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Migo Harrison
Honkai: Star Rail - Fu Xuan Best Build
(Last Updated On: September 20, 2023)

Developed by miHoYo, Honkai: Star Rail is available to download for free from the Play Store.

Fu Xuan’s best build consists of a mixed relic set and a choice between two different sets of planar ornaments. Learn about Fu Xuan’s best build, her best light cones, and stat priority by reading more below!

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Fu Xuan is a playable character introduced in the second half of version 1.3 of Honkai: Star Rail.

While game developers miHoYo show no signs of slowing down when it comes to their monthly character releases, let’s take the time to break down Fu Xuan and learn about her best build.

Build Overview

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo
Light ConeRelic SetPlanar Ornaments
She Already Shut Her Eyes2 x Longevous Disciple
2 x Guard of Wuthering Snow
Broken Keel

This build allows Fu Xuan to absorb as much damage as possible, increasing her maximum HP while passively reducing the damage she takes.

Additionally, the selected Planar Ornaments protect Fu Xuan against status effects while increasing ally critical damage. This works in concert with her ability to increase ally critical rate.

Ability Priority

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Talent => Skill=> Ultimate=>Normal Atk

Fu Xuan is an all-in-one support unit thanks to the unique combination of benefits granted by her kit.

She can tank, heal, and buff critical rates, making her an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t already have a solo-sustain character like Luocha, Bailu, or Gepard.

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Fu Xuan’s Talent is what allows her to mitigate damage while also healing herself. As Fu Xuan will constantly be absorbing a portion of all damage for your team, we highly recommend upgrading this ability first.

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Next up should be her Skill, because it allows her to boost ally critical rate while also increasing their max HP.

We do not yet know if this max HP buff stacks with Lynx’s max HP buff, but it will certainly be useful in endgame content such as Swarm Disaster, where enemies can kill you in one blow.

Lastly, you want to consider whether or not you’ll be investing in her Ultimate or her normal attack. Leveling up these abilities only increases the amount of damage they deal. While these both scale with Fu Xuan’s max HP, you will typically rely on another character (such as Imbibitor Lunae) to deal damage for your team.


Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo
  • Taiyi, The Macrocosmic – Regenerates 20 Energy every time Fu Xuan casts her Skill while the Matrix of Prescience is active.
  • Dunjia, The Metamystic – When Fu Xuan’s Ultimate is used, heals all other allies by an amount equal to 5% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP plus 133.
  • Liuren, The Sexagenary – Allies can resist once crowd control effect whenever Fu Xuan uses her skill to activate the Matrix of Prescience.

Fu Xuan’s traces make her a more effective support unit because of how they reduce the cost of her Ultimate ability while increasing the effectiveness of her heals and protecting her allies from status effects.

Taiyi, The Macrocosmic effectively reduces the cost of Fu Xuan’s Ultimate ability. Fu Xuan’s Ultimate ability would normally cost 135 Energy, but because you’ll be casting your skill fairly often, you’ll be able to utilize this trait to grant Fu Xuan enough energy to cast her ultimate every two or so turns.

Dunjia, The Metamystic turns Fu Xuan into a pseudo-healer. While Fu Xuan innately has the ability to heal allies, she can never heal them back to maximum HP because her initial heal only works on a percentage of HP that’s already been lost.

With enough energy regeneration and HP relics, this trace makes it possible for Fu Xuan to heal your entire team back to full HP.

Additionally, this trace makes it so that selecting you could theoretically build Fu Xuan with healer relics, which will allow you more wiggle room when building your team.

Liuren, The Sexagenary provides one layer of debuff protection whenever Fu Xuan casts her skill. Since Fu Xuan will usually cast her skill once every two turns, you can think of this trace as a pseudo-cleanse.


Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo
Eidolon LevelEidolon NameEidolon Effect
E1Dominus PacisProvides an additional effect to Fu Xuan’s Skill, which also increases ally critical damage.
E2Optimus FelixIf any team member is struck by a killing blow while Matrix of Prescience is active, then all allies who were struck by a killing blow during this action will not be knocked down, and 70% of their Max HP is restored. This effect can trigger 1 time per battle.
E3Apex NexusUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 10
E4Fortuna StellarisWhen other allies under Matrix of Prescience are attacked, Fu Xuan regenerates 5 energy.
E5Arbiter PrimusSkill +2, up to a maximum of Lv15. Basic ATK Lv +1 up to a maximum of Lv 10.
E6Omnia VitaOnce Matrix of Prescience is activated, it will keep a tally of the total HP lost by all team members in the current battle. Fu Xuan’s Ultimate DMG will increase by 200% of this tally of HP loss.
This tally is also capped at 120% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP and the tally value will reset and re-accumulate after Fu Xuan’s Ultimate is used.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; Eidolons are in no way essential to any of the 5-Star characters released in Honkai: Star Rail. That being said, we recommend stopping once you’ve unlocked Fu Xuan at E2 since this grants retroactively grants her a way to buff ally critical damage by 30% as well as a “revive” for any allies that would have been killed in battle.

The revive is especially useful since it is currently the only known revive that can work on multiple allies simultaneously.

The only other characters who can revive allies are Bailu, who can revive a single ally per battle, and Gepard, who can only revive himself once per battle.

Best Relics

Guard of Wuthering Snow & Longevous Disciple

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo
Best Relic Stats
Main StatHP +Attack +HP%Speed / HP%
Sub 1HP%, DEF%, Effect Res., SPDHP%, DEF%, Effect Res., HP+DEF%, HP+, SPD, Effect Res.SPD/HP%, HP+, Def%, Effect Res.

A combination of Guard of Wuthering Snow and Longevous Disciple provides Fu Xuan with two useful bonuses; passive damage mitigation and a percentage-based increase to her maximum HP.

This helps Fu Xuan absorb more damage while also increasing the effectiveness of her abilities because their effectiveness increases alongside Fu Xuan’s HP.

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Should players be lucky enough to draw Fu Xuan’s signature Lightcone, it could be worth using a Body piece with an Outgoing Healing boost, which could potentially allow you to run Fu Xuan without any healers.

Broken Keel

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo
Best Planar Ornament Stats
Link RopePlanar Sphere
Main StatEnergy Regeneration Rate%HP%
Sub StatsHP%, SPD, Effect Res., Def%HP+, SPD, Effect Res., Def%

Broken Keel increases the wearer’s Effect Resistance while boosting ally critical damage. This makes it a great choice for Fu Xuan since we want to protect her from crowd control effects in order to ensure 100% uptime of her Skill.

Additionally, critical damage is one of the harder stats to increase since it only comes from a limited amount of sources, making Broken Keel an amazing support relic set.

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

The second best set of Planar Ornaments for Fu Xuan would be the Fleet of the Ageless set since it increases Fu Xuan’s max HP and increases ally Atk once the wearer reaches 120 Spd. It’s worth noting that triggering the second bonus is quite easy once you equip a set of SPD boots.

Best Light Cones

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo
RarityLight ConeHow to Get
✦✦✦✦✦(Best in Slot)
She Already Shut Her Eyes
Limited Gacha
✦✦✦✦✦Texture of MemoriesHerta’s Store
✦✦✦✦Landau’s ChoiceGacha

Fu Xuan’s best Light Cone is without a doubt her signature LC, She Already Shut Her Eyes. This Light Cone passively heals allies every turn while increasing Fu Xuan’s energy regeneration rate and maximum HP.

For players who are looking for an F2P alternative, the 5-star LC from Herta’s Store, Texture of Memories works pretty well with Fu Xuan because of the Effect Res., which helps trigger Broken Keel’s second bonus, and the shield which also scales with Maximum HP.

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Players who do not have enough Herta’s Store credits could opt to equip Fu Xuan with the 4-star LC, Landau’s Choice, while newer players can equip her with the 3-star LC, Defense.


Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Fu Xuan is an amazing support unit who can fill multiple roles by herself. She can heal chip damage, offensively buff allies with crit multipliers, and protect allies with damage mitigation.

This compilation of different buffs included in Fu Xuan’s kit allows players to select more offensive units for their team without having to slot in multiple characters. This makes Fu Xuan perfect for content like Memory of Chaos, where battles happen quickly and character HP is reset after every level.

Honkai: Star Rail
Photo: miHoYo

Adversely, running Fu Xuan in content like Simulated Universe may be a bit uncomfortable since she cannot heal your team to full without a very high investment. So build your team depending on how built your Fu Xuan is!

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