Erase Her: Puzzle Story Walkthrough and Guide

Anurag Ghosh

Erase Her is a unique puzzle game that lets players solve puzzles by erasing certain objects from a story scene. The game provides several scenarios, such as airplane crash, pizza delivery, Halloween prom, dating, the toad prince and many more.

In a scenario, you will have to use your finger to erase a particular object that will help you progress through the story. The outcome of the scenario depends on finding and erasing the correct object. You will have either remove it or put it on another character. This will help you solve a particular situation, allowing you to move to the next situation.

Along with scenario puzzles, there are also hidden object mini-games within a scenario. You will have to find all items hidden in a scenario to get in-game cash as rewards. With that cash, you can purchase various types of erasers and outfits. You will also get costumes and cash by completing a scenario successfully. The game’s pretty addictive with some hilarious dialogues. With the help of this Erase Her walkthrough and guide, you will be able to solve all puzzles effortlessly.  There’s also a separate hint section to find all hidden items in a story.

The Affair

Erase Her: Puzzle Story has an exciting new mini-game named The Affair. Help the maid escape when she is caught red-handed with a married man.  

The Affair

There are seven hidden objects in this mini-game. These objects will only appear on certain scenes, so play closer attention to the surroundings. We have provided hints below:

1. Help me Clean up This Place

Clean up all the stains the garbage near the table.  

Hidden Object: Handcuff in the top-right compartment.

2. I don’t want him to see me like this

Clean the stains on her apron

Hidden Object: Spatula, inside the ducted kitchen chimney in the background.

3. I wish he would look at me differently

Use the eraser on the maid to change her costume.

Hidden Object: Spiky dog collar hidden on the bottom part of the table in the middle of the maid and the man

4. Help Change the Mood

Remove the candelabrum behind them to turn off the lights

Hidden Object: Use the eraser on the man to reveal his undies.

5. Where is my bra?

It’s hidden behind the chair

6. Help me Hide

Hide her behind the curtains

7. Find a way to sneak out

Get rid of the lamp on the top of the entry door.

Hidden Object: There’s a parrot hidden on the window pane.

8. Reveal the Truth

The maid’s clothes are hidden in the bedsheet

9. Protect Yourself

Drop the chandelier above the suspecting woman

Hidden Object: Use the eraser on the woman on the left to reveal a knife.  

10. Get Away from Her

Erase the Pink Door

Hidden Object: There’s a wad of cash on the bottom of the table, next to the woman lying on the floor.

Pizza Girl

A pizza girl is trapped by a stranger. Help her escape:

Erase Her: Puzzle Story - The Pizza Girl

“Oh my boyfriend must’ve locked me inside again! So jealous.”

 – Remove the green lock

“Maybe, I can get this pizza for free”

 – Take off the clothes of the purple-haired girl

“Come to my room. I will get you cash”

 – The pizza girl can’t enter because of the dog. Erase the bonsai plant behind her to reveal dog food (bone).

“Where did I put that money…?”

 –  The money is underneath the bedsheet.

“How can I get her clothes off?”

 – Unbox the pizza. The pizza will fall on the pizza girl’s clothes.

 “Oh let me help you clean-up”

– Take off the pizza girl’s clothes

“Something is little off about this lady”

 – Use the eraser on the purple-haired girl to reveal her true identity

Find the Pizza Girl

 – She is hidden in the trunk.

“I am tied. Help Me!”

 – Erase the rock to let her float up. Also, erase the rope tied to her legs.

“Let’s fix the review”

 – Erase the description below customer review.

Hidden Items

There are seven items hidden in Pizza Girl. Here are the solutions to find them:

1. There’s a plate hidden inside the pizza box. Erase the box when the dog charges at the girl.

2. In the bedroom, there’s a safe behind the painting on the wall.

3. Rope underneath the table in the bedroom. Use the eraser on the table when you see this dialogue – “How can I get her clothes off?”

4. There’s a big rock behind the steel office drawer set. Remove the drawer set when the purple hair girl says “Oh let me help you clean-up”

5. Erase the pizza dropped on the floor to reveal the hidden ant. Do this when the pizza girl says “Something is little off about this lady”

6. The pizza girl is all tied up and is trapped in the sea. There will be a small rock beside her. Erase it to reveal a big bone.

7. Before erasing the poor review, use the eraser on the topmost part of the smartphone to reveal a microchip.

That’s it, you have found all 7 items in this story. You will have to watch a 30-second ad to unbox the gift box. You will receive 750 cash as rewards.

Crash Away

The airplane is about to crash. Help the girl safely land on a deserted island and save her from the cannibals:

“I gotta find a way to get off this plane”

 – There’s a parachute bag behind the second plane seat.

“How can I get out of here?”

 – Erase the exit door.

I am falling too fast!

 – Get rid of her shoe. It’s the shoe on her leg which the captain is holding on to.

“Little hard to walk in wet clothes”

 – Take off only her wet clothes.

“Need a way to cross these rocks!”

 – Use the dead captain’s boots. Just use the eraser on his boots and she will wear them.

“So thirsty…”

 – Make the coconuts drop on the ground.

“Don’t let him kill me”

 – Get rid of his spear.

“I don’t wanna be food!”

 – Erase the hammer. It will hit the large totem behind the cannibals, knocking them unconscious.

“I need to escape”

 – Untie her.

“Just need to get off this island”

Take her clothes off.

Hidden Items

There are 5 hidden items in Crash Away. Here are some hints to find them:

1. Erase the first seat to reveal a blue briefcase. Do this after she says “I gotta find a way to get off this plane”

2. When she wears the parachute and is about to escape, erase the first seat behind her to reveal a pink handbag.

3. When the lost girl is near the coconut tree, erase the rocky obstacles to reveal a crab.

4. When the girl is all tied up, erase the tent behind her to reveal a man.

5. In the final scene, there will be a chopper hidden behind the cloud.

You will get 750 cash as reward after finding all 5 items in this story.

More scenarios and their solutions coming soon! Make sure you bookmark our Erase Her walkthrough and guide by pressing the heart button on the lower-right corner of the screen.

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