Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is a zombie hack-and-slash game from Leiting Games. It has a deep crafting system, a perk system and various skills that will come handy in your fight against the undead. Infected by a mysterious virus, weird looking “hobos” begin biting humans. Soon half of the population is infected by the virus. However, there are a few survivors fighting the undead and you are one of them. As you search for your missing wife and daughter, you will face hordes of zombies.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

Managing hunger and thirst, you must exterminate the infected and find your loved ones before it’s too late. With the help of these beginner-level tips and strategies, you will find out how to fight the undead, craft useful items, make full use of skills and know the benefits of perks:   

1. Use Firearms at the Right Moment 

You will be using a melee weapon to bash zombies more often than not. Using firearms every time won’t be a wise idea due to limited ammo plus you will have to frequently reload your guns. You can use ranged weapons like a rifle or a pistol to kill zombies that attack from a distance or elite zombies who won’t be easily killed with a melee weapon.   

2. How to Kill Different Types of Zombies 

1. When a horde of common zombies is approaching you, don’t rush towards them or move back. Stay where you are and tap the attack button to crush several enemies at once. You will notice how easy it will be to stay put and lynch multiple zombies than moving away from them or rushing towards them.

Zombies will rush at you so you would be wasting time if you move back. Unless there’s a narrow lane and small space, you shouldn’t run away from the bloodthirsty mob. Use the Enrage skill at times when there’s an overwhelming number of zombies around you just to thin the herd faster.  

2. You should be very careful of radioactive zombies in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z. These have a greenish glow around them and aren’t common. It’s very difficult to beat them and you may have to move back and forth, use a combination of melee and ranged weapons to eliminate them.

Beware of radioactive Zombies

3. Ranged zombies are pretty difficult to kill. The best way to beat them is to move away further and then use a rifle, a pistol or any ranged weapon to attack them. Since your character’s weapons automatically target zombies, you just have to move away a bit and tap the attack button to shoot them. 

4. Boss zombies are the toughest foes. You will have to use your best weapons combined with the right skills to defeat them. At some point of time, a boss zombie will have shields up and shooting at it would be a futile attempt. You will have to use a melee weapon combined with the landmine skill to destroy his shield before attacking it again. A boss zombie’s shield is destroyed when the armor bar below his HP is reduced to zero. 

3. Stock up on Food and Water to Avoid Dying from Hunger and Thirst  

The hunger and thirst bars are just below the HP bar. All three are located on the upper left corner of the screen. When they are at their lowest levels, it will hurt your HP. The HP bar will keep decreasing until you eat food or drink water/juices. HP decreases at a much faster rate when hunger and thirst gauges are very low, so keep drinking and eating to increase hunger and thirst levels.  

You can get water bottles and edible substances from enemies. Killed zombies may drop them from time to time. But you shouldn’t rely on them completely. Try crafting simple food and drinks, such as “carrot stew” and “fruit juice” when the crafting option is unlocked. You can harvest carrots from farms and pluck berries from trees at the camp. A simple fruit juice and carrot juice restores 18 Thirst points and 3 percent HP.  

You can easily make distilled water once you obtain lighter. All you need is 1 rainwater and 2 basic wood to make it. The lighter can be used again and again. Wood and rainwater can be easily obtained from slain zombies as most of them drop these two materials frequently. You can also get them from certain objects that have a magnifying glass icon on them. Distilled water restores 8 thirst. Try not to use rainwater directly to quench your thirst as it may lower your HP by a few points because of chances of a bacterial infection.  

4. Types of Skills and How to Use Them 

In Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, you will start unlocking skills from level 3 onwards and will already unlock a total 2 skills when you reach level 4. Keep crushing the undead horde and the elite zombies to gain XP faster and level up. As soon as you reach player level 10, you will have unlocked 4 very important skills. These are:  

1. Enrage: Tap this skill to boost ATK (Attack) for a few seconds and deal bonus damage. Cooldown time 8 seconds. Use it when several zombies charge at you. Works best in boss mode.

2. Dash: Increases your character’s movement speed (MOV) by a certain percentage for a few seconds. Cooldown time – 16 seconds. Use it when surrounded by multiple enemies. Move away from them and attack from a distance using a melee weapon.

3. EM Shield: Brings up a protective shield around your character and absorbs a great deal of damage. Cooldown time: 40 seconds. Works best in boss mode. You should also use it when facing an elite zombie.

4. Landmine: Deals a lot of damage (200 percent DMG) to multiple enemies at once. The landmine explodes only when enemies come near it. It has a cooldown time of 12 seconds. Use it against zombies in a large group, bosses and elite zombies.

5. Upgrade Perks to Get Permanent Stats Boost and Improve Skills 

Keep bashing zombies to gain XP and level up. When you level up, you get one perk point. Use points to upgrade various perks. Tap the menu just above your backpack on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap “perk”. Next, tap an unlocked perk and then tap “upgrade” to spend a perk point to level up that perk. For example: The “Tenacious” perk permanently increases HP by a certain percentage when you use a perk point to upgrade it. There are lots of perks to be unlocked and upgraded, so make sure you spend points to upgrade them from time to time.  

Perk System

Leveling up perks using points not only grants a perma stats boost, but also improves certain skills. Perks that improve skills will be available once you max out the second perk set. Locked perks from the second set can be unlocked when you upgrade previous perks to level 5 or above.  

6. Switch to Powerful Gear to Improve DMG and other Stats 

As you progress through Fury Survivor: Pixel Z’s chapters, you will face tougher zombies and bosses who can’t be easily destroyed as their HP will be far greater than enemies from previous chapters. In such circumstances, you should change your current clothing/armor and weapons using newer gear. New clothes, armor, shoes, weapons are dropped by slain elite enemies and bosses. They will probably be of higher quality than your equipped gear.  


To equip high-quality powerful gear to your character, tap your backpack on the lower-left corner of the screen and then look for those items that have a tiny “i” on their portraits. Tap a gear item/weapon that has an “i” and you will notice a stats change shown in green, clearly suggesting that the new gear is much stronger than the ones currently equipped to your character.  

7. Enter the Camp to Get Various Benefits  

Once you defeat the boss in “Chapter 3: Through the Mines”, you will get access to the camp where you can harvest vegetables, buy equipment crates, ammo and crafting materials using coins from the trader, get daily login rewards from a survivor

Log in every day and reach the camp to claim your daily rewards. get crafting materials from random locations within the camp, choose previously played chapters to farm crating materials, food, water and ammo by killing enemies all over again and select new chapters. While playing a chapter, you can go back to your camp any time by tapping the pause button on the upper right corner of the screen and then tapping the “Return to Camp” button.

8. How to Craft Items 

Keep playing Fury Survivor: Pixel Z to unlock crafting. When crafting is available, tap the arrow on the left side of the screen and then tap the “craft” icon. You will find a few recipes and you will earn more as you progress through chapters.  Each unlocked recipe bestows certain benefits that can help you in the long run. There are food recipes, weapon crafting, med pack recipes etc.   

Crafting in Fury Survivor Pixel Z

Tap a recipe icon to see what are the ingredients/materials are needed to craft it. So, if you want to prepare a carrot stew, tap the arrow button > craft > carrot stew recipe icon to view ingredients. You will need some carrots to prepare the stew.  

While it’s easy to know what ingredients/materials are required to prepare food, craft a weapon or med pack, it’s difficult to find materials. Tapping an ingredient or raw material on the crafting menu just shows its description. It would have been much better if there was a section displaying which enemies drop ingredients or which chapter has them. You can however get a list of materials from previous chapters when you exit your camp. Just tap “select chapter” to view older chapters and under “chance” you will see a list of materials that can be dropped by enemies. 

Most of the building materials in Fury Survivor are dropped by enemies. Elite enemies and bosses will drop uncommon/rare materials and even new recipes when you defeat them.   

9. Craft Stew Using Vegetables Grown at the Camp 

Once you enter the camp, you will see carrots growing on fields. You can harvest these veggies to prepare stew, which can then be used to keep hunger levels at bay during your adventure. To prepare carrot stew, you will need 5 carrots. It will restore 18 hunger points and three percent HP.  

You can also prepare a nice fruit juice using 3 wild berries. These berries grow on tree, in your camp. You may have to disinsect vegetable fields and trees to get rid of zombie pests. These insects stop fields and trees from growing veggies and fruits.  

10. Perform “Disinsection” on Farms at the Survivors Camp  

In Fury Survivor: Pixel, you will also be managing farms. Many times, the carrot fields on your farms will be infested with deadly zombie insects. You will have to go near a carrot field and tap the insect icon button to perform “disinsection”. This will make the insects come out of the field.  

When they come out, hack them to death using a melee weapon or shoot them using a firearm to kill them at once, else they will follow and attack you. Once they are killed, carrots will start growing again on disinsected carrot fields.  

You may have to water some fields by going near them and tapping the watering can button. It appears sometimes on the right side of the screen. 

Additional Tips and Strategies 

At times objects will fall from above and the only way to avoid them is to look for their shadows on platforms. Just before an object drops, its shadow falls on the floor. You will have to move away from shadows of falling objects to avoid getting hit by them.  

On your zombie bashing adventure in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, you will complete a lot of achievements. Don’t forget to claim your achievement rewards. Tap the menu above your backpack and then tap “ACHV”. Now tap the second tab > completed achievement and then tap claim.  


The “Supply Restock” section stocks up very useful items every few minutes. Tap the red gift box on the upper left side of the screen and then tap claim. You will have to wait for a few minutes to claim another set of random items and gear.  

In your camp, move closer to the guy holding a shovel and tap the callout button to get your daily rewards. The second reward under daily rewards is a rare pet box that contains a pet. Once you obtain it, tap your backpack> tools (last tab) and then tap the pet box. Open it to receive a pet. The first pet will increase your character’s MOV stats.  

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