Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Full Weapons List

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Welcome to the captivating world of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, an exceptional mobile RPG masterpiece published by the amazing SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

You can begin your epic journey right away by downloading it from the Play Store.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - Introduction
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

In this remarkable realm, weapons are more than mere tools; they are your lifelines, essential for your survival.

FF7EC offers an extensive array of weapons and gear, equipping your party for the immense battles that lie ahead.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - Introduction 2
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

We proudly present our ever-evolving Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Weapons Tier List—a guiding light amid the vast armory, ready to steer you toward victory.

With this comprehensive list, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer myriad challenges, leading your party to triumph and glory in the enchanting universe of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Remember, this list is as dynamic as the adventures that await you in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Therefore, stay tuned for the latest updates as you explore this magnificent world, filled with wonders and challenges that will test your skills and strategy.

S-Tier: The Unstoppable Force

What makes them the best of the best? High stats, damage multipliers, and C-abilities that turn battles in your favor. These are the weapons you’d bet your in-game life on.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - S-Tier
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Landing one of these bad boys? It’s like having the ultimate power cheat code for your heroes in Final Fantasy VII. This isn’t just a weapon; it’s your ticket to unstoppable awesomeness!

  • Murasame (Cloud Strife)
  • Maritime Sword (Cloud Strife)
  • Fairy Tale (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Guard Stick (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Sun Umbrella (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Tiger Fangs (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Leather Gloves (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Motor Drive (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Edged Wings (Sephiroth)
  • Prototype Crimson Blade (Sephiroth)
  • CC Alloy Sword (Sephiroth)
  • Shinra Blade: Model I (Sephiroth)
  • Torn Wing (Sephiroth)
  • Northern Lights (Sephiroth)
  • Assault Gun (Barret Wallace)
  • Flame Projector (Barret Wallace)
  • Heavy Hauser (Barret Wallace)
  • W Machine (Barret Wallace)
  • Platinum Collar (Red XIII, Nanaki)
  • Gold Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Junk Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Rage Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  •  Cutlass (Zack Fair)
  • Arc Sword (Zack Fair)
  • Falchion (Zack Fair)
  • Jiggy Fam (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Rest in Peace (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Absolute Royal (Matt Winsord)
  • Core Defender (Matt Winsord)
  • Prime Number (Matt Winsord)
  • Slick Beetle (Matt Winsord)
  • Killer Hornet (Matt Winsord)
  • Bald Eagle (Lucia Lin)
  • Barn Swallow (Lucia Lin)
  • Black Rifle (Lucia Lin)

A-Tier: Simply Great

Think of these weapons as Final Fantasy VII elite squad, just a hair’s breadth away from S-Tier champions.

They pack enough punch to conquer in-game challenges. Investing in them is a wise choice, even with limited resources that need grinding.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - A-Tier
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Rest assured, these bad boys won’t steer you wrong. They might not have the S-Tier swagger, but they’re your solid gold guarantee for a fantastic gaming experience!

  • Apocalypse (Cloud Strife)
  • Enhance Sword (Cloud Strife)
  • Mythril Saber (Cloud Strife)
  • Crystal Sword (Cloud Strife)
  • Hardedge (Cloud Strife)
  • Shiva’s Blade (Cloud Strife)
  • Buster Sword (Cloud Strife)
  • Mythril Rod (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Wizard Staff (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Full Metal Staff (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Silver Staff (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Wizer Staff (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Ramuh Staff (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Prism Rod (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Crystal Gloves (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Sonic Striker (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Grand Gloves (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Lifeguard Wraps (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Glaireid (Sephiroth)
  • Aonibi (Sephiroth)
  • Mythril Type-0 Katana (Sephiroth)
  • Nameless (Sephiroth)
  • Enemy Launcher (Barret Wallace)
  • Heavy Vulcan (Barret Wallace)
  • Max Ray (Barret Wallace)
  • Shiva Cannon (Barret Wallace)
  • Solid Bazooka (Barret Wallace)
  • Seaside Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Sleek Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Noble Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Type-99 Longsword (Zack Fair)
  • Enhance Sword (Z) (Zack Fair)
  • Defender (Zack Fair)
  • Crystal Sword (Z) (Zack Fair)
  • Zweihander (Zack Fair)
  • Ifrit’s Sword (Zack Fair)
  • Beach Parasol (Zack Fair)
  • Hardcore Squad (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Apology in Hell (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Crewkicker (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Inferno Grave (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Piece of Cake (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Shockbuster (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Thousand Waves (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Broadsword: Axis (Matt Winsord)
  • Orthodox Raven (Matt Winsord)
  • Stingray (Matt Winsord)
  • Mad Minute (Lucia Lin)
  • Pulse Gun (Lucia Lin)
  • Rifle of Levin (Lucia Lin)
  • Serpent Eater (Lucia Lin)
  • SSR1976 (Lucia Lin)
  • Tranquilizer Gun (Lucia Lin)

B-Tier: Reliable Workhorses

While they might not be as powerful as the S-Tier and A-Tier weapons, they’re still good choices in Final Fantasy VII. 

Investing in them might not be the wisest move unless you’re planning to use them as sub-equipment for their R-ability and solid stats.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - B-Tier
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

They won’t steal the show, but they’re the dependable ones, always ready to get the job done. Think of them as your gaming wingmen, there to back you up when the going gets tough!

  • Butterfly Edge (Cloud Strife)
  • Iron Blade (Cloud Strife)
  • Organics (Cloud Strife)
  • Striking Staff (Aerith Gainsborough)
  • Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Power Soul (Tifa Lockhart)
  • Gatling Gun (Barret Wallace)
  • Leather Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Rubber Collar (Red XIII / Nanaki)
  • Personal Style (Glenn Lodbrok)
  • Espee Rapiere Next-G (Matt Winsord)
  • V39 (Lucia Lin)
Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - Conclusion
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.


So there you have it – the ultimate tier list for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis! Whether you’re rocking an S-Tier powerhouse or showing some love to a B-Tier unsung hero, remember, it’s not just about the weapon; it’s how you wield it.

Your choice of equipment can be a reflection of your playstyle and preferences, and sometimes the most rewarding victories come from mastering the underappreciated options in Final Fantasy VII.

Now, go out there, jump into the game, and conquer your quests with your weapon of choice! 

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Conclusion 2
Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Your Final Fantasy VII adventure is just getting started, so embrace the magic, master your skills, choose your weapon, and create your own legendary tale! 

Happy gaming and may your journey through Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis be filled with thrilling victories and unforgettable moments.

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