Fluvsies Game Guide: How to Get all Pets

Anurag Ghosh

Fluvsies is a cute virtual pet game from TutoToons. It transports you to a dreamy world of adorable creatures. They are always up to some mischief and it’s up to you to take care of them and keep them happy. You will have to feed them, drop them onto cute play things and watch them chatter!  

Fluvsies Game

There are various types of creatures, each having a different personality and color. You can collect them from eggs, which can be obtained from the magic merge machine. Put two pets into the machine and you will get an egg, but you will have to follow certain hints to obtain an egg from it. With the help of this Fluvsies game guide, you will learn how to get new eggs from the machine, obtain coins and collect all creatures.   

How to Play 

When the game starts, you will see a cute little bouncy egg. All you have to do is tap on it until the egg breaks and an adorable “Fluvsy” jumps out of it. Soon she will demand milk. Just drag the milk bottle from the top of the screen to the pet to feed her.  

The baby pet might give you some gift, so make sure you feed her some milk whenever the milk bottle appears above her. When she is happy, a smiley will be displayed above her. As soon as you see an arrow above the baby critter, tap on her and a gift box will appear on the screen. Tap on the gift box to open a surprise toy.  

You can interact with the stationary toy by dragging and dropping a Fluvsy onto it. She will love it and feel happy. Sometimes, Fluvsies themselves start playing with toys without your intervention.  

The game grants 10 free coins at the start of play. You can use 5 coins to buy an egg. Tap on the pet icon on the top-left corner of the screen and then tap on an egg to purchase it. It takes a few seconds to several minutes for incubation. When ready, the egg will start jumping. Keep tapping on it until it hatches into a cute critter.  

As soon as you hatch the second egg, a “Magic Merge Machine” will magically appear in your room. You will then have to put two pets into the machine, hit the green power on button and get a new egg.  Wait for it to hatch and voila! You have a new adorable pet bouncing all around your room. Don’t forget to feed her milk and other goodies to make her feel happy!  

The game revolves around collecting adorable critters and playing mini-games. This Fluvsies game guide will help you find the best ways to collect all pets and earn coins. Here are a few tips and tricks to unlock all cute creatures in this game:  

Pay Attention to the Hint on the Magic Merge Machine 

As you already know, the magic merge machine generates a new egg when you place two different creatures on it.  

You just can’t put any random pet into the merge machine to create an egg. You will have to follow the hint shown by the machine. Tap on the “?” on the machine’s screen to know the hint.  

You will find a hint above the magic merge machine.
Check the hint on top of the merge machine.

The hint will be something like:  

A fluvsy that has already been hatched + an unhatched egg = new egg.  

The unhatched egg after the “+” sign is the hint. You will have to purchase that egg and hatch it into a fluvsy and then merge with the current one to create a new egg.  

Note the color of the unhatched egg and purchase that egg with coins. Tap on the creature icon on the upper-left corner of the screen to purchase it. When that egg hatches into a new pet, put the pet along with the other pet to create a new egg.  

Note: As you progress through the game, eggs will take a longer time to hatch. To speed up hatching, tap on the egg and then tap on the play button to watch videos. This will reduce the time taken to hatch an egg.  

If you are still confused, just watch the tutorial video below:  

Play Mini-Games to Earn Coins 

You will need coins to purchase a new egg. The best way to earn them is to play cool mini-games. Tap on the joystick symbol located on the upper-left corner of the screen. You will see a couple of games. Play one of them and complete each game to earn coins.  

The most addictive game of all four games in the mini basketball game. It’s easy to play and you will earn lots of coins from it. And because you get three chances, you will earn quite a few coins before running out of chances.  

In the mini-basketball game, the canon moves on its own. Tap on the cannon at the right moment when the dotted line hits the star board above the basket.  

Completing a series of basketball games will earn you a trophy, which will be displayed in a showcase, located on the extreme left side of the screen.  

Another game is the cookie ladder game. Here you will have to tap on the screen to let a cute Fluvsy climb up by jumping on cookies. This mini-game is a bit difficult to play than the basketball game but you will keep earning coins placed on random cookies until you reach the top-most cookie, where you will receive a surprise gift. The gift box contains a new toy for your Fluvsies. 

You can also earn some coins from the paint game. But you will have to be accurate in filling colors on s black and white Fluvsy drawing.  

Crumbs and Food Turn into Coins 

Tap on bits and pieces to earn coins.

Half-eaten food, candies and crumbs scattered on the floor turn into coins when you tap on them. Tap on each item to collect coins.  

How to Get Bonus Coins  

You can instantly get 30 bonus coins! Just tap on the coin icon on the top of the screen and then press the play button to watch a video.  

Watch videos to get coins.

Those were a few tips and tricks to play Fluvsies game and collect cute critters. If you have any questions, please post them via the comment form below.  


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