Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis – How To Summon Heroes? 

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Final Fantasy VII - Introduction
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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a role-playing mobile and window version exclusive video game developed by Square Enix.

It is just another installment of the supremely world-famous Final Fantasy series, but this time, mobile users also get to experience the immensely popular game. 

Our talking point is – Summons, how do you summon a summon, eh? Right, the method is a bit elongated but also uncomplicated.  

Final Fantasy VII - Characters and Summons
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What are Summons?

Summons have been an integral part of the Final Fantasy series since the beginning. They are a strategic means for players to use them in combat sequences against the bosses in the game, and Final Fantasy VII is no different.

The main objective of these Summons is to help you in offensive and defensive situations in fights as well as help you heal during the battles against the bad guys. Every Summon has its unique power and ability, and they do appear randomly when called upon. 

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud
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It’s a hustle to unlock these Summons as you have to complete quite a few tasks, but if you do finish those tasks, then it is all worth the effort as the Summons are really helpful in combat sequences to defeat the bosses in a snap. 

How to Summon Heroes in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis? 

There is one simple way to summon heroes in Final Fantasy VII, and that is the only way you can summon all the heroes, albeit with different missions. But the method is pretty much the same – Complete Pact missions. 

So, as you progress in the game, Summon will ultimately unlock, but to summon a hero in the game, you need to finish pact missions. 

Final Fantsy VII - Arc Sword
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You have to beat the First Soldier story mode to unlock the Summon quest battle! 


The firebreather Djinn, who unleashes powerful fire attacks, is the first one you can summon.

Once you finish the First Soldier story mode, you will be able to unlock Trial of the Summons. In the Trial of the Summons, you can unlock Ifrit by finishing the Trial of Ifrit mission.  

Clear the waves in the Trial of Ifrit mission to unlock Ifrit and then beat Ifrit. After beating Ifrit, you have to complete a mission to finally unlock Ifrit. 

  • Deliver Ifrit’s Memory x 10: Hit Bind after completing the mission to unlock Ifrit. 
Final Fantasy VII - Blue Crystal
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With Ifrit, as it was an introductory character for the Summons, it didn’t take much effort to unlock. However, with Shiva, it is a whole other game in Final Fantasy VII. You are required to complete a few missions to unlock Shiva. 

Here are the missions that you need to finish to unlock Shiva:

  • Clear the Trial of the Summons for Shiva x 1
  • Consume 500 stamina in solo content
  • Clear Crisis Dungeon La’Paina Coast with Rank S+
  • Perform Synthesis 15 times
  • Deliver Shiva’s memory x 10
  • Deliver 30 Frost Ores 
  • Deliver 10 Magic Chips

As soon as you unlock Summon’s section, you can go for Shiva’s unlocking. Mind you, it will take some effort. There is no such rule as you have to unlock Ifrit or Ramuh first. You can directly start completing Shiva’s mission first as well to unlock her. 

Final Fantasy VII - Summons
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Once the missions are done, hit Bind to unlock Shiva and Summon her. 

Ramuh – The Thunder God

Ramuh is a difficult character to unlock. It will take quite a few hours of your gameplay to reach a level when you can finally go one-on-one(well, three-on-one) against the Ramuh. 

When you start the Trials of Summons for Ramuh, the attack wave will be at Level 50. After soundly defeating the attack wave, Ramuh will appear, who himself is rated at Level 50 in the game. 

The gist of the matter is that you have to be at a minimum of Level 50 to go toe-to-toe with Ramuh and his lackeys. Also, your weapons need to be upgraded to a level above 50 for the boss fight. 

Final Fantasy VII - Thunder
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As for the pact missions, here’s what you have to do: 

  • Clear the Trial of the Summons – Ramuh – 1 time
  • Consume 500 Stamina in Solo Content
  • Consume 100 Stamina in a Co-op battle
  • Clear Crisis Dungeon Padapili Sea Cave with Rank S+
  • Perform Synthesis 15 times
  • Deliver 10 of Ramuh’s memories
  • Deliver 30 Blitz Ores
  • Deliver 10 Magic Chips

Complete the above mission and then hit Bind to unlock and summon Ramuh – The Thunder God!

Who Are the Heroes That Can Be Summoned in the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis? 

There are three heroes that can be summoned in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. The three characters are Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh.  

If you are a console or a PC player, then you would know that these characters have already made appearances in earlier installments. 

Final Fantasy VII - Gameplay
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As a player, you will need to spend some stamina in both Co-op and Solo contents, collect memory crystals for all three characters, and also collect some materials to unlock them. 

Can You Upgrade the Summons in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis?

Yes, you can upgrade the summons in Final Fantasy VII. Ramuh, Shiva, and Ifrit’s basic attacks are already stronger than the Limit Breaks. The attack of the three titans carries a potency rate of 1000%. 

Despite already having a superior attacking power, the Summons ability can still be upgraded. You need to keep collecting Memory Crystals, which you can get by progressing in the game. 

Final Fantasy VII - Critical Success
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There is a Summon Stream that can be upgraded in the game. After every five levels, a different upgrade and potency level of the ability can be achieved. 


The characters in Final Fantasy VII, like Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and all, are already powerful characters. However, timely unlocking and upgrading of the Summons will take the gameplay and powerplay to the next level.  

Also, check out the weapon’s list and weapons tier list to up your game!

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