Funko Pop! Blitz Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Funko Pops are back! And this time they have their own cute match-3 puzzler. Solve match 3 puzzles, participate in cool events and collect your favorite Pop characters. The game has over fifty collectible Pops. Every character has a distinct ability, which can help you score more points and finish objectives faster.  

If you are familiar with Disney Emoji Blitz’s gameplay, then you won’t have any problem with Funko Pop Blitz’s puzzle levels. You can bookmark this guide if you need tips and strategies to score more points and unlock cool Funko Pop! Characters.

Unleash Power Ups to Score More points 

Much like most match-3 puzzle games, Funko Pop! Blitz has the same set of power-ups that can help you finish objectives and score more points fast.  

Funko Pop! Blitz

Matching 4 or more Pop icons of the same type creates a power-up. Swipe to swap a power-up with an adjacent pop to activate it.  

Here’s a list of power-ups and their uses:  

Rocket: Match 4 pops in a horizontal or vertical line to make a rocket. Clears an entire row/column. The direction of the rocket is random. There’s no way to know whether it will clear a row or column until you activate it.  

Charged Power-up: Match 4 pop icons in a square to create a charged power-up. It will have a lightning flash icon.  

Swap a charged power-up with any icon to convert it into several icons of the chosen Pop. This way you will be able to collect more icons of the chosen pop character and fill your “Super!” gauge faster to unleash your chosen pop’s special abilities.  

Bomb: Match 5 pop icons of the same type in a T or L shape to make a bomb. Now swipe to swap a bomb with any icon to trigger an explosion, which will clear at least 20 icons instantly.  

Rainbow Crown: Match 5 pop icons in a row or column to create the rainbow crown. Now swap the rainbow crown with any pop icon to clear all icons of that Pop Character on that game board.  

Don’t just use the rainbow powerup immediately. Wait for the right moment. Scan the entire board and see which pop icons are more in number. Now move the rainbow crown closer to one of such pop icons by matching objects underneath it and then swap the crown with it to clear maximum icons.  

You can go for combos by swapping two power-ups placed next to each. If you combine rocket with another rocket, it will trigger a cross-shaped blast clearing icons in a row and column. Swapping a bomb with a rocket will clear three rows/columns at once. Swap a rainbow with a rocket, charged power-up or bomb to create multiples of them spread across the board. Combine a charged power-up with a bomb or rocket and you will obtain more icons of the chosen Pop! Character.  

Always try to create power-ups as it will increase your score fast. You will have to clear as many pop icons before time’s up and power-ups will always come to the rescue. 

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Activate Blitz Mode  

Get bonus points by activating blitz mode.  

The Blitz meter is displayed on the bottom of the puzzle screen. Match any three or more pop character icons of the same type to fill the meter. Use power-ups to fill the meter faster.  

Blitz Mode

Once full, blitz mode is activated. Try to match as many pops as possible as long as the blitz mode remains active. It usually remains active for a few seconds.  

Super Charge Your Chosen Pop 

One of the best features of Funko Pop Blitz is the character roster. As a fan of those cute vinyl figurines, I was quite enthralled looking at the list of Funk Pop characters in “My Pops”. They are as cute as their vinyl counterparts. Moreover, each character has a unique ability that can be activated once their meter is charged.  

To super charge a character’s ability, make sure to match his/her icons on the game board. Match them to fill the meter.  

A super charged character. Check his charge meter on the bottom of the screen.
A super-charged Pop!

For example: If you choose Marty McFly’s pop character from Back to the Future series, match his icons on the game board to fill the meter. The meter is displayed just beside the animated Marty on the top-left corner of the game board.  

Marty gets super charged when his meter is full. Just tap on him to activate his ability. He adds bonus three seconds to the timer.  

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How to Collect Characters 

As of writing this Funko Pop! Blitz guide, there are two ways of getting characters in this game:  

From events: Complete reward milestones until you reach the character milestone. Finish the objectives to collect character pops. Since these are limited-time events, you will have to be quick in beating levels and reaching milestones. Read our events section in this article to know more about milestones and rewards.  

From the Mystery Box: Tap on the golden shopping bag on the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

Mystery Box

Next, tap on the “Mystery Box” button. The mystery box contains a random Pop!  

You will need 2500 coins to open the mystery box. You can obtain these coins from match-3 puzzle levels, free spin mini-game (wheel of fortune-style) and when you reach reward milestones after collecting a certain number of event-related objects.  

Don’t forget to tap on the “i” button on the mystery box page. Tapping on it shows the box contents. It shows a list of possible characters you might get from the box.   

Pay Attention to Events  

Funko Pop Blitz offers the coolest events at regular intervals. These events let you collect awesome rewards, including cool Funko Pop characters.  

The current event is displayed on the home screen. Right now, it’s the “Care Bears Event”, which will end in 4 days. A new event will appear once it ends.  

Each event lets you collect certain trinkets/objects related to the Funko Pop character. In the Jurassic Park event, you had to collect rocks/fossils trapped underneath pop icons. You just had to match them to collect rocks. In the Care Bears event, you will have to bring red trinkets to the bottom of the game board.   

Whenever a new event appears, always check the “How to Play” section in each event to know what objects you need to collect. Tap on the “Play” button in the event screen. Next, tap on the small “i” button on the top-right corner of the screen. Read the How to Play guide.  

Now play a level and collect event-related objects. Tap the Start button. You will have to collect enough of those objects to earn a reward. You can check how many objects to collect under “Rewards Collected”, which can be seen just above the “Start” button.  

Check milestones under "Rewards Collected" section.

Keep collecting objects from match-3 levels and unlock new rewards. The more rewards you will unlock, the closer you will be to unlock event-related Pop characters.  

Check the milestones reached in the “Rewards Collected” section. To unlock the next milestone, you will have to collect a certain number of event-relevant objects to obtain current milestone rewards.  

Keep unlocking new milestones until you reach the main milestone – Pop character. Complete the objective to unlock that milestone and get your new character.  

How to Change a Pop! Character 

Pop characters have special abilities that can help you clear more icons on the game board, reach a higher score and complete objectives. You will have to collect icons of the chosen character on the game board to fill the gauge beside his/her animated self on the bottom of the screen.  

When the gauge is full, just tap on the character to unleash his abilities.  

If you dislike a character’s abilities (I hated the Tigress’s ability), you can change him/her anytime (changed to Marty who adds bonus seconds to the clock):  

On the home screen, tap on the “Play” button.  

Now tap on the “Swap Pop!” button.  

Tap on an unlocked character under “Other Pops!” If you have an event character, then you can select him to get more event bonuses.  

Tap on the “Select” button to choose a character which you want in your puzzle levels.  

Hint: Before selecting a character, make sure you know what ability he/she has. Knowing a character’s ability in advance lets you decide which should be the best one for a particular level.  

Tap on the golden Pop icon on the bottom of the screen. It can be found on the bottom-right side of the screen, just beside the golden crown.  

Tap on each character portrait to view their abilities.  

Collect Stickers to Increase a Pop’s Power 

In Funky Pop Blitz, you can collect stickers of the chosen Pop to increase his power. Increasing a selected character’s power enhances his/her abilities, thereby helping you score more points.  

Stickers randomly appear on a puzzle level. When you see a sticker on the game board, match pop icons below it to bring it to the bottom of the screen. You will collect it once it reaches the bottom of the screen. A sticker appearing on the board will be connected to the chosen Pop.   

Funko Pop! Blitz Sticker Collection

Make sure you collect all stickers to complete a set. Tap on the golden pop icon on the bottom of the screen. Now tap on a character’s portrait. Tap “Stickers” on the right side of the enlarged portrait to view the set. Collecting a certain number of duplicate stickers in a set increases power. You will unlock another set after completing the current set.  

Complete Collections to get Rewards 

Funko Pops! are modeled on popular movie/show characters. Collect all characters of a particular movie set to get bonus coins.  

There will be a Back to the Future set, a Jurassic Park set, a Shrek Set. Obtain all characters in a set to unlock rewards.  

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