Fake Future – Walkthrough & Beginners Guide

Muhib Nadeem

With the sudden rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, and Midjourney, we’re left to count the days AI surpasses humanity. Welcome Fake Future, developed by Yunzun Technology, and set in a dystopian future where AI has already done that.

What would life be like when humans are no longer on top of the inventor chain? Fake Future sets to answer this and much more, in our complete walkthrough guide below!

Getting Started: Going Through The Tutorial

Fake Future Tutorial

Yunzun Technology

First things first, the game directly throws us in the game environment, asking us to collect Ore. According to the tooltip, our character seems to be doing this for god knows how long.

Here are all the basic controls you’re going to need for the game:

Fake Future Movement Controls
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Once you get the hang of the controls, just keep moving and collecting all the ores. Now, let’s attack the golf club human to save the one he seems to be attacking.

Fake Future Enemy
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Head into battle mode, and press attack a couple of times in order to defeat him.

Fake Future Attack Controls
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Oh, no! It seems like the girl and the guy were working together, getting backstabbed (or back-shot), the game takes you to an identity crisis. Who are you, actually?

Fixing Victor

Tutorial Climax Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

It seems Victor is not responding to takeover mode, we need to hurry, and get him out of here!

Unfortunately, that’s not possible since Victor seems to be under some sort of cyberpsychosis. With him hitting the bucket, we see a prologue telling us it was the 6th time.

Space Station Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Then, the cutscene moves to the space ship finishing the repairs for Victor.

Building Your Earth Base

Earth Base Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Now, it’s time to build your earth base, let’s grab the Sinter Plant from the build menu in the bottom left, and place it anywhere you like!

Now, we can just appoint Viktor here, and make him produce the iron ore we were chasing so dearly after.

Cyberoid Roll - Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

One Cyberoid is not enough though, let’s build another one! This is more of an interactive gacha system that helps you draw new Cyberoids with varying qualities.

Fake Future Apartments
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Now, we need to set up apartments for this new Cyberoid, so she’s able to proceed with the work! Let’s start another mission, and continue with our progress.

Prospering Your Base!

With each building you make, each step you take, and each step of progression you take, your base will rise up in prosperity. Therefore, the more buildings you have, the faster you will progress.

For now, let’s make more apartments, and continue shaping our Stardew Valley-like base. Do note that watching ads can speed up this process by a significant margin.

Fake Future Buildings

The base-building element of a game is always personalized. Therefore, it’s much more practical to help you set the general intent of each building, instead of micromanaging their placements and vice versa.

With that said, let’s start with the Research Labs, and make our way to the in-game shops. Fortunately, these labs tend to work exactly as their name suggests, so it’s better if we quantify them in categories instead:


Craft Buildings Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

The Craft labs are the ones controlling your resource generation. Being a city builder, the game relies on a plethora of resources at its core, and as you progress through the game, you will be unlocking a bunch of new resources.

In the current version of Fake Future, you can expect to work with the following craft plants:

Lab NameUnlocks At
Sinter PlantTutorial
Hamster Energy StationEarth Base LV. 2
Logging MachineEarth Base LV. 5
Fission Battery StationEarth Base LV. 13
Resin MachineEarth Base LV. 23
Gem MinerEarth Base LV. 37
Biomass MachineEarth Base LV. 47


Process Buildings Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

The Process Labs are your bread and butter for converting those non-workable ores to proper bars that can be used for building constructions, and vice versa. You can think of them as refineries that convert raw material into a resource!

Fake Future hosts a total of 9 such process labs:

Lab NameUnlocks At
Steel MillEarth Base LV. 2
Steel RefineryEarth Base LV. 8
Wood WorkshopEarth Base LV. 7
Wood RefineryEarth Base LV. 11
Resins FactoryEarth Base LV. 25
Resins RefineryEarth Base LV. 29
Jewelry FactoryEarth Base LV. 38
Bio-Recombinant FactoryEarth Base LV. 49
Organic Matter FactoryEarth Base LV. 53


Handcraft Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

These labs produce materials that offer much more of a visual boost to the game’s current gloomy environment. You can think of these as vanity items meant to help you personalize your earth base.

That said, Fake Future doesn’t have a whole lot of these, and you can choose to delay their construction if needed:

Lab NameUnlocks At
Visual Arts ShopEarth Base LV. 15
Furniture StoreEarth Base LV. 18
Arts and Crafts StoreEarth Base LV. 21
Record StoreEarth Base LV. 36
Accessory StoreEarth Base LV. 39
Clothing ShopEarth Base LV. 42


Sporty Buildings Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Labs of this grade are often use to boost prosperity, and improve the overall mood of your Cyberoids. As a caviat, it also increases your prosperity. Though, considering the overall prosperity requirements that increase with each level, it is but a small drop in the ocean.

There are around 20 such labs in Fake Future, serving same purpose in different flavors:

Lab NameProsperity GainedUnlocks At
Fast Food Shop+40Earth Base LV. 4
Laundry Room+60Earth Base LV. 5
Gym+80Earth Base LV. 8
Supermarket+100Earth Base LV. 10
Cyborg Repair+120Earth Base LV. 12
Recycle Shop+140Earth Base LV. 14
Coffee Shop+160Earth Base LV. 16
Arcade+180Earth Base LV. 18
Punch Club+200Earth Base LV. 20
Capsule Hotel+220Earth Base LV. 22
Greenhouse+240Earth Base LV. 24
Carousel+260Earth Base LV. 26
Circus+280Earth Base LV. 28
Theatre+300Earth Base LV. 30
Archives+320Earth Base LV. 32
Swimming Pool+340Earth Base LV. 34
Motel+360Earth Base LV. 36
Shooting Range+380Earth Base LV. 38
Cathedral+400Earth Base LV. 40
Memorial+420Earth Base LV. 42


Trade Buildings Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

These labs allow you to purchase trade-specific buildings for your Earth Base. The main point is to get some cashflow going, so you are able to tend for your workers’ needs better.

Having said that, your workers are simple people, they are happy with having just 4 amenities:

Lab NameUnlocks At
Vending MachineEarth Base LV. 10
Sandwich ShopEarth Base LV. 20
Burger ShopEarth Base LV. 30
Atomic MartEarth Base LV. 40


Functional Buildings Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Last, but not the least, comes the funky stuff. In a sense, these are the most progression-dependent labs in the entire game.

For example, you cannot keep workers without Apartments, and you cannot store stuff without the Warehouse. You need Transportation Hub for those inter-galactic missions, and the Hospital is necessary for you to keep your Cyberoids healthy!

In total, you can find 11 of such functional buildings:

Lab NameUnlocks At
WarehouseEarth Base LV. 2
Order CenterEarth Base LV. 3
Transportation HubEarth Base LV. 7
Collection GalleryEarth Base LV. 10
VR RoomEarth Base LV. 12
HospitalEarth Base LV. 13
Trading PostEarth Base LV. 15
Rescue CenterEarth Base LV. 17
Shard ShopEarth Base LV. 19
Parcel TerminalEarth Base LV. 27

Mission Types

Missions Fake future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

In Fake Future, there are several types of mission that can be classified into three categories:

  • Daily: As the name suggests, these missions are time-sensitive, and refresh daily. You will be tasked from the same pool of missions on a daily basis once you reach Level 7.

    These are the best kind for grinding for those resources, and can help you progress through the game much faster!
  • Achievements: These are timeless missions that are often categorized as milestones. They help you track your overall accomplishments.

    While the rewards are hefty, they’re incredibly hard to complete. Therefore, as a beginner, it’s better if you refrain yourself from focus-firing these.
  • Quests: These are best kind of in-game missions. Not only they help you progress your game, but they also allow you to gain awesome rewards as you go.

    If you ever feel lost during your progressions, the quests are your guiding lights!

Tips & Tricks To Become A Fake Future Master!

You’ve gotten the hang of the basics now, but not knowing what to invest in, can prove to be a serious detour in your quest to having the best Earth Station. What’s the solution? Simple! You need to avoid a bunch of actions, and prioritize others!

Here’s how all of this works in general:

1. Don’t Neglect Events

Fake Future Twitter Event
Photo: Twitter

It cannot be stressed enough, but events are your soft tickets to that extra edge and advantage over your peers.

These are often linked to seasonal themes, and unique challenges that you can overcome in order to gain rewards and opportunities.

You can keep track of such events and more via that game’s official Twitter page. For all we know, you could be the next person to win the elusive jackpot!

2. Make Lots Of Friends!

Friends Menu Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

Yes you heard that right, there’s a dedicated friends panel in the game. Head there, invite your peers, or make new ones, and get to know each other.

You can gain insight from your peers, learn their methods, and ask them to analyze yours in order to form that perfect strategy that could take you past Level 50 in an instant!

3. Products Are Your Biggest Trading Asset!

Lab Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

As we checked in the buildings lists before, there is a dedicated trade station and panel in the game’s controls.

It encourages you to trade out resources that you don’t need anymore, and for a very good reason. Through our testing, the trading center is one of your biggest in-game assets.

If you’re producing too much of one resource, and little to nothing of your other primary resources, then instead of taking the hit, you can use the trading center a hotfix until you’re able to balance your construction out.

You also get points for trading, so make sure to do it often, even when you don’t feel the need to!

4. Don’t Get Over-Invested In Vanity Items!

Vanity Items Fake Future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

These are vanity items for a reason. The biggest mistake a beginner can make is to over-invest in these, and then be left with nothing when it comes to buying actual functionality.

Remember, the functional buildings are on top of your priority chain. Everything comes after that, and considering the order of how things should proceed. You don’t need to build vanities until level 50.

We do understand the appeal of personalization, but it definitely shouldn’t be hurting your progression in return.

5. More Time != More Value

Home Base Fake future
Photo: Yunzun Technology

City builders like Fake Future encourage you to spend less time in-game and more time waiting for your buildings to be constructed, resources to be generated, and wealth to be accumulated.

You don’t need to stare at the screen all day hoping for your game to offer a good return on investment. Sure you can watch ads to speed up the process by a bit, but doing that daily can take a toll on you.

Instead, try to use a more light-hearted approach. Do the necessities, and leave the rest on your mood. After some time, there is really nothing else to do than to wait, so use that time to refresh yourself!


In essence, Fake Future is a classic world builder that offers unique and interactive elements for you to explore. There is gacha, there is the building mechanic, an there are your Cyberoids to take care of.

Balancing all of this can be a hassle in itself. However, with proper management, and strategy, there’s nothing stopping you to reach those end-game levels! Happy gaming!

P.S. If you enjoyed reading this beginner’s guide, also check out the one we wrote on Blackpink The Game!

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