Fantastic Beasts: Cases Tips, Hints and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Fantastic Beasts - Cases
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Fantastic Beasts: Cases is a hidden object mystery game based on the blockbuster movie. The game lets you play detective, solve cases, find beasts and get to know more about them. You will need to complete hidden object scenes, find clues, examine them and even interrogate people to get identifiers about rare and exotic creatures. Once you collect all identifiers in a case, you will have to guess the beast.

A case can be solved when you guess correctly. You also get to collect a beast card after solving a case. The card provides more info about the beast. So keep completing hidden, object puzzles and solve cases to collect beast cards. These tips, hints and strategies will help you earn stars faster, get more energy and make better use of coins and upgrades:

1. How to Get a High Score in Every Scene

You must reach a good score in every scene to earn stars faster. Stars are mainly used to examine clues and begin consultations with the ministry to get hints about beasts. The higher the total score, the faster you will reach a star to earn it. The star meter will fill 50 percent or less if you score less, but if you get a higher Scene Score, Time Bonus and Hints Bonus, you will be able to fill the meter faster. Here’s how you can get a high score in every scene:

Fantastic Beasts - Cases

1. Playing the same scene again and again is the best way to earn a star. Once you have solved a scene, replay it. You will find several familiar objects in the list. The good thing is that the objects aren’t moved to a different place, so you can easily locate them in case their names appear again in the search list.

2. To get a high Scene Score, try to increase the points multiplier by finding objects faster. The multiplier increases the points you get from finding an object. If you find an object and with x2 shown on the screen, you will receive double points.

When the game begins, mentally mark at least 2-3 objects before tapping them. Once you find them, tap them rapidly to increase the points multiplier. When you tap the first object, the points multiplier hits x2. When you tap the second object, it hits x3 and so on. Try and find objects quickly before the line behind the number reduces completely. Say if you are on x3 and are taking time to find an object, the line behind the number will decrease and the multiplier will now be reduced to x2. You will only earn double points for finding an object.

3. Your total score is divided into Time Bonus, Hint Bonus and Scene Score. You earn time bonus points for solving a scene quickly. The faster you find all objects, the more bonus points you will receive. Try to complete the scene in less than 60 seconds to earn more points and you can do this by replaying the same scene over and over again.

4. Use fewer hints to earn hint bonus. For example: If you have selected a character that provides 5 hints and you have used only 2 hints in the entire scene, then you will get bonus points on the unused hints, i.e. 3 hints.

2. Hints to Get Energy

Each scene in Fantastic Beasts: Cases costs 20 Energy. You will need plenty of those green orbs to play scenes. Besides waiting for minutes or hours for the energy meter to fill, there are some more ways to earn energy:

Login to Facebook to request energy from your friends. Your friends should also be playing the game if you want to send and receive energy. Tap the “Profile” icon in map and then tap “Mailbox” to login to Facebook. You will receive energy from your friends in your mailbox.

Complete mini-games to get extra energy. These mini-games help you examine objects and clues you find in a scene.

Login daily to and you may get extra Energy in certain days.

3. Save Coins for Upgrades

You earn coins after solving scenes and cases. You also receive coins as daily login rewards. You can play the same scene over and over again to get extra coins. Collect coins to spend them on upgrades.

Upgrades will make it easier for you find objects and solve scenes faster. Tap the Upgrades tab in your map to get various perks increased score multiplier, extra experience, fast find, potion recipes etc. There are plenty of upgrades, but you will have to be at a certain level before you can buy them. For example: To unlock the coin collector upgrade, you will have to be at level 4.

  1. I’m stuck on the broken metal pieces in case #14. I have gotten it down to two pieces but I can’t figure out how to get the two pieces together. Can anyone help me out please?

  2. I have 3 stars on Case 1 which I got from replaying the levels. Why aren’t they showing up on Case 2 where I tried to use them to find clues?

    1. Stars that you earn from replaying scenes in older cases cannot be used to find clues in a new case.

  3. Hi! Just wondering if you can tell me what the little numbered crowns on the scenes screen represent on each scene?

    1. The numbered crown on the upper left corner of the scene snippet in “scenes” represent your current rank on the leaderboard. The game determines your rank based on the highest score in a particular scene.

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