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Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail is an in-game premium currency. It’s your ticket to gaining more five-star characters and their light cones from the Event and Regular Warp banner.

Obtaining Stellar Jade may be limited, but you can also purchase them from the in-game store.

However, an important question emerges: Can one remain F2P (free-to-play) in Honkai Star Rail and still accumulate enough Stellar Jade to successfully pull their desired character and light cone?

The answer is a big Yes! As a fellow F2P player, I’m here to provide a farming guide for that sweet and precious Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail.

Get Stellar Jade from Quests

Honkai Star Rail offers various quests to keep their loyal Trailblazers engaged, with each quest offering rewards such as credits, materials, and, most importantly, Stellar Jade. Below is a list of Quests with Jade rewards:

Trailblazer Mission

Trailblazer Mission is the Main Story Quest in Honkai Star Rail that tells the story of the Astral Express crew’s journey around the universe. As you progress through this storyline, encountering enemies and meeting new characters, you will earn Stellar Jade for every completion of the story arc.

Note: Honkai Star Rail adds continuation of the Trailblazer Mission at least every month.

Companion Mission

Companion Missions are optional missions that revolve around specific Playable Characters in Honkai Star Rail and will reward you with Stellar Jade as you progress. Once completed, the character involved may become a visitor on the Astral Express, which gives you more rewards when you talk to them.

Adventure Mission

In Honkai Star Rail, the Adventure Mission, commonly referred to as the side quest, is available both permanently and through limited-time Events. Some missions are linked to the Trailblazer Mission, while others are follow-up quests from Special Events.

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Do All Interastral Peace Guide

Interastral Peace guide is a feature in Honkai Star Rail that guides the players toward various activities, and each section contains unique mechanics that reward players once completed. There are five sections in Interastral Peace Guide:

The Interastral Peace Guide can be found at the upper right corner of your screen, represented by a card icon with a star and moon (as shown in the image above). If you’re using a PC, you can access it by pressing F4.

Operation Briefing

The Operation Briefing comprises nine stages, each containing tasks such as enhancing your character to level 4, enhancing relics, clearing forgotten hall’s memory, and more. Completing a task earns you a small reward, but once you have achieved all objectives, you will receive Stellar Jade for that stage.

Daily Training

Daily Training refreshes every day. This section will be your priority in the routine list each time you log in.

Similar to the Operation Briefing, you’re assigned a task that, upon completion, earns you activity points crucial for reaching your milestones. As a reward, you’ll receive Stellar Jade.

If you consistently complete the Daily Training, you’ll receive 60 Stellar Jades every day. This adds up to a total of 1740-1860 Jades per month.

Simulated Universe

Survival Index shows the list of repeatable content in the games, such as Calyx, Cavern, and Echo War, with their respective teleport links for convenience. However, the most important to note in the listed content is Simulated Universe.

Simulated Universe is a rouge-like game mode. You can challenge and explore eight worlds to accumulate Simulated Universe Points.

Points are awarded upon finalizing exploration progress within each world. Advancing through higher point tiers grants access to increasingly rewarding bonuses such as Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes.

The Point Rewards will be reset weekly every Monday at 04:00 Server Time. If you consistently complete Simulated Universe, you will receive 225 Jade every week. This adds up to a total of 900 per month.

Forgotten Hall

Photo: miHoYo

The Treasures Lightward section is where you find a series of challenging game modes that are regularly updated. Currently, these modes include Forgotten Hall and Pure Fiction, which resets and is updated every two weeks.

Trailblazers earn Stellar Jade corresponding to the stars they collect. The number of stars rated on each stage is contingent upon meeting specific objectives.

Strategic Training

The Training consists of three categories of tutorial stages for game mechanisms, 11 stages in total. Once you have completed these stages, you receive Stellar Jade.

Operation Briefing and Strategic Training rewards can only be claimed once. Only the Daily Mission are refreshed every reset.

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Increase your Trailblazer Level

Trailblazing Will is a permanent event for players under level 35. Once you reach the required level, you will receive rewards.

Level Rewards

After reaching Level 35, you can continue claiming Trailblaze Level rewards up to Level 70 from Pom-Pom. The Express conductor is located at the Parlor Car.

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Complete your Travel Log

Travel Log is where you find the ongoing special limited events in Honkai Star Rail, such as minigames and banner character trials, which give Stellar Jade as a reward, so be sure to check every update.

Travel Log can be found at the upper right corner of the screen, represented by three connected circles (as shown in the image above). If you’re using a PC, you can access it by pressing F1.

Open Treasure Chests

Photo: miHoYo

Treasures are scattered across the world, making exploration in Honkai Star Rail rewarding. Whenever you uncover one, be sure to unlock the chest, as it grants you a modest sum of Jade.

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Defeat Warp Trotters

Photo: miHoYo

Similar to Treasure Chests, Warp Trotters are scattered throughout each area. Although this creature is cowardly and will sprint away whenever it spots you, catching and defeating it will reward you with some Stellar Jades.

You can check the Penacony Lordly Trashcan and Warp Trotter Locations in Penacony.

Do HoYoLAB Daily Check-in

On the official website of Honkai Star Rail, they have a separate daily check-in, which can be accessed by Web Browser or through their HoYoLAB App. Continuous check-in will earn you various rewards, including Stellar Jade. Daily check-in resets every month.

You can only make up for missed check-ins once a day for a maximum of 3 times a month for each HoYoverse Account. Make-up check-ins will automatically apply to the first missed date of the month. You may not select which date to fill in.


The daily routine is relatively simple once you recognize the priority task. Once you log in, do your daily training to allow your Trailblazer power to replenish.

Complete your Simulated Universe for the week, followed by Forgotten Hall. Focus on completing the main quest and special event for the next few days before the reset of S.U. and Forgotten Hall.

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