Evo Pop Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

They are cube-shaped, a bit weird, but cute. They can grow big and multiply in seconds. They are Evos! In Evo Pop, you will take control of these creatures to defeat rivals in this new physics-based game from the creators of Cut the Rope. 

Evos are colorful cuboid critters that are able to multiply on their own, grow larger and devour smaller evos. Read on if this is your first-time playing Evo Pop or skip to our tips and strategies section to know how to win three-way battles:  

How to Play 

Once a tiny creature is being dropped on a terrain, you will have to use the first spell, aka the offspring spell, to create an instant copy of the evo. Just drag and drop the spell onto the creature to create a copy. After a few seconds, you will see the creature multiplying all by itself in a few seconds, creating several copies of its own.  

Certain creatures, such as the “Balloon “, don’t have the offspring spell, but you can use the Split spell to split the bigger balloon creature into smaller ones.  

Evos reproduce themselves over time, but if you want to create faster copies, try using the “offspring” spell at regular intervals. These creatures multiply faster when they eat grass and trees.  

The number of creatures reproduced so far is displayed by the progress bar on the top-left corner of the screen.  

Spells require energy. The first spell, offspring, which can instantly create a copy of a creature, requires 3 energy. The energy requirement differs from one spell to another. The yellow energy bar on the bottom of the screen recharges over time, but decreases each time you use a spell. Wait for a few seconds until the energy bar recharges fully before unleashing more than one spell.  

Smaller creatures devour grasses, but a bigger evo can devour a tree. Drag and drop the second spell, i.e., the Grow spell onto your creature to make it grow larger in size, so that the creature can not only eat smaller creatures, but can also gobble up an entire tree.  

A large creature can easily eat up a smaller creature. If both creatures are of the same size, then both won’t be able to devour each other.  

Besides the offspring and the grow spell, there are other spells that can be used strategically against rival evos to win a match. You can unlock these spells after upgrading a creature. To know the powers of a spell, tap on the “Select” button on the lower-right corner of the home screen and then tap on the “i” or info icon on a creature’s card.  

Now that you are familiar with the gameplay, here are a few tips, tricks and strategies to win an Evo Pop battle against other players.  

It’s a Numbers Game 

In a three-way match, there are two victory conditions:  

1. Reach 300 evos  

2. Devour all rival creatures 

You will have to fulfill any one of these conditions to win a match.  

Evo Pop
Check the progress bar on the top of the screen

The first objective is easier to finish as creatures reproduce on their own over time. You can speed up reproduction by using the “offspring” spell at regular intervals. Creatures also reproduce faster when they ear trees and plants.  

Tip: Use the multiplier or the offspring spell on creatures that are closer to plants/trees. You would want them to eat plants/trees to reproduce fast, so it’s obvious that more and more creatures should be closer to them.  

Reaching 300 evos is probably the quickest way to win a match unless the opponent has some other trick up his sleeve. He may use the grow spell to grow very big and start devouring the smaller creatures. You can also use the grow spell to counter his attack. Always be proactive and use a combination of different spells to thwart opponent’s tactics. Pay attention to the progress bar on the top-left corner of the screen to the number of creatures multiplied so far.  

Grow and Multiply! 

Another strategy is to use the Grow spell to make creatures grow bigger and then use the offspring spell to multiply faster. With a higher number of bigger creatures, you can easily dominate the terrain and also protect them from getting devoured by rivals right from the beginning.  

Select Your Evos Wisely 

There are over 10 different creatures with more coming soon. Each evo has its own strengths and spells. You will find new creatures in chests. Once unlocked, you can choose your favorite creature from the “select” button located on the lower-right corner of the home screen.  

Select the best evo only after testing each creature in a match. In the beginning, I tried both the original and the “Balloon” creature and didn’t find the latter as effective as the original as there were no multiply and grow spells. Yes, I could split the balloon creature into several smaller parts, but I lost two matches as the rival was pretty quick in multiplying and growing his creatures in a very short period of time, thanks to his “Offspring” and “Grow” spell.  

How to Unlock Creatures 

These creatures can be found in chests. You can purchase rare and deluxe chests using gems from the Shop, but you might find new creature cards in the free chest, which can be opened every 5 hours. Collect a certain number of creature cards to unlock a new evo.  

Another way to open chests is to reach the next tier using pink tickets.  

Always Upgrade Creatures 

Upgrading an evo increases its “Power”, which means that it can eat more rivals than before. When you upgrade, it reaches a new level. You will unlock a new spell when a creature reaches a certain level. You will be notified of the upgrade advantages each time you level up a creature.  

Upgrading an Evo to Unlock More Powers
Level Up a Creature

To upgrade an evo, you will need several duplicate cards of the same creature as well as coins. You can get these cards from free chests and tier chests.  

Take Advantage of the Terrain  

Since Evo Pop is a physics-based game, the terrain plays an important role. Based on your location between two hills or above the hill, you should decide which spell should you choose to make them reach rival creatures or multiply fast.  

If the creature is stuck on the slope of a hill and the enemy creatures are stuck between two hills, you can use the offspring spell to multiply creatures faster so that more and more slide down quickly towards the enemy and start eating them up. Make sure use the grow spell to make them bigger before taking advantage of the slope. 

Win Matches for Trophies and Coins 

Winning matches is the best way to earn trophies and coins. Coins are used to upgrade creatures and trophies should be collected to unlock new maps/terrain.  

Reach the Next Evo Pass Tier for Chests 

You will need a certain number of pink tickets to reach the next EVO Pass tier. Here’s how to do this:  

Keep playing matches to complete tasks. You can check a list of tasks from the mission menu in the home screen.  

Finish missions to get pink tickets
Complete missions to collect tickets

You can get 100-200 pink tickets from these tasks.  

Before completing tasks to get tickets, check how many of them will you need to reach the next tier. You will need at least 100-200 pink tickets to reach the next tier.  

The EVo Pass Tier List
Evo Pass Tier

Once you have collected enough tickets, tap on the season pass button, next to the mission button on your home screen. Tap on the tier number to claim your reward.  

Tip: You can upgrade your EVO Pass to get exclusive line of rewards, which includes bonus premium chests. These chests will contain new evos, coins or duplicate cards for upgrading your current creatures. You will also get access to exclusive missions, which grant a greater number of tickets.