Fortress Saga – Tier List – April 2024

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Fortress Saga
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Explore the competitive world of Fortress Saga with our thorough Fortress Saga tier list, which is designed to help you pick the most important characters in the game.

Players are drawn to Fortress Saga because it has a lot of different characters and a lot of different ways to play.

Figuring out which characters are best at different parts of the game can give them a big advantage.

This list divides characters into groups based on how well they work and how flexible they are. Some characters may need more specific conditions to shine.

Fortress Saga
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Although your play style is important when deciding on the top heroes in Fortress Saga, I am certain that the ones listed below will check all of the boxes.

S Tier – Best Fortress Saga Heroes

In the S tier, we discover the most suitable Fortress Saga characters for the current game meta.

These characters offer unparalleled utility, and offensive and defensive capabilities, making them top picks in almost any situation.

Fortress Saga
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  • Zelos
  • Jibril
  • Elizabeth
  • Ruingaladh
  • Winter
  • Gildong


Ruingaladh, an Onboard Damage Dealer, uses fire spells to rule the battlefield.

His skill, Roaring Tempest, creates a whirlwind that does damage equal to 260+796% of ATK and inflicts airborne.

Also, it increases all allies ATK by 30+88%. His passive skill, Nature’s Mark, combos with his main skill by making enemies who are hit take an additional 100% damage for 5 seconds.


Elizabeth is an Onboard Supporter type character. She specializes in dealing steady damage while trapping opponents.

Fortress Saga
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Her skill, mcQuinn’s Surprise, deals damage equal to 502% of ATK, which causes enemies to be stuck in a web for 7 seconds.

Bosses are stunned instead. Her skill, Eternal Hunger, makes it so enemies affected by her web are attacked by spiderlings that deal damage equal to 10% of her ATK over 5 seconds.


Winter is a Legendary Frontline Tank that can deal nasty Ice damage over time.

Her skill, Glacial March, deals AoE damage equal to 160 + 186% of her Attack. This strike will push enemies back.

Fortress Saga
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Her passive skill, Chilling Charisma, is also amazing because it causes enemies who are hit by her four times to be frozen for 1.5 seconds.

A Tier

A-tier heroes are powerful and versatile, just a step behind the S-tier regarding overall impact. They are still excellent choices for most Fortress Saga players.

  • Violet
  • Bernhard
  • Soba
  • Loxia
  • Bruce
  • Annie
  • Brook
  • Calvin
  • Eclipse
  • Ravia

B Tier

The Fortress Saga heroes in the B tier are strong, well-rounded choices.

Fortress Saga
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They perform well in many settings but might lack the standout traits of higher-tier characters.

  • Bjorn
  • Hoya
  • Louis
  • Malleus
  • Gandalfu Slime
  • King Slime
  • Queen Slime
  • Wagzak Slime
  • Libo Slime
  • Victor
  • Amber
  • MK-31
  • Stella
  • Isaac
  • Elrond
Fortress Saga
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C Tier

C-tier figures have their times, excelling in specific scenarios or parts. They require more careful planning and understanding to utilize successfully.

  • Waldeck
  • Solum
  • Scarecrow
  • Osu
  • Circe
  • Nox
  • Howling
  • Antiope
  • Ivy
  • Berrys
  • Lilith
  • Max
  • Cynthia

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D Tier

In the D tier are generally less effective characters in the current meta.

Fortress Saga
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They might have unique playstyles that, while interesting, are often overwhelmed by more strong choices.

  • Delfin
  • Jose
  • Agger
  • Lveis
  • Monica
  • Ambros
  • Styria
  • Cerus
  • Fenrir

Tips for Fortress Saga

After you finish reading our Fortress Saga tier list, let’s look at some tips that will make it easy for you to move forward in the game:

Fortress Saga
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  • Save Your Currency: Think about how you’ll spend your in-game money. Keep it for important events or valuable things that can have a big effect on your growth.
  • Prioritize High-Tier Characters: To make sure your team is strong and effective, buy high-tier characters from tier lists.
  • Do Daily and Event Tasks: Doing daily tasks and limited-time events regularly can give you rare things and useful resources.
  • Figure out what each character does: Learn the skills and flaws of each character to improve team makeup.
  • Plan Your Upgrades Wisely: Focus on improving your best character and the necessary tools to maximize your team’s potential.
  • Participate in Guilds and Community Events: Engage with the game’s community for tips, techniques, and extra prizes through group involvement and community events.
  • Experiment with Different Team Combinations: Experimentation can lead to finding successful team connections that are not immediately clear.
  • Be Patient with Progress: Gacha idle RPGs are intended for gradual progress; patience is key to enjoying the game without overextending resources.
Fortress Saga
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In Fortress Saga, it is the tier list that players mainly turn to when they want to crush the game.

With a mix of overall strategy and a rich range of personalities, this game will take players on an interesting journey.

You can do anything from fully exploiting all the powers of A-rank heroes like Zelos and Jibril to spicing up the game with B-rank heroes of your choice.

A tier list helps players find their possible starting point and suggestions, giving them enough knowledge to have great experience and success.

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