Evony: The King’s Return – Walkthrough & Tips

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Evony: The King's Return

Evony: The King’s Return has been thriving since its release in 2016. The game is famous for its head-scratching puzzles and challenging PvP mechanics, but these aren’t its only features.

The world of Evony has a lot of moving parts, and some aren’t as simple as they seem. Here’s a complete walkthrough with tips for Evony: The King’s Return to help you better navigate this game of rulers and champions.

Evony: The King's Return - Intro
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Choosing Cultures

At the start of the game, you, as the Monarch, will have to choose a culture for your kingdom to base itself on. Culture will decide the aesthetics of your empire, but it also has different buffs.

There are seven cultures you can pick out: Europe, China, Japan, Korea, America, Russia, and Arabia. Each one has a set of three passive effects that are permanent.

Japanese Culture
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If you want to change your culture at some point, use the rare Change Culture item. If you don’t have one, you need to pay 2,000 diamonds. You can use both methods by going to the Culture Feature of the Keep, which is your main building.

Solving Puzzles

Puzzles are essentially a mini-game in Evony, but one could make a case it’s what made The King’s Return a hit. That’s why it’s a crucial part of the game. Gameplay-wise, puzzles provide you with vital resources, so you shouldn’t take them for granted.

There are two puzzle features you can play. The first one can be accessed via the Mysterious Puzzle portal at the bottom of your screen. The second one is through the man with a question mark icon near your city gates.

NPC with puzzles
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Both have similar rules for you to win: activate traps in the correct order to get to the treasure. However, you can only progress six times a day with the NPC’s puzzles. In Mysterious Puzzle, you can finish as many levels as you want. You can also skip puzzles here using Vigor keys.

Solved puzzle
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Primary Structures

Another fun feature of Evony: The King’s Return is city building. However, some structures are pre-built in your kingdom.

You can consider them your primary buildings, and they each serve a different purpose for your capital’s development. Let’s learn about them in detail.


Your Keep in Evony is like your Townhall in Clash of Clans. It’s the main building that dictates all the advancements of your monarchy. Upgrading it will let you upgrade many other buildings in your area.

It’s the only building you can decorate, and it has a Levy function that gives you extra gold every now and then.

The Keep also houses female Champions, whom you can interact with and send gifts to regularly. This will improve their loyalty to you. You will also get to unlock their skills, which greatly influence your military might.

Champion Helen
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Right next to the Keep is the Tavern, the place to go when you want to recruit a General. Generals are different from Champions because their effect on your troops is less passive. They usually fight along with your foot soldiers on the frontlines.

When you tap the Tavern’s Recruit function, you will see a set of three Generals. Tap the one you like and pay gold to add them to your roster. If you don’t like the displayed characters, you can wait for a free refresh or pay with diamonds and tap the Refresh button to instantly get a new set of heroes.

Remember that you will only get Generals that are rated Common and Uncommon if your Tavern is level ten or below. Upgrade it if you want top-notch army leaders.

Top-rated American Generals
Photo: TG Inc.


The Warehouse protects your harvested resources. If you are starting out, this will only include food and lumber. As your civilization advances, you will start to gather things like stone and ore.

You can accumulate them from the farming structure that can be erected outside your city gates.

To collect resources all at once, tap the hand armor icon above the Warehouse. Remember that Warehouses in Evony can only protect a percentage of your resources from attacks and troop upkeep.

Collect all resources in Warehouse
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Speaking of protection, your Walls are your first line of defense against incoming enemy attacks. There are several ways you can fortify it and avoid uninvited guests.

The first is to assign Defense Generals. You can have two, but don’t pick those with the same buffs; only one will take effect. You can also set up archer towers and traps. The latter will be available after you construct the Trap Factory.

Aside from defensive enhancements, there are other things you can do at the Walls. You can collect server gifts, play the Patrol lottery mini-game, and read useful information from the Notice Board.

City Walls
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Building and Upgrading

Civilization-building in Evony: The King’s Return is not like in SimCity or Fallout Shelter. You have very limited space, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. You have to plan out where you place everything.

Another thing that makes construction fun in Evony is the speed-up items. After you build or upgrade something, you can tap the Speed Up button and choose from your inventory of speed-up items.

Construction speedups
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Once you lower the time to at least five minutes, you can get it done in an instant for free.

Training Troops

Some of the buildings you will construct are for training soldiers. This includes the Barracks, Archer Camp, Stables, and Workshop. Training fighters in any of these facilities is the same process.

Tap the building and select Train. Choose the number of warriors you want and pay the required amount of resources.

Warrior training
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The more troops you train, the longer it will take. Thankfully, you can also use speed-up items here. However, there’s no instant finish when you get to five minutes.

Enhancing Generals

Strong troops need a stronger leader, so you also have to level up your Evony Generals. You can do this by tapping the three-dot icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Then, select Generals.

Tap the hero you want to upgrade, and you’ll see some enhancement options at the bottom of the screen. You can cultivate them using gold and medals. You can tap the plus symbol beside the EXP bar to use EXP-boosting items.

Enhancing General Cleopatra
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You can also equip them with gear that you can get as rewards or crafts in the Forge. On the top left side of a General panel is a button to pair them up with dragons and spiritual beasts. You can acquire some of these when you build the Pasture.

Troop Presets

On the southeast side of your city, you’ll find the Rally Spot for your army. Click on the nearby banner to view troop details and set March Presets, where you can pre-arrange your number of troopers and the General that will lead them to battle.

Try different combinations because it will affect your fighting power and troop load.

The maximum number of combatants you can march with will depend on your Rally Spot’s level.

Rally Spot
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Monarch Level

As the head of the empire, you are above everyone, and that is literal. You can’t boost a General’s EXP to a level that’s higher than the Monarch’s. This is why you have to constantly upgrade your Monarch level.

Click on your profile icon on the top left side of your main screen. Then, tap the plus symbol at the EXP bar and select as many items as needed. When you level up, you will receive talent points.

Monarch upgrades
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Use talent points in the Talent section of your Monarch panel. Then, choose a talent, but be very careful. Once you select a talent route, you can only reset by paying 2,000 diamonds.

You can also refine your Monarch by equipping relevant gear, like with Generals.

Joining Alliances

If you need help in building or acquiring materials for your army, friendly players can lend a hand when you join or create an Alliance.

This feature will let you participate in several group activities that offer exciting rewards. This includes Alliance Science, Alliance Building, Alliance, Gift, and Alliance Treasure.

Alliance features
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You will also gain access to Alliance Wars, which can be events or PvP. Both typically take place on Evony’s world map.

World Map Gameplay

We’ve discussed almost everything there is to do inside the empire. Now, let’s start exploring the world outside because that’s what your military force was made for.

Tap the globe icon on the bottom right side of the screen to see the world of Evony: The King’s Return. You can do a couple of things when you send your troops outside.

Slay NPC Units

There are bands and bosses of monsters and criminals scattered across the world map. Tap them to bookmark or attack. If you choose the latter, you’ll see the enemy’s offensive power.

Marching towards Robbers
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At the bottom of the display is your chance of winning. If the odds are in your favor, tap Attack. This will cost you stamina, a replenishing resource shown beside the Monarch EXP indicator.

Visit Good NPCs

In Evony, not all monsters are bad. Some even give out special rewards. They may be harder to find, but once you get a hold of their location, tap the Visit button.

This will also cost you stamina, but unlike fighting enemies, you won’t return home with fewer soldiers than you came with. Note that there’s a limited amount of times you can claim NPC gifts.

Visiting NPCs
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Occupy Resource Spots

There are abandoned farms and mines in the wild. You can send your troops to occupy them for a while and exploit heaps of resources.

World map resource spots
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The amount of resources your men can plunder will depend on the troop load. It’s best if you have a March Preset that has a considerable troop load.


Some spots can be occupied, but they contain no resources. These are camping locations in Evony. They can also serve as teleportation points.

Camp site
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You can send your troops to these places if you’re planning to attack a nearby enemy later. Just tap on their camp, choose Attack, and select the foes you want to pursue.

Challenge Other Players

You can do PvP with players not under Beginner Protection or Truce Agreement. Get as close to the target as possible before starting your raid to shorten the marching time.

Scout first before marching. If you believe you can take them on, you can Declare War or Attack. The former takes 30 minutes to begin, while the latter happens when your army reaches enemy lands.

Pro Tip: Upgrade your Watchtower to get detailed scouting reports.

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Conquer Subordinate Cities

When you unlock the subordinate city feature in Evony: The King’s Return, you can start conquering NPC-managed cities on the map. But make sure that you have the proper rank.

Subordinate City Bruno
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You can assign one of your Generals to be the mayor of these regions. They will regularly provide you with extra resources and forging materials.

Reviving Generals in Evony

You always have to pick your battles because it could cost you a General. When troopers die, you can easily replace them by training new ones. Reviving a General takes longer, but it’s not impossible.

If you have a deceased hero, go to the Shrine, which is a primary building that’s located between the Warehouse and Tavern. Select Save, and you’ll be presented with a button to Revive your General.

Reviving General
Photo: TG Inc.

It will take longer if your character has a high rarity, but you can use a Revival Stone to speed up the process.

Final Words

There’s a reason why Evony: The King’s Return has been relevant for so long. It has so many features that the right audience can fall in love with for a long time.

Also, its developers, TG Inc., are regularly making adjustments for the fans. They also give out promos on occasion. You can find some of their latest redeemable codes here.

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