run wild!

Character Customization

Choose your first character to customize. Tap on the Customise Character Icon at the bottom right side of your device screen.

At the bottom of this screen, there are Icons to change your image. 

Here you are able to change and design each of your characters’ looks. There are icons for each feature that you can redesign. 

Character Customization
Photo: Linime

Change your body shape, hairstyle, facial features, clothing, accessories, and extras such as props and weapons. 

Icons In Gacha Life 2 Explained:

The first Icon at the bottom of the screen is for Presets which will change your character to a preset character that you can choose.

The second Icon is for changing things such as your head shape, ears, and skin tone.

By tapping on the “>” in the middle of this screen you will find lots of different body poses that you can use. Additionally, the option to adjust your pose is also available. 

The third Icon is to change your hairstyle. With so many different options you can create your own unique hairstyle.

The fourth Icon changes your facial features such as your mouth shape, eyes, nose, and even your eyebrows. 

The fifth Icon changes Items on your head such as a hat, headphones, or even funky glasses.  So many options to choose from. 

Example of customization glasses
Photo: Linime

The sixth Icon is used to change your upper clothing such as your shirt, jacket, sleeves, and even gloves.  

The seventh Icon is for your lower clothing like pants, skirts, belts, and shoes. 

The eighth Icon is for all the extra effects. This Icon allows you to use your imagination. Add wings, or perhaps you’re in the mood for a cape.

Feel like flying? Equip a jet pack. Add a logo if you prefer, and some special effects. 

Special effects
Photo: Linime

The ninth Icon is your last Icon, and this is used to change your character profile such as your Name, Icon, Age, and Birthday.

Here you can tell a little story about who he/she is in the character profile square. Choose your Pronouns. Do NOT use real-life information for your own safety! 

tell a story
Photo: Linime

On the top right side of your device screen, you can also change your character size by tapping on the + “>” or “<” icon. Tapping on the eye here will enable you to see your character on the full-screen scale. 

Within the Studio Icon on your Main Page, you can start to tell a complete story with two of your characters. Now your storytelling talents will come in handy. 

There is a whole new adventure ready and waiting for you in Gacha Life 2! 

Final Thoughts

Gacha Life 2 is a character-designing game for anyone of any age to enjoy. Use your imagination and allow your designing talents to be on full display!

Are you ready to set the Fashion designer in you free? Download Gacha Life 2 from the Play Store now.  

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Feel free to comment on your favorite character below! Happy Gaming!

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