Fantastic Cats Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Fantastic Cats is a brand-new cat collecting game from Dazzle Play. It’s their first Android game and they did a great job by providing a unique gameplay experience.

Step into the shoes of a new blogger who suddenly draws inspiration from a cute cat and starts her own feline blog. Each day, she places toys to attract cats, takes their pics and uploads them to her blog.

Help her gain more subscribers and rewards by attracting various purry animals and triggering their unique behavior. Win a kitty’s trust to talk to her and also get more coins from her.  

You will maintain your own in-game blog and manage subscribers, attract unique cats and trigger their “fantastic behavior” to get more subs and rewards. These tips, tricks and strategies will help you collect a lot of cats and run a successful kitty blog.   

Fantastic Cats

A Cat Food’s Grade Attracts More Kitties 

The food bowl shouldn’t be empty, else kitties won’t come even if you place the most attractive toys on your cafe. Tap the empty bowl and then tap cat food before placing toys.  

There are various grades of cat food ranging from “Normal” to “Chicken Churut”. A higher-grade food will attract more cats. Tap the bowl and the swipe left to choose a food type. Check out this list of food and their grades:  

Normal food: Attracts 2 cats. Cost – 60 coins.  

Luxurious food: Attracts ~4 kitties. Watch a video to get one.  

Choose cat food

Alaskan Tuna: Attracts up to 6 cats. Cost – 2 blue canned tuna. Get the blue canned Alaskan tuna from certain events. Tap the bell icon on the top-left corner of the screen to know the latest events. You will also get the blue canned food from daily login gifts.  

Chicken Churut: Attracts up to 8 cats. Cost – 25 purple coins. You might get purple coins in a white package from certain cats, especially those who display “fantastic behavior”. You will also get them from daily logins.  

What is a “Fantastic Behavior”?  

Some cats display fantastic behavior, especially when you place their favorite toy. When a cat displays such behavior, he might wear a costume linked to the toy and may totally wrap it around himself. A cat’s fantastic behavior is the cutest thing you will ever see.   

One of the cats is displaying fantastic behavior

If you place a balloon, a random cat will just wrap the balloon around him and float mid-air or do something outrageous. If you place a baseball on your cafe, a kitty will quickly turn into a baseball player and play with the ball. There are over 200 fantastic behaviors to be unlocked and each cat has its own unique behavior.  

You can check the number of unlocked behaviors in the Kittydex. Tap the paw icon and then tap the cat icon to access the kittydex. At the top of each cat portrait is the purple icon which shows the number of behaviors you have unlocked so far. At the bottom is the total behaviors unlocked so far.  

Discover Various Behaviors to get Special Rewards  

Now that you know what’s a fantastic behavior, let’s find out more about this unique feature and how it will benefit you. 

Once a kitty displays his unique behavior, there are high chances of obtaining purple coins from him. When he leaves the cafe, he gives a white package which contains purple coins.  

Whenever a cat display’s fantastic behavior, the app will automatically click a picture of him and it will be uploaded to the in-game blog at the end of the day. The pic will be uploaded to a temporary album when the cat leaves your garden.  

The more fantastic behaviors discovered in a day, the higher will be the blog subscriber count. You can see the number of behaviors discovered in a single day on your blog, which shows up every 24 hours.  

Sub count influences rewards, so make sure you discover as many behaviors as possible to get more subscribers and rewards.  

Fantastic Behavior can also be used to unlock new building expansions and themes. You will have to discover a certain number of behaviors to unlock a new expansion or theme.  

For example, when different cats display their unique behavior, you will unlock the first expansion. To get a list of expansions and themes, tap the shopping cart from the menu and then tap the house tab.  

Use Catnip to Trigger a Kitty’s Behavior  

Noticed that potted plant on the corner of your cafe? That’s catnip and it can force a cute kitty to display his unique behavior or action.  

You will receive one catnip every 8 hours from the potted plant. When it’s ready, just tap the plant to claim it. Read on or watch the video below to know how to use catnip to trigger a Fantastic Cat Behavior: 

After obtaining catnip, tap the potted plant and then tap the checkmark beside the catnip. Next, tap on a cat with a question mark above him to display his behavior.  

Using a catnip does not guarantee fantastic behavior every time. Sometimes, the cat won’t show any. There are only 30 percent chances of displaying behavior if you choose the first catnip. The second one, although difficult to get, has a 50 percent chance of displaying behavior. You can get the second catnip from daily login rewards.  

A cat’s behavior is unpredictable at times and quite random. You may never know which toy triggers behavior, although certain cats provide hints on their portraits. (You can find this in the kittydex. Tap on each cat’s portrait to get a hint.) 

Double Your Rewards 

Every time a kitty leaves, he gives coins. You can claim them instantly or watch a video to double your rewards.

We recommend doubling rewards as coins are not easy to get and the cost of each toy is very high. You may also receive purple coins when a cat leaves after displaying fantastic behavior.  

Complete the Toy Set to get Purple Coins 

Each toy has a set of fantastic behaviors, which gets triggered when certain cats start playing with it. Once the game captures a pic of a cat’s behavior, it not only gets uploaded to the blog but also to a special toy album, which is located just below the checklist.  

Tap the album and complete a set of 3 unique cat behaviors per toy to get 50 purple coins from each set.  The album is just below the daily missions checklist on the right side of the screen.

How to get More Subs and Coins 

Fantastic Cats has a unique in-game blogging feature that grants additional rewards. Each day, the game uploads all kitty activity in your blog. Activities, such as how many cats visited your cafe and shown unique behavior is uploaded to the blog.  

Fantastic Cats Blog

Make sure you attract as many cats as possible every day. Place different types of toys on your cafe. Also, place high grade cat food if you want to increase kitty visitors to your cafe.  

The more the number of cats visiting your garden, the higher are the chances of displaying fantastic behavior. This will attract more subscribers. And the more subscribers you receive every day, the more coins you will be earning from your blog.  

On your blog, you can get bonus subs if you complete a task.  Just watch an in-game video to get subs.  You may also receive a free toy as present to start off your blog after the tutorial ends.  

Like Kitty Talk to get Rewards 

If the same cats visit your cafe each day, you will gain intimacy. On the Kittydex, intimacy is shown as hearts under each cat’s portrait. You will earn 1 heart each day per visit.  

Like cat talk to get purple coins

A cat gaining your trust will start telling you stories. Tap the in-game messaging system on the menu and read his stories.  

Don’t forget to like his cute talk. Like kitty talk 10 times to get purple coins. Each day different cats will start chatting via the message system. Like their messages to get rewards.  

Complete Missions 

Every day, you will get 3 missions. Complete them to get coins. You may receive up to 300 coins or more. It depends on the mission difficulty. Access the mission section via the checklist on the top-right corner of the screen. 

If you have just started playing Fantastic Cats, then don’t forget to complete all tutorial missions. Along with receiving mission rewards, you will also get a lot of coins for completing tutorials. These tuts are connected to the three missions.  

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