Fishing Food Game Guide: Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh

Fishing Food is a weird kawaii game from Diced Pixel, LLC. You will have to help your cat fish walking-talking foods and feed them to earn coins.

All you have to do is tap the ocean to throw the hook. When the hook is under water, drag to move it to catch food, treasure chests and many more! Every time a kawaii food monster gulps down food, it will cough up coins. You can level up upgrades like “depth” and “capacity” to catch more objects and fish for different types of meals.

Fishing Food Game

It’s a food eat food world out there! Burgers will gobble up burgers, fries will munch on fries and cranberries will feast on cranberries. They really don’t look cute devouring their own. Do they? Wait. They do? Alright. Fine, whatever floats your boat.

If you like weird games, then Fishing Food is for you. If you like puns, then this game is shorely for you. Check out our beginner-level tips and strategies to progress fast.

Upgrade Capacity and Depth

There are two major upgrades in Fishing Food – Capacity and Depth. With the coins earned from feeding those Kawaii food monsters, you can level up these two to catch more objects.

Upgrading capacity will let you catch more objects every time you pull the hook back from the waters. If you upgraded capacity to “3”, then you can catch 3 objects at a time. When the hook is underwater, it slows down a bit, giving you enough time to drag it and catch max number of objects before the kitty pulls it up.

Leveling up “Depth” will let you fish in deeper waters to discover new kawaii foods. Each new food item will grant more coins than the other. The burger offers only 100 coins per food, but the dragon fruit grants x200 coins per fruit.

Upgrade capacity first so that you can catch more objects at a time. More objects = More earnings. You can then start upgrading depth to discover higher-earning food items. Each time you upgrade depth or capacity, the amount of coins required for the next upgrade will increase. You will have to keep fishing for objects deep in the ocean to earn the required amount. Of course, there will be boosters, which I will explain in the next paragraphs.

Note: If both capacity and depth are ready for upgrade, then you can’t catch objects anymore until you upgrade one of them. If you have just started playing, you should always focus on capacity because you would want more coins.

How to Speed Up Unlocking the Treasure Chest

Once you upgrade “Depth” to level 2, you can start catching treasure chests. Treasure chests contain capacity boosts. These boosts increase your food catching capacity. These are one-time boosts and once you collect them, they will be used automatically each time you throw the hook into the water.

To unlock the chest, fill the green bar underneath it. The green bar increases when a Kawaii food coughs up shiny keys along with coins, soon after you feed it. Collect keys to fill the green bar and unlock the treasure chest.

The more food items you have, the more keys you will obtain as each food monster gives a key along with coins. This will fill up the green bar underneath the chest faster. Make sure you upgrade depth whenever you have the required number of coins to level it up. You may first increase the capacity first to pull out more objects from the ocean, which will allow you to obtain more coins at a time. You can then use the coins to upgrade depth.

If the fishing rod capacity is higher, then you can collect more foods to feed Kawaii monsters. More food = more keys. So if you feed 3 burgers to that burger monster, you will obtain 3 keys.

Tip: After obtaining capacity boosts from the unlocked treasure chest, the talking chest will offer more boosts. Watch a 30-sec advert to obtain extra capacity boosts.

Get Idle Coins from the Café

Upgrade “Depth” to level 3 to unlock the café. The café prepares delicious drinks for all Kawaii monsters when you are not playing.

When you are back, swipe those drinks and earn bonus coins. The café prepares drinks only for the first two hours in the beginning. This means that you can obtain idle coins for the first two hours and not more than that.

The Portal Creates Copies of Food

Anything can happen in the Fishing Food universe – A burger-eating burger and a portal that can duplicate the food caught by a cat. So if you caught 4 food, the portal will double them and all Kawaii monsters will get to eat 8 food items.

You will unlock the portal when you upgrade Depth to level 5 – that’s when you will discover a flat pink colored plastic deep in the ocean. Collect it to unlock the portal, which sticks on the café roof.

You will get the first food-duplicating portal for free. To get additional portal(s), you will have to watch a 30-second video, which can be found on the top-right side of the screen, beside the depth upgrade. You will get 6 portals after watching a 30-second video.

Collect Cute Shovels

Upgrading Depth level to 6 unlocks shovels. Collect shovels in the ocean to unlock a mini-game, where you will have to tap on blocks to reveal rewards. You will have only three chances. Tap on three blocks in the magic square to get rewards like capacity boosts, portals, and costumes & accessories for your cat.

How to Unlock New Locations

You can unlock new locations in Fishing Food once you reach depth level 7. Catch the watermelon on boat and tap on it. You will see unlocking requirements for new locations. To unlock the next location you will have to collect 30+ different types of food. As you progress, the requirement for unlocking another location will increase.

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