Family Island Farm Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Family Island Farm Adventure is a casual sim game from Melsoft. Learn how to obtain instant energy, complete quests and progress through the story with these tips, tricks and strategies.  

Family Island Farm game is easy to play once you know the steps to build a thriving town on a deserted island. Being a farm sim with exploration, survival and city-building elements, this adventure game will keep you busy for hours. Here’s a step-by-step guide to start a new family home for Bruce, Eva and their kids:  

How to Play  

Family Island Farm Game Adventure

Once you have finished the tutorial, your objective is to focus on quests. These quests are displayed on the left side of the screen.

You will earn stars when you complete a quest. Stars fill the level gauge on the top-left corner of the screen. When the gauge is full, you will level up and unlock more buildings, decorations and gifts.  

Tap a quest and then tap the small magnifying glass icon on it to know the quest’s location. It will be shown by an arrow.  

To complete a quest, you may have to finish a series of tasks. For example, to get animal hide, you will have to feed a goat. To do this, make goat feed at the mill. To prepare feed, you will need roots and grass – Gather tufts of grass from the island and grow/harvest roots in garden bed. Each quest is connected to a set of tasks.  

Gathering tasks require energy. If you want to obtain logs, stone, grass and twigs, you will have to gather them from trees, boulders and bushes growing in the wilds using energy.  

The bigger the gathering task, the more energy will be consumed. You may consume less energy when cutting a small tree, and more energy when cutting a bigger tree.  

Energy refills slowly over time. You can check the refill time beside the blue energy bar on the top-right corner of the screen.  

You may also gain bonus energy during gathering tasks. After cutting a tree to obtain logs of wood, you will gain some energy. However, the energy gained from doing such tasks will always be lower than the ones used to complete them. You might also get stars for certain gathering tasks.  

While your focus should only be on quests to progress through the story, you should also free up space and upgrade certain buildings when necessary. Cut bushes, grass and remove stones to free space for new structures. Upgrading certain buildings such as the House and Stone Storage will increase the energy cap and storage capacity respectively.  

Click on the magnifying glass to know more about a task

The magnifying glass shown on each task is of immense help to those who want to know the steps required to complete a task. If you want to make something on a production building, just tap that item and then tap the magnifying glass on the material to know how to obtain it.  

Magnifying glass is also shown on all basic materials and items under storage. Tap a basic material or item to know its location.  

Now that you know the basics of Family Island Farm Adventure game, check out these beginner-level tips and tricks to explore and progress through the story easily: 

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Feed the Family to Gain Energy 

You will require a lot of energy in Family Island Farm Game Adventure, especially when you are gathering materials. While you might gain some energy when Bruce and his family gather grass, stones or cut trees, there are other ways to get them.  

One of them is eating food at the family dinner table. You will have to cook food at the “hearth” and then place the food on the dinner table. You will gain instant energy when family members finish eating food.  

Keep completing quests and reach certain levels to unlock more food items. You will be able to cook more dishes when you reach level 7, level 11 and level 13.  

Each food item grants a certain amount of energy. For example, Fried roots grants 12 energy.  

Food grants instant energy

You will need to harvest roots and other ingredients on garden beds and then drag them to the hearth to cook them. After cooking is completed, drag the fried roots on to the table to serve to all family members. You will receive 12 energy.  

Build Decorations 

Certain decorations, such as the totem, grant a lot of energy every few hours. Build the totem and collect energy every 12 hours.  

Open Gift Boxes to Get Energy and Other Rewards 

Gift boxes are scattered all over the island. You will find them while cleaning the area. Clear the area by getting rid of grass and trees. You might get rubies and energy from a gift box. Tap on sea shells to get rubies.  

Should you Upgrade the House? 

You may upgrade the house to increase max energy level, but don’t worry if you receive more energy that exceeds max level. It will still be stored in the energy gauge and you will use them to complete tasks.