Eternal Evolution – September 2023 Tier List

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

H.K HERO Entertainment has made a name for itself as an elite brand capable of developing some of the most thrilling games globally, and its recent release, Eternal Evolution, further reinforces that notion.

Since its release on the 29th, of November 2022, the stellar mobile and PC game has been highly sought after by gamers and enthusiasts due to its commendable gameplay qualities. The millions of downloads on authorized app stores in less than a year of its release is proof of its popularity.

We could go on and on about the various features and characteristics of this action-packed game. However, this article was curated to brief you on the elite list for the new month of June 2023.

Some of the characters in this list have been fixtures in previous ones, going to show their supremacy and level of power in the game. Have a swell time and we take a deep dive into the list!

The subsequent paragraphs will list some of the characters in the elite list for the month of June. The elite list is divided into 6 main tiers: S, A+, A, B+, B and C+. 

Some of the characters in S are:

  • Daniel
  • Masrani
  • Dominic
  • Leo

The A squad includes:

  • Pandemonium
  • Rez
  • Womigon and many others.

While those in the lower ranks includes:

  • Gian Yu
  • Nardillus
  • Oisa
  • Falvea
  • Karmaw
  • Langel

For specificity, I will be analyzing the best characters on the A+ list.

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Though she also provides a buff for the entire team, this character is mostly known for her healing prowess that also spreads to every member of the team. 

Eternal Evolution June Tier List - Serena
Photo: H.K HERO Entertainment

    While it would have been better if there was more to her than just providing healing to team members, you just cannot undervalue her importance to the team.

    In order to maximize her full potential, you might also need to build her up and boost her powers.


    This character used to be one of the best in damage dealing. Though he has fallen off the pecking order recently, he deserves to be ranked high on this list. He is in the ‘Energy’ class.

    Photo: H.K HERO Entertainment


      Crete is a defensive juggernaut with excellent capabilities in crowd control. His versatility makes him a very valuable asset in the game. Crete is in the class ‘Vanguard’.

      Photo: H.K HERO Entertainment


      This iconic character is an asset for any team considering her fierce damage multiplier. However, to really maximize her, you would have to build her. She is in the ‘Hunter’ class.

        Photo: H.K HERO Entertainment


        This character is in the class of ‘Tank’ and this implies that she stores lots of strength, an ability that could be very useful in long combats and in general warfare.

        Photo: H.K HERO Entertainment

        In conclusion, Eternal Evolution is a fan favorite and the reasons are not far-fetched. Its bumper graphic action and entertainment reflect a movie-like gaming experience.

        The elite list is one to be thrilled about, as exciting characters are on offer, and the opportunity to build them also abounds! So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and get kicking!

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