Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis – Reroll Guide

June Reyes
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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a story-driven, turn-based RPG with gacha elements published by Square Enix

In this game, you can play as your favorite  Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and many more—uncovering their tales with brilliant storytelling that we’ve come to love the franchise for.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to reroll in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis to get the best start for beginners, as well as some recommendations on what to reroll for!

How To Reroll (Step By Step)

Here’s a guide showing you how to reroll in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis—one step at a time.

This reroll process should take approximately three to five minutes to accomplish depending on your device, internet, and clicking speed.

Step #1: Skip The Tutorial

Even on your first time going through the game’s tutorial, keep in mind that you can skip the tutorial by going to the Menu during your first free-roam mission and tapping “Skip Tutorial”:

Photo: Square Enix

After tapping the “Skip Tutorial” button, you’ll then be redirected to the Home screen, where you’ll have to follow a tutorial about Weapon Enhancement:

Photo: Square Enix

This tutorial is quite short, however, and can be resolved pretty fast if you click through the prompts fast enough.

Step #2: Claim All Of Your Rewards 

After passing the Weapon enhancement tutorial, you’re now free to claim your Draw Tickets and Blue Crystals from the “Gifts” section located on the right side of the Home screen:

Photo: Square Enix

Depending on when you start playing the game, you may have enough Blue Crystals for a few Featured banner pulls, and several Draw Tickets for Ticket Banner pulls.

Photo: Square Enix

Claim everything you can get, including all of the Blue Crystals and Tickets you get from events, login rewards, and mission rewards that are available to you currently.

TIP: Not skipping your first free-roam battle tutorial will net you an additional 300 Blue Crystals. Feel free to finish this tutorial if you find yourself lacking a few more Blue Crystals to complete a 10x Featured Banner draw!

After claiming all of the Blue Crystals and Tickets from your Gifts page, you’ll finally be able to pull from three different gacha banners:

Banner TypeRequired CurrencyDescription
SpecialRed CrystalsAllows you to pull 5★ weapons often at a guaranteed rate, although Red Crystals can only be obtained via In-app Purchases. 
FeaturedRed Crystals / Blue CrystalsAllows you to pull for featured 5★ weapons at an increased rate in exchange for either Blue or Red Crystals. You can also receive Stamp Card rewards and set Wishlist Weapons here.
TicketDraw TicketsAllows you to pull for 5★ Weapons at the regular rate in exchange for Draw Tickets, although you may also use a Guaranteed 5★ Ticket here.

TIP: We highly recommend setting your Wishlist Weapons before pulling in the Featured Banner first. Weapons that we recommend you to pick in the Wishlist will be discussed further below.

Photo: Square Enix

In the Featured banner, the Stamp Card system allows you to earn rewards such as Gil,  Weapons, and Gear from the Stamp Sheet every time you do a multi-pull (10x Draws). 

Ten separate single pulls may not trigger the Stamp Card, so remember to always save your Blue Crystals for 10x pulls in the Featured Banner.

Photo: Square Enix

There are 12 possible rewards in the Featured Banner’s Stamp Sheet, and the amount you earn per multi-pull is random. 

If you’re lucky, you may even get all 12 rewards in one 10x draw, although we wouldn’t recommend going for it if you’re just rerolling.

Step #4: Go To The Title Screen 

If you’re unsatisfied with the results, you’ll need to go to the Menu, which is located in the upper-right corner of the Home screen:

Photo: Square Enix

Next, scroll down and click the “Title Screen” button to return to the Title Screen:

Photo: Square Enix

Step #5: Reset Game Data

Now on the game’s login page, click the Menu icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen once again:

Photo: Square Enix

With the Account Menu up, click “Reset Game Data” to restart your progress, allowing you to wipe your account clean and reroll:

Photo: Square Enix

And voila—you can just go back to Step One and repeat this process until you get the Weapons you want!

Photo: Square Enix

Do keep in mind that you will be prompted to skip the tutorial right away after resetting your account for the first time. 

If you don’t mind missing out on 300 Blue crystals at the start of the game, then feel free to use this mechanic every time you reroll!

Best Weapons To Reroll For

Photo: Square Enix

Here are our recommendations on what 5★ Weapons you should aim to get for each character while rerolling:

Top Tier Weapons For RerollingFeatured Character
Fairy Tale, Wizard Staff, Wizer Staff, Silver StaffAerith
Murasame, Hard Edge, Apocalypse, Crystal Sword, Mythril SaberCloud
Sonic Striker, Kaiser Knuckles, Tiger Claws, Motor DriveTifa
W Machine, Solid Bazooka, Assault GunBarrett
Platinum Collar, Junk Collar, Noble CollarRed XIII
Falchion, Cutlass, Arc SwordZack
Pulse Gun, Mad Minute, Serpent GunLucia
Broadsword: Axis, Prime Number, Slick Beetle, StingrayMatt
Piece Of Cake, Apology In Hell, CrewkickerGlenn

You may use this table as a reference when choosing which Weapons to put on your Wishlist.

NOTE: Although some Weapons do generally perform better than others, please remember that all Weapons have their own set of unique advantages. Don’t get too hung up on rerolling for the Weapons listed above!


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