Fishdom: Deep Dive: Tips and Tricks to Build Your Dream Aquarium

Fishdom Deep Dive
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Fishdom: Deep Dive gives an aquatic twist to the match-3 puzzle genre. Besides the cool marine theme, there’s also a fish tank to build. You can do this using coins you get from completing a match-3 puzzle level. You can purchase different species of fish and decoration. The game also lets you interact with aquatic animals. Just tap them and see them move or hide behind decorations. (Psst… if you love fish, then check out Zen Koi 2. It lets you own a pond, decorate it and unlock lots and lots of rare kois.)

Levels are pretty challenging. There are different objectives that need to be completed and once you complete a level, you get coins. Sadly, you cannot replay an old level, so there goes an opportunity to earn additional coins from a previously played level. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to earn coins in Fishdom: Deep Dive, and this guide provides some tips and tricks to build an aquarium of your dreams. We have also added a gameplay video for beginners, so check it out before reading this guide.

1. Matching 4 or More Pieces Will Help You Finish Objectives Faster

In move-based levels, search for bigger matches to complete objectives faster. The longer the match, the easier it would be to remove obstacles and find objects. Don’t settle for matches of 3. Your first preference should be to match 4 or more pieces. If you can’t find longer matches, stick to matching 3 pieces. Try to match those pieces that are closer to your objective. For example: if your goal is to find more gold, then match 3 or more pieces that are near earth tiles so that you can remove them faster.

Fishdom Deep Dive

Matching 4 pieces of the same type not only removes more pieces, but also grants a power-up, which can be detonated to blow up surrounding objects. You don’t have to match power-ups with pieces to activate them. Just double tapping will make them explode, removing objects around them.

Match 4 pieces to get a firecracker. But if you match 5 pieces you get a bomb, which has far better impact than a firecracker. It can remove more objects. Also match 2 firecrackers or bombs placed side-by-side for a much bigger effect.

You get a “Warhead” by matching 7 or more pieces. Detonating warheads produces a massive explosion, clearing almost half of the game board. Chances of creating a warhead are low, but you can create more bombs and firecrackers and use them to get rid of more pieces as fast as possible.

2. Keep an Eye on Moves Bonuses

Having unused moves at the end of a level will give you more coins as “Moves Bonus”. So make sure you match 4 or more pieces and try to complete objectives before you run out of moves. Many times using a special power in some levels can make it easier for a player to complete his objective and have extra moves remaining at the end of a level. I used hammer to smash a gold filled tile in a level. This kind of triggered a chain reaction of matches and soon I completed the objective with 5 moves remaining at the end of a level.

Save special power-ups in hard levels. There aren’t too many special power-ups and once the free quota is finished you will have to purchase them using premium currency (gems). Thankfully, a special power-up used in a failed level will be restored when you replay it.

3. Use Fish Food to get Bonus Coins

Fish food icon appears just beside the level button in your aquarium. Tap on it to feed your fish. Their health will improve and once it’s green, they will give you coins. Each fish gives a minimum of 10 coins. However, you won’t get any coins if you feed your starving fishes.

A fish low on health (her health bar will turn red) will have a picture of fish food in a speech bubble indicating she wants food. If you feed her when she asks for fish food, then the chances of earning bonus money are low. Feed it when its health bar is still green. Fish food does not appear every time. It goes away if you have used it twice and again appears after a few hours.

4. Fill Your Aquarium’s Beauty Level to Get Extra Money per Level

You need coins to build your dream aquarium. While completing levels and feeding fish are some ways to get coins, there’s another great way to receive bonus money, that too in every level. You will need to fill the Beauty Index located at the top of your aquarium to get bonus coins. To fill it, start purchasing decoration and fish. Every new purchase will earn you points.

The points you have earned fills the Beauty meter and once full, you will receive a star and get extra coins per level. The more stars you get, the more bonus coins you will receive in every completed level. Getting 3 stars will also let you unlock a new fish tank.

You will get more beauty points if you purchase fish or decorations that cost 1000 or more coins. Save your hard earned in-game money for such purchases and improve your aquarium’s beauty index faster. You can also sell your decorations placed on the aquarium, but that will deduct some points from the beauty level.

5. Use Lightning Power-Up to Remove More Objects

The more bombs you will detonate, the faster the lightning meter will charge up. Keep matching 4 or more pieces to get power-ups.

Lightning Power-Up

Once the lightning meter is full, the lightening power-up will appear on the game board. Swap it with an adjacent piece to get rid of all pieces of that color from the board. Make sure you swap it with a piece that has more number of same-color pieces scattered all around the game board.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Complete achievements to get gems. Tap on the trophy icon in your aquarium to check tasks. Completing them will earn you 5-10 gems, which can be used to purchase special power-ups.

Use warehouse to store decorations placed on your aquarium. Tap on the treasure chest icon on the bottom of the screen to bring up the warehouse and drag unwanted decorations into it. Storing decorations in a warehouse won’t deduct any points from the beauty index.

You can enlarge and rotate a decoration. Tap on an objected placed on your aquarium and press the plus button to make it bigger. Press on the arrow button will let you rotate it.

  1. When I have extra power ups should I use them for extra points by blowing them up before I finish the level or leave them?

    1. You can leave them if you want. At the end of a level, any power-up on the board explodes automatically and you might get bonus coins for the amount of blocks destroyed by the explosion.

  2. I just cannot get purple gems! I never have enough to continue a game if I don’t do all the squares and i then keep dying. Then i have to wait ages for my next life its a never ending long boring cycle. I’m not willing to buy any either so what can I do?

  3. How do you get more items in bubbles in level that require you to get a certain amount of them?

  4. I thought you could tell what the ads say about making decisions to save the fish and keep making the right decision to pass or fail. If you don’t what’s up with that like the ad where the fish is stuck on a hook or running from another fish misleading or when does this happen?

    1. I haven’t seen any such decision-making mini-game while playing Fishdom. Will still check, but I think that was just an ad.

  5. How do I get my stuff out of the warehouse that I put there by mistake? I’d there a way to move decorations from track to another

    1. Tap on the shopping cart icon, which is located on the lower-left corner of the screen. Now tap on each category tab to retrieve your stored decorations. For example: If you have mistakenly stored the “Dead Man’s Chest” in the warehouse, just tap shopping cart icon, then the structure category tab, which is located next to the fish tab and then tap the chest. Now tap “Place” to retrieve the chest.

  6. Each time I complete a star level I’m told I’ll now earn an extra 20 points plus a weapon/ tool for each future level. I can see the extra points but I have NEVER seen the promised weapon or tool. Am I missing something? Thanks

  7. Can the “dead man’s chest” be opened? I am asking about the one you buy that looks like either a squid or an octopus is locked inside.

    1. No it can’t be opened. It’s used to decorate your fish tank. When you place it, the dead man’s chest grants beauty points.

  8. Is there more to interacting with the fish? They “talk” to me, and I want to respond, but when I tap, they just freeze and stare. I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something more?

    1. Interaction is limited to feeding fish. The speech bubbles appearing above them are randomly generated.

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