FLUFFY PLANET SAGA: Ultimate Game Guide

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Fluffy Planet Saga
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

Fluffy Planet Saga is an anime-style fantasy MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd. It is available to download for both Android and IOS.

Fluffy Planet Saga takes you to a world where you embark on a lighthearted journey by yourself or with your friends, collect adorable pets to aid you in battle, gear up your character with powerful weapons, and play lots of fun minigames.

In this guide, we will talk about Fluffy Planet Saga gameplay and provide you with some tips and tricks to aid you in your adventure. Without further ado, let’s delve into our Fluffy Planet Saga ultimate game guide.

Basic Mechanics

Combat vs Sharp-eared Bat
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

The mechanics of the game are simple for long-time RPG lovers. On the left side of your screen is your controller. You can move around with the buttons on that side.

On the right side is your attack button, as well as your skills. Your skills will change depending on your choice of weapon. More on that later.

Exploring The City
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

On the bottom of the screen, you can find the social panel. You can check your notifications, take a screenshot, post a sticker, or see the chat log.

On the top side of your screen, you can find the in-game shop, lotto machine, game table, and backpack.


Sword And Shield
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

At the start of Fluffy Planet Saga, you will be required to choose a weapon. Here, you will be offered four weapons that you can choose from. Each weapon has its own playstyle, with different fields and purposes of use.

  • Sword And Shield: If you are planning to become a melee fighter with high defense, this weapon is tailored just for you. It is the most suitable choice for tank players who can sponge a lot of damage, protect teammates, and breach the enemy lines.
  • Staff: Staff lets you wield frost magic and hit the enemy lines from afar. If you are aiming for high DPS, crowd control, and long-range, this weapon is a good choice for you.
  • Spear: Spear is a melee weapon that has high damage output and long range. If you are planning to build a melee fighter without becoming a tank, that has high mobility and DPS and can out-maneuver the enemies in combat, this is the best weapon choice for you.
Staff And Shield
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Staff and Shield: With Staff and Shield, you can build a great support unit that can heal and buff your allies and yourself as well. If you are looking to become the prime healer and the buffer of an adventuring party, this is the best choice for you.


Pet Choice
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Pets are one of the most important aspects of Fluffy Planet Saga. They are like Pokemons that you collect and tame, which then will fight along with you – or without you against other pets.

Pet Info Screen
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

You can enhance your pets by feeding them, which will level them up. Their stats, such as HP, damage, hit rate, evasion rate, and defense will increase.

Once your pet hits the maximum level, you will be able to ascend them to increase their star level and drastically improve their power.

Pet Ascending
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

To ascend your pet, you will need to have pets of the same kind, and duplicate versions of the same pet as well. The stronger your pet gets, the better it will perform in fights.

Classes in Fluffy Planet Saga

As you progress in Fluffy Planet Saga, you will be able to choose a class for your character. Just like weapons, there are four classes available in Fluffy Planet Saga, each with its different abilities and playstyles. Choose the best class that fits your play style, there are no wrong choices!


Warrior Class
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

The warrior class is the best defensive class in the game. They are melee combatants with high defense and high HP but relatively low damage output. They are usually the front-liners in the party, serving as the main tank.


Mages are the glass-canons of the party. They are ranged combatants that have very high damage, but low defensive stats. They need protection from tanks and support units, but once they are safe to concentrate on using their skills, they will let hell loose on their enemies.


Fighter Class
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.

If you enjoy melee combat but don’t want to become a tank, Fighter is the class for you. This class excels in combat from close to mid-range, with balanced defense and offense stats.

You can maneuver around your enemies on the battlefield, use your skillset to wreak havoc upon your enemies, and still be durable enough to take a punch or two.


Mystic is the support class in Fluffy Planet Saga. They can heal themselves or their allies, provide powerful buffs, and still have a decent defense to keep themselves alive.

This class doesn’t focus on offense, so they are not very powerful on their own, but they will shine in a party.

Pet Fight
Photo: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.


If you are a fan of MMORPGs, anime-style graphics, and a lighthearted adventure, this game is an exceptional fit for you. Its immersive visuals, captivating music, unique pet system, and adorable storyline will give you a lot to explore.

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