Era Of Conquest – Kingdom: Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Welcome to the Era of Conquest – Kingdom where you get to choose from many civilizations, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Era of Conquest – Kingdom was developed by TTHmobi, and it’s available on both the Google Play and App Store.

The game is a historical city-building RPG where your goal is to upgrade and expand your kingdom and conquer your enemies.

To do this, you need to have a strong economy, troops, and powerful heroes. This article is the Era of Conquest – Kingdom Guide to becoming one of the strongest kings out there.

Choosing Civilization

Choosing a Civilization
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The first thing you need to do, and it’s one of the most important decisions you will make in Era of Conquest – Kingdom, is choose the right civilization that fits your playstyle.

Each civilization has its own bonuses, as the following table shows. Keeping in mind that there is no “strongest civilization,” you just need to pick the one that best matches you.

CivilizationHero NameCivilization Bonus
BritishBoudicaGold +10% / Stones +10%
FrenchJoan of ArcWood +20%
ChineseLi ShiminGold +20%
KoreanYi Sun-sinWood +10% / Iron +10%
JapaneseTachibana GinchiyoGold +10% / Wood +10%
ArabianBaybarsStones +20%
GermanicHellmanWood +10% / Stones +10%
RussianIvan IVStones +10% / Iron +10%

Era of Conquest – Kingdom – Basics

Marching to Battle
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To get started with the basics in Era Of Conquest, on the right there will be the hero with the troops assigned to him.

On the left hand are the main quests, which are a great way to get started with your kingdom as they will grant you a lot of rewards and loot and also show you most of the basics.

But let’s first get started with the movements. You can tap on a place so that your hero and army move to it, or you can just grab the hero’s picture and place it on the required spot.

Attacking Rebel Outpost
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Knowing that you must conquer the enemies, you will face a lot of rebels that you should take out by pressing on them and then attacking.

Keep in mind that you get all the information you need about whether their numbers are strong or weak once you click on them.

The Rebel Outpost is the first location you need to attack in order to go to a location where you can build your kingdom.

Establishing a Base
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Once you have established a base, you will get the Civic Center and Courier Station, which we will explain in the buildings section.

First, let’s explain the layout in Era Of Conquest. Below the quests, you will find the building page where you can build everything you need, starting from economic buildings, military ones, and even special buildings.

On the left corner, there is chat, where you can talk to people, and the world map.

On the top right corner, you will find all the resources you have: gold, wood, stones, iron, and premium gems.

And on the right bottom corner, you will find all the quick access buttons for your inventory, summoning skills and heroes, and the hero tab, where you can upgrade and level them up.


Summoning Heroes
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Starting with the summon tab, it’s one of the most important ones to summon skills and heroes, which is the key to going and winning battles.

To summon the soldier soul or general soul, you would need the cards that you will get from finishing quests.

The left one is soldier soul summoning, which would obtain up to a 5-star awakened hero, and the one on the right is general soul summoning, which obtains up to a 6-star awakened hero.

Troop Information

Troop Information
Photo: TTHmobi

Moving to the troops information by clicking on the hero icon on the right hand, you will find everything you need to know about the used heroes and troops assigned to them.

The line-up score shows your strength, and it increases by upgrading your heroes and troops. Below each hero you are using, you will find all the skills available where you can enhance them.

Down there, you will find the Choose Arms tab, where you can change the troops you are using and their tiers.

Right next to it is the deploy forces section, where you can assign or auto-assign reserve troops for each hero to increase your battle power.

Scout and Mist

Scouting Mists
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The brave man on the horse is there to explore the state for you in Era Of Conquest, knowing that the state is a really huge place, so you should explore it to find more resources and chests, complete missions, and expand your kingdom.

Whenever you are in town and you press somewhere, the scout will go, but keep in mind that he won’t cross rebel camps, so make sure to clear rebel camps and obstacles so that he can do his job.

The black areas on the map are the mists; some would have refugee camps or ancient places where the scouts could also explore instead of sending the army.


Photo: TTHmobi

As the scout unlocks more mists, you will find civilization treasure, which can be used to light up a part of the tapestry.

Each chapter in Era Of Conquest has its own civilization, starting off with Rome having three parts. Once you unlock all of them, you won’t only finish a quest or even the whole chapter; you will get a full picture of an impressive civilization.


The Civic Center is the main building you have, and you only get to build one of them. Based on its level, you will get to unlock, build, and upgrade all of the other buildings, so make sure to upgrade it once you are able to.

Also, the Civic Center is not like other buildings; it has requirements for each level to be upgraded.

Now let’s get to the other buildings.


Economic Buildings
Photo: TTHmobi

The economic partition focuses on your resources, and unlike many other games where you have to build a storage for each resource, in Era of Conquest you get to build only the storehouse, which is a storage for all the resources.

Then we have the farm to produce food, the quarry to produce stones, the lumberyard to produce wood, and the iron mine well… to produce iron.

You only get to build one gold mine to produce gold, unlike all the other productive buildings, where you get to build 4 of each.

Also keep in mind that each upgrade for a building would increase your prosperity and that each building is capped at level 25 based on the civic center.


Military Buildings
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Moving to the military partition, the first thing is the barracks where you can get your army, as it increases the conscription, reserve cap, conscription box hourly output, and box storage cap.

Moving to the military research institute, where your troops learn how to fight, increases their damage bonus and damage reduction for both the physical and tactical aspects.

You also need to build the alcazars, as it greatly increases your hero troop cap so that you can make sure of defeating enemies.

But most importantly is the war hall, as it increases the leadership cap and unlocks the 2nd vice commander, but most importantly, it increases the number of teams so that you can make 2 different attacks at the same time.

Military Buildings
Photo: TTHmobi

Moving to the next part of the military, we have the god of strength building, which increases the troop STR; the god of defense to increase DEF; the god of intelligence to increase INT; and the god of wind to increase the AGI.

And the last type of military building in Era Of Conquest is the training camps for each of the 4 types of troops, which greatly increase their ATK, HP, physical DMG, physical DMG reduction, and tactical DMG.

Special Buildings

Special Buildings
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From their names, they are special; you only get to build one of each for the most of them, such as the courier station, announcement board to view announcements, and Terra Square to view Terra daily.

Moving to the military academy, which increases the skill level cap for your heroes, and Ironworks, which is a great way to increase the material drop bonus.


Hero Outlay
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Moving to the main aspect of Era Of Conquest, which are your heroes, going to the hero tab, you will find all the heroes you have unlocked along with everything related to them except for leveling up.

One of the most important things to do to get stronger is to awaken the hero. You can do that by having 10 badges for the hero, and after that, you can upgrade it.

If you are searching for a level-up button in Era of Conquest – Kingdom, you won’t find it. Unlike many other games, a hero can only level up by defeating rebels.

Level Up Heroes

Sand Table Strategy
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If you are wondering how to level up in Era Of Conquest, head to the world map or the sand table strategy map, where you can find all the information you need. For example, all the number 5 zones have a maximum level of 5 rebels or resources.

The stronger you get, the more zones you can go for, such as 8 or 14, but keep in mind that it has stronger enemies. Also, note that the farther it is from your zone, the more time it would take your troops to arrive.

Awakening Hero

Awakening Hero
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Returning to the hero tab, after awakening the hero, you will get the advance option, where you can greatly increase your heroes’ stats in battle.

Remember that to get talent points to upgrade the skills, you would need to advance the hero again using more badges; the higher the stars, the higher the badges required.

Also, to comprehend a skill, you would need a point, and each upgrade for it would require another point, so make sure to upgrade a comprehended skill before going for the other one, as the upgrade button works for the last comprehended skill.

Point Allocation for Hero

Allocating Points for Heroes
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Going to the point allocation tab, where you can add points to your hero, don’t worry; you can always reset the points in case you make a mistake in Era Of Conquest.

The first one is strength, which increases the PHYS DMG; the second one is defense, which increases both the PHYS and tactical DEF.

The third one is intelligence, which increases the tactical DMG; and the last one is agility, which increases the order of the hero’s attack in battles.

Feel free to increase the aspect you feel is weaker for the hero but making it equal would greatly help you in battles.

Hero Skills

Hero skills
Photo: TTHmobi

Heading to the skills that you can summon, as we mentioned earlier, each hero has their own set of skills that can be equipped in Era Of Conquest.

Skills tiers matter, going to the SS tier, which is the strongest. Each skill can be leveled up to increase its effect, and it requires gold.

The higher the level, the more gold it requires, but you can always reset the skill to add a new, stronger one.

Tips to Get Stronger in Era of Conquest – Kingdom

Command Posts

Command Post
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The first one is to build every command post you cross. It might sound so basic, but it saves a lot of time as it allows your troops to travel across them until they reach the closest one to the target.


Advanced tab
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Go to the advance tab and do the relics, as it greatly helps you develop your kingdom as it provides you with huge amounts of gold and civilization medals, which are used to level up the civic center.

Also do the dispatches, where you deploy 2 heroes in Era Of Conquest and then dispatch them; when they return, they will bring tons of items and gear for your heroes.


Photo: TTHmobi

Join an alliance where you can, as it will help you in battles and provide you with tons of resources, but most importantly, you can make friends through it in Era Of Conquest.

China complete tapestry
Photo: TTHmobi


Era of Conquest – Kingdom is a complex game with many moving parts. It might be a bit difficult to know where to start, but by following the main quests and these tips, you will be on your way to becoming one of the strongest kings in the game.

Also, Era of Conquest – Kingdom has great graphics and sounds, so make sure to enjoy the impressive scenes and listen to different civilizations.

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