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(Last Updated On: August 21, 2023)

Gacha Club is a gacha-centric RPG developed and published by Lunime. Here, you can collect a lot of unique characters and even create characters of your own with a large variety of customization options!

Just like other Gachaverse games made by Lunime, Gacha Club focuses mainly on the appeal of getting players to create, design, or collect fantastic avatars.

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It most definitely isn’t as “grindy” as some other games in the RPG genre, although there are some things all beginners must know first before diving deep into the game. 

Here are some of them, including a few tips to help you secure your account’s steady progress and help you get better as a newbie Gachaverse player!

Getting Started At Gacha Club

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To start with, there are three very important aspects of the game that you must fully grasp as a beginner:

  • Getting New Stuff (The Gacha System)
  • Character Customization
  • Gacha Club’s Combat System

Understanding these three features means you can now play through the game without worries, as Gacha Club is more of a casual game compared to most other titles in its genre.

Getting New Stuff (The Gacha System)

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All Gachaverse titles like Gacha Club feature a gacha system that allows players to spend Gems in exchange for random pets or units.

There are five different types of gachas in Gacha Club, and they are as follows:

The first is the Standard Gacha, where you can potentially get both units and pets at normal rates:

Photo: Lunime

The second is the Element Gacha, where the rate of getting units belonging to a specific element class is boosted:

Photo: Lunime

The third is the Character Ticket Gacha, where you can only get either regular units or legendary units (DJ/Corruption units).

Photo: Lunime

The fourth is the Gold Gacha, where you can exchange Gold for a chance to get upgrade materials or Character Gacha Tickets (if you’re lucky):

Photo: Lunime

The fifth and final gacha type is the Rate-up Gacha, which increases your rates of receiving a character or a group of characters out of every unit in the character pool:

Photo: Lunime

TIP: Be very careful before you pull with your Gems and Gacha Tickets, especially in the early game where they’re still scarce. We highly recommend picking which characters you’d like to have first and pulling for them in a gacha where their rates are boosted.

Character Customization

Gacha Club’s main attraction, just like any of the other Gachaverse titles, is its downright massive selection of customization options for character avatars. 

Heck, you can even customize how your pets look in this game! 

Customizing Units 

Photo: Lunime

One of the most fun things to do in Gacha Club is designing your own character. While not technically required, making and customizing your own character is what makes this game stand out.

Gacha Club boasts players’ ability to create and customize 10 main characters and 90 extra characters, with over 600 poses to choose from!

Photo: Lunime

Unlike most other gacha RPG games nowadays, Gacha Club focuses more on the “aesthetic” side of the game rather than aspects like combat and linear storytelling.

The proof of this is the Gacha Studio, which is more or less what makes gacha games by Luniverse truly unique. 

Gacha Studio is a feature within Gacha Club that allows players to create their own scenarios and stories, which is arguably what made the game so popular in the first place.

Powering Up Units

Photo: Lunime

If you’re more into clearing Gacha Club’s main storyline and other game modes instead of letting your imaginations run wild in the Gacha Studio, then learning how to strengthen the units you get should come in handy.

There are five main ways that you can strengthen your character in Gacha Club:

Power-Up MethodsRequirementsDescription
Level UpGold Enhancement StarsIncreases a unit’s overall stats.
AwakeningGoldAwakening RecordsIncreases the max level of a unit (up to Level 200).
Skill EnhanceGoldSkill MoonsIncreases the effectiveness of a unit’s Skill in combat. Skills are active skills that can be activated once your unit accumulates enough MP during battle.
Unit Skill EnhanceGoldSkill MoonsIncreases the effectiveness of a unit’s Unit Skill in combat. Unit Skills are skills that all characters have that boost their team’s stats passively.
Limit BreakDuplicate UnitsIncreases a unit’s stats regardless of their level. This applies even if a unit is already at max level, and you can boost a unit’s stats up to 300% at full Limit Break.
PetsPetsDuplicate PetsIncreases the entire team’s stats. Each pet boosts different stat types. For example, some pets may only boost HP while some only Attack or Defense.

TIP: Remember that your resources are going to be scarce in the early game, so try to limit the characters you invest in to seven characters at most—at least until you’re strong enough to farm high-level Training Mode stages reliably.

The ABCs Of Combat

The combat system in Gacha Club isn’t really all that complicated. You can bring up to seven characters and ten pets in battle.

During combat, your units attack and gain MP automatically as time goes on. Once your MP is full, you can then cast a unit’s Skill by clicking on their portrait in the lower part of the screen.

Photo: Lunime

You also have an Auto-Battle Mode that allows your units to cast their own skills without your input and x2 Speed that accelerates the flow of battle.

These are brilliant features to have, especially if you want to just go through Gacha Club’s main story points!

Photo: Lunime

Gacha Club does have some tougher fights as you go along though. For those battles, we recommend not using Auto-battle, as you most likely could win easily if you were to just time your skills correctly on your own. 

Primary Objectives For Beginners In Gacha Club

Next up, here we have all the things you should prioritize doing as a new player in Gacha Club. Make sure to do everything listed below as soon as you can!

Objective #1: Clear Story Chapter 2

Photo: Lunime

Clearing Chapter 2 in Gacha Club’s story mode will unlock all of the relevant game modes in the game—most especially Shadows of Corruption.

Gaining access to Shadows of Corruption will allow you to unlock more game modes, such as more boss fights and time-limited events.

Photo: Lunime

Playing all the way through to Chapter 2 early on will also give you a solid background for Gacha Club’s overarching story, as well as farm tons of resources such as Gems and Gold.

You can easily do this within your first few hours of playing, so don’t forget to do it ASAP!

Objective #2: Farm Upgrade Materials Via Training Mode

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Although you get a lot of upgrade materials just by playing through the story, playing Training Mode stages is by far the easiest way to farm them.

The higher the Training Mode level you can clear, the more resources you’ll be able to farm. 

Photo: Lunime

And considering Gacha Club doesn’t have a stamina-based system that limits the number of stages you can clear at a time (unlike most other gacha games), you can basically farm as many upgrade materials as you want!

Just make sure that you farm the highest level you can clear reliably, just so you’re not wasting your time in the early game.

Objective #3: Play The Shadow Events      

Photo: Lunime

Playing Shadow Events as soon as you can as a beginner is highly recommended, as there are a lot of rewards that you can potentially gain by doing this.

You can get multiple new characters just by playing through these events consistently, which can be helpful if you’re having a bit of bad luck in the gacha.

Photo: Lunime

Not only that, but Shadow Events will also allow you to farm Gems, Gold, and upgrade materials depending on how often you play, so don’t miss them!

Five Best Tips For Beginners In Gacha Club

To help you on your journey to becoming a fantastic Gacha Club player, here are five very helpful tips you need to follow as soon as you get into the game!

Tip #1: Take Advantage Of Elemental Strengths & Weaknesses

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Each allied and enemy unit has an element, and that element has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s how each element does against other elements:

Element TypesStrong AgainstWeak Against
FireWind (x1.5 damage given, x0.5 damage taken)Water (x0.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)
WaterFire (x1.5 damage given, x0.5 damage taken)Wind (x0.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)
WindWater (x1.5 damage given, x0.5 damage taken)Fire (x0.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)
LightDark (x1.5 damage given, x0.5 damage taken)Dark (x0.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)
DarkLight (x1.5 damage given, x0.5 damage taken)Light (x0.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)
CorruptionAll Elements (x1.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)All Elements (x1.5 damage given, x1.5 damage taken)
DJAll Elements (x1.2 damage given, x0.9 damage taken)None

As you can see, DJ-type and Corruption-type units are generally better than other element types. Do keep in mind, however, that they are quite rare and harder to limit-break compared to other units.

Tip #2: Get Some Healers On Your Party

Photo: Lunime

The easiest way to survive battles (especially hard boss battles) is to add at least one or two healers to your team.

This is because once you get further into the game, you’ll need some degree of sustain and not just pure damage to keep your team going in combat.

On that note, adding a few healers to your team is essential if you want to make it to the late game. You can check whether or not a unit can heal by going to their Enhance page and reading their Skill Description.

Tip #3: Optimize Your Pet Selection

Photo: Lunime

Choosing which pets to add to your team is also very important, as each pet boosts different stats:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Critical Rate
  • Critical Damage

We recommend focusing on boosting three stats at most via pets, because that way, you won’t spread yourself too thin by obtaining small boosts to multiple stats instead.

Photo: Lunime

To level up your pets, you’ll need to acquire duplicates of them from gachas that drop both units and pets.

You can also get Legendary Pets from the gacha which provide bigger boosts to your stats compared to Common Pets, but remember that they’re quite rare and, by extension, are harder to level up. 

Tip #4: Play Minigames For Exclusive Heroes

Gacha Club minigames
Photo: Lunime

Gacha Club has a few fun minigames you can play:

  • Lemo & Yuni Dance!
  • Usagi vs Neko
  • Mascot Whack!
  • Memory Match
Photo: Lunime

By playing them, you can also earn a special currency called Bytes, which you can use to buy exclusive units in the Mini Game Exchange Shop.

Most of these units cost 3,000 Bytes to obtain and 1,000 Bytes to limit break further via duplicates. They are quite useful, especially if you play minigames consistently.

Tip #5: Watch Some Ads

Gacha Club watch video ad prompt
Photo: Lunime

Do you need more Gems? Well, don’t worry because you can earn plenty just by watching some Video Ads!

While this might be tedious to some, remember that you’ll also be supporting the game if you watch ads frequently.

The amount of Gems you’ll be able to earn from this will add up over time, so don’t forget to watch them if you want to play Gacha Club for the long haul!


Gacha Club is among the very best casual RPGs in the market. In addition to having one of the most intensive customization options out there, it also offers a fair bit of action and strategy with its combat system.

It might not be as hardcore as some of the other games in its genre, but hey, who says you have to be hardcore to be fun?

If you’d like to see more gacha-based games like Gacha Club, feel free to check out the content we have for Honkai Star Rail and Cookie Run Kingdom!

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