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Equipment guide afk journey

Equipment is gear in AFK Journey that is equipped by heroes of specific classes. So if there are 6 heroes in one class and you equip a piece of equipment, all 6 of them will be affected by it.

This process is unlike other games where you have to select equipment sets for every hero individually.

Below, I’ll be highlighting the equipment classes and then we’ll move on to the types of equipment while also going through the areas they affect. Last but not least, we’ll see how to forge them!

Equipment – Classes

Hero classes in AFK Journey

There are the following 6 equipment classes in AFK Journey as of now:

  • Support
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Warrior
  • Tank

Now, as I said, if you equip gear for one class, then all the heroes belonging to that class will have its effect, which is super cool and time-saving!

Equipment – Types

Equipment types in AFK Journey

Likewise, the classes and the types of equipment are six as well. They are as follows, along with the stats they increase:

  • Weapon (ATK, Crit)
  • Head (ATK, Phys DEF, Magic DEF, Crit)
  • Accessory (HP, ATK, Healing)
  • Head (HP, ATK, Phys DEF, Magic DEF, Crit Resist)
  • Body (HP, Phys DEF, Magic DEF, Healing, Crit Resist)
  • Leg (HP, Crit Resist, Haste)

How to Get Equipment

Equipment chest in afk journey

There are multiple ways to get equipment in AFK Journey. These include the following:

  • Treasure Chests (Available in World Loot)
  • Free Equipment Chests (Rewarded after reaching specific resonance levels)
  • Completing Quests (Growth Path and Growth Trials)
  • Passing AFK Stages (Some equipment pieces are offered as rewards)
  • Purchasing from Stores (Using diamonds and other specific currencies)

Completing quests also give invite letters to summon new heroes and is a great way to farm free diamonds.

How to Forge Equipment

Forge equipment in afk journey

Forging equipment basically enhances them by upgrading their level. They’ll boost the stats even more, eventually helping you win battles.

Moreover, you can even forge equipment that you don’t have. For instance, if you don’t have headgear, you can use gold and forging stones to create it in an instant.

Different forging stones upgrade or create equipment belonging to different stages, as follows:

  • Forging Stone I (Level 1–60)
  • Forging Stone II (Level 65–105)
  • Forging Stone III (Level 110–145)
  • Forging Stone IV (Level 150–185)
  • Forging Stone V (Level 190–240)

You can get forging stones by recycling extra equipment that is no longer usable.

For example, if you have two Bells of Mercy, one at level 50 and the other at level 100, the former is useless and should be recycled.

The forging stones required to upgrade the equipment to higher levels must be obtained by recycling equipment of higher levels as well.

So, if you want to forge a weapon to level 200, you must recycle a piece of equipment that is at levels 190–240 to get the level V forging stone.


It isn’t difficult to get equipment in AFK Journey, but knowing which ones to upgrade first is key. If you don’t have any Rogue heroes in your lineup, but you keep upgrading that equipment, then it is of no use.

Therefore, always make sure that the equipment you upgrade affects most of the heroes in your lineup.

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