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As captain of a pirate crew, it’s your duty to lead your mateys to unlimited wealth and adventure in Sea Of Conquest. That being said, not every resource can be acquired by plundering other ships or exploring hidden coves, and Emeralds are the most elusive to find.

Being the game’s premium currency, Emeralds are key to powerful in-game features and benefits. Although they are easily bought through real-life purchases, there are ways for you to farm them as a free-to-play (F2P) player, so let’s explore those options together.

Why Emeralds Are A Pirate’s True Treasure in Sea Of Conquest

Emeralds among the primary rewards being claimed in Sea Of Conquest.
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In Sea Of Conquest, Emeralds are used for many top-tier unlockables or skipping in-game grind. Noting how the game is entirely F2P, it’s understandable that the developers need to monetize the game in some way, culminating in Emeralds being sold as the game’s premium currency.

To optimize the game’s revenue, players usually find themselves ‘nudged’ towards spending actual cash on Emeralds from the in-game store. Still, if you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to get them for free, we’ve summarized a few good methods below.

How To Farm Free Emeralds

The "Azure Promise" event in Sea Of Conquest.
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To progress quickly in Sea Of Conquest, Emeralds can help you skyrocket your account’s growth, letting you engage in PvP and end-game content better. While paying players get them immediately upon purchase, you can also farm Emeralds by doing the following:

Complete Event Milestones

The "Ghostly Chase" event in Sea Of Conquest.
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Sea Of Conquest frequently runs multiple events at the same time, meaning loads of tasks and missions for you to complete every day. If you haven’t been active for a while, you’re missing out on a lot of free Emeralds!

Regardless of the event, each normally gives out a ton of Emeralds upon you achieving specific milestones, including daily logins. So, start opening the Events tab to explore all the potential Emeralds you can get for free right now.

Engage in Squad Raids

The Squad Raid section in Sea Of Conquest.
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What’s a pirate game without mythical beasts to slay, nowadays? In Sea Of Conquest, Squad Raids are another good source of Emeralds that are rewarded to you as loot upon defeating them.

It’s a great reason for you to make friends or join Gangs as well, incentivizing party play.

Depending on the raid’s difficulty level, you’ll get different amounts of Emeralds at the end, but you can easily get them all by having dedicated players joining you every day.

Participate in Seasonal Grand Odyssey

Information about Aries Harbor in Sea Of Conquest.
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Sea Of Conquest‘s seasonal Grand Odyssey employs a similar system to the live-service games’ Battle Pass mechanic.

Here, you’ll receive unique rewards for playing the game diligently after reaching different levels/ stages according to the objectives set.

Besides Emeralds, you can also gather valuable materials and Gold by progressing under a season’s Grand Odyssey, so there’s no reason not to participate!

Use Gift Codes

Redeeming gifts via code in Sea Of Conquest.
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On a more interesting note, you can also acquire Emeralds by simply redeeming them through gift codes shared by the developers through various social media channels and events.

Depending on the day, some codes are publicly posted for everyone to see, while others are only shared during specific live streams or community events, so make sure to follow the game developer’s multiple social media accounts accordingly.

Bind Your Game Account

Binding the game account to another external profile in Sea Of Conquest.
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Binding your Sea Of Conquest account to your relevant social media profile grants you a one-time gift of 100 Emeralds instantly! That’s an amazing boost for new players joining today.

Since the game lets you bind your account to up to three different channels (FunPlus, Facebook, Google), you can choose which profile you’d want the game to be linked with, so no pressure.

Check Your Mail

Emeralds gifted after a game maintenance in Sea Of Conquest.

Finally, you can also get Emeralds every once in a while by reading in-game mail sent by the developers.

These usually come in the events of game maintenance, server issues, complimentary event rewards, and more.

Indeed, it’s hard to rely on mail for the precious Emeralds that you’re seeking, but opening them whenever something new pops up can sometimes give you that pleasant surprise when you least expect it.


Arriving at Aries Harbor in Sea Of Conquest.
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Sea Of Conquest is just one of FunPlus‘s many celebrated mobile games available on the market right now.

They are all free for download, but you should expect premium currencies, like Emeralds, to be utilized to ‘gatekeep’ certain things in-game.

While you’re still here, why not check out our guide on how to hoard Gold faster or discover all ports scattered throughout the game too? Surely, you’ll become an even better pirate with the extra knowledge gained!

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