Forza Customs – Restore Cars: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Forza Customs - Restore Cars - Gameplay Guide

If you are a car person and love customization to cars, then Forza Customs – Restore Cars is the game for you.

In Forza Customs – Restore Cars, the crew in the game will bring some old classic cars to your attention to be restored to their former glory.

The game features amazing puzzles that need to be solved by the player to help with designs and customizations.

This article will focus on a gameplay guide and important information that every new player will need to know to progress further in the game.

Forza Customs - Ultimate Gameplay Guide with tips
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

Entering Forza Customs for the first time

When players first open Forza Customs – Restore Cars, they are greeted with an amazing cinematic experience of all the classic cars in the game.

Players will then be introduced to Kim. Kim will be a guide for all new players and show them around the shop and how everything works.

Game Guide - Kim will help players around the shop
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Kim wants to ensure the best Customs Team plays the game so players will need to customize the cars to the best of their ability.

The first car that players will need to customize is the 2018 Ford Mustang GT. This is one of the most beautiful cars a player can start with.

First customizable car - 2018 Ford Mustang GT
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

Players will need to spin the wheel in Forza Customs to reveal which spec they are going to get for this car. There are a variety of different specs for example Drift.

After players have gotten their specs, they will meet Aaron the floor manager of the shop.

For each car in the workshop, Aaron will prepare a Task List of all the jobs that need to be completed for a specific car.

Players can simply follow the tutorial at the start of the game to know how to start the customization process.

Aaron Floor Manager - Help Players with Tasks
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

Forza Customs – Gameplay

For players to be able to make changes to the cars and remove certain parts to complete tasks, they will need to have enough points in their balance.

Points can be earned by playing a simple game where three of the same objects need to be matched in order to win some more points.

Gameplay - Receiving Point Rewards
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

The more points players have in their balance, the more upgrades they can make to a lot of different cars in the game.

The first level can be completed by only matching three of the same objects. As players progress through the levels they will need to match four objects.

In this case for level two, players will need to match four of the same blue square objects to receive the rewards.

Gameplay - Match objects for points
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

Objects can be matched in a line or a square. Each level will focus on certain objects to be collected to be able to complete the level.

Other special objects in Forza Customs can collect multiple blue or any other color objects.

These can be oil drums or batteries and players can simply click on them to activate their special abilities.

Each level will require the players to collect more than one object with all having different colors.

Parts - Complete levels to earn points for parts
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

A certain amount of each object will need to be collected at each level. The amount will increase the further players progress in the game.

Once players have completed a mission, they will be able to select a new part for the car they are currently customizing.

Aaron will tell the player which option will best suit their type of car and the type of spec they are installing into the car.

Car Customs - Select which parts to add to the car
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

Each new level will look different from the previous one with more elements being added for example the rainbow collector.

Players can continue following the same process throughout the game to continue customizing their current car in the workshop.

Gameplay - Collect Gears
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd

Forza Customs – Tips for new players

  1. Always choose the best part to add to your current car that will fit in with the specs.
  2. Use breakers in the gameplay to gain more objects at a quicker rate. Choose between battery, oil drum, meters, and rainbow collector.
  3. Customize each car to use preferred preference and colors so your car can stand out in the road.
  4. Clusters of certain color objects in the game will form breakers for players to use to complete levels at a faster rate.
  5. Usually, a level completion will give the player just enough points to add one part of the car for customization.
  6. As players progress through the levels, new items will be added to get more points like gears and tool chests.
Gameplay - Collect Gear boxes
Photo: Hutch Games Ltd


Forza Customs – Restore Cars is a really fun game for all types of players to play. Even if you don’t like cars you will enjoy this game.

The gameplay feature adds an extra exciting layer to the car fixing and customization process.

Share your fully customized car with your friends and customize your favorite car to get ideas for real life one day.

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