Football Manager Mobile 2024: Ultimate Game Guide

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Football Manager Mobile 2024 - Feature Image
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

Be the boss of your very own top football team and become one of the world’s best managers.

Your team will compete in some of the top football leagues like the MLS or any other European tournament like the Champions League.

Sign some of the top talent to your football team like Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne, and many more.

Football Manager Mobile 2024 will exclusively be available for Netflix members. Be sure to have an account to be able to play this game.

Football Manager Mobile 2024 - Introduction and Game Guide
Photo: Netflix, Inc.

Signing In

To be able to play Football Manager Mobile 2024 players will need to have a Netflix account as the game is developed by Netflix.

This game can only be played if you have Netflix and most people do, and if you don’t simply create a new account to play Football Manager Mobile 2024.

Netflix ensures access to ad-free mobile games when signing up for Football Manager 2024.

Football Manager Mobile 2023 - Netflix Account
Photo: Netflix, Inc.

Entering the Game

When Football Manager Mobile 2024, players will be greeted with the main menu that features New Game, Load Game, Settings, About, and Achievements.

When players click on “New Game” they will have to option to choose between Career Mode, Challenge, and My Club.

It is recommended that players start off with the career mode in Football Manager Mobile 2024.

Players will then need to select up to five playable nations. Players will use these nations to select leagues and clubs.

Football Manager Mobile - Select your country
Photo: Netflix, Inc.

Players need to select one of the five nations they have chosen and then select a league they would like to play in as well as a team they are going to use.

For Example, players can pick England and then choose the Premier League. They can then choose Man City or any other team to start off their manager journey.

Football Manager Mobile 2024 – Game options

Players will then be able to select the game options they would like to use in the game.

These options are divided by the Game World and Unlockables.

The Game World Options players can tick are to use fake players that are generated in the game, to use attribute masking, and also budgets in the first window.

The unlockables section has a lot of options that can be unlocked later in the game as you progress further.

These Unlockables include Abolish Transfer Windows, Remove Loan Restrictions, Become Unsackable, and much more.

Create your Managerial Profile
Photo: Netflix, Inc.


Players will then need to create the profiles that they will be using in the game. These profiles require minimal details.

Players will need to enter the first and last name that they are going to use. This does need to be your real name.

After this players need to enter their nationality as well as their gender.

It is also needed to select the Coaching Style, Coaching Badge, Reputation, and Manager Titles.

At the top of the menu, players will have a mail icon which will give players all of the necessary news about players, matches, and more.

On the Home Button Menu, the next match for your team will be featured.

Players will be able to view their first team, reserves, tactics, team report, development hub, medical center, fixtures, finances, and staff.

Players can click on each of these sections to make changes they would like to make to improve the squad and how they will perform against opponents.

Manager Options

Players will also be able to click on the manager options section where different managerial changes can be made.

This section includes the manager options, board confidence, manager profile, manager history, trophy cabinet, holiday, board request, and game status.

Football Manager Mobile Options - Tactics - Team Selection
Photo: Netflix, Inc.

World Icon

The world icon features the club division, continental, international, and your chosen countries at the beginning of the game.

Players will be able to view all of the league and club details from each country they have chosen.

The search option will help you as a manager find new players and staff to improve your squad.

This section features the scout results, player search, shortlist, staff search, jobs, transfers, find a club, and scouting agency sections.

Football Manager Mobile - Create Tactics - Formation
Photo: Netflix, Inc.


Once the player has set up everything about their squad and selected their starting players they will be able to enter the match.

The match will start automatically without the player needing to click on anything. This game is about making managerial decisions.

The player will be able to see the performance of their team what players are playing well and what players may need to be substituted.

Football Manager Mobile - Gameplay
Photo: Netflix, Inc.

The player as manager may also need to reevaluate the tactics of the team and adjust to score more goals and eventually win the game.

The manager will be able to have a team talk with the players to ensure the correct tactics are followed. The manager can indicate if they are upbeat, satisfied, or unhappy.

The manager will also be able to edit the tactics and make proper substitutions to be able to win the game and follow the correct tactics.

If the correct tactics are applied and the best players are selected, players will be able to win every match.

Final Score - Gameplay - Manager Decisions
Photo: Netflix, Inc.


Football Manager Mobile 2024 will need smart tactical decision-making to be one of the top managers in the world.

This game takes focus and determination to select the right players and deal with all of the managerial duties.

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