Epic Raft Guide: How to Catch Fish

Anurag Ghosh

Fishing is an important part of survival in Epic Raft. Fish will improve your character’s hunger stats and also improve his health. Raw fish can be harmful as it may contain parasites, which might decrease health and hunger levels.

Catching fish in Epic Raft

Begin fishing before exploring islands, so that you at least have some food while exploring. While you might obtain some food in the form of fruits, colas and snack bars from trees and defeated enemies in any island, you should take some delicious fish with you so that you can snack on when your character’s hunger levels are low and resources are scarce in an island.

You can watch the above video walkthrough or read on:

Here’s how to catch fish in Epic Raft:

– Tap on “Produce” and go to the “Tools” section. Tools have a hammer icon on the left side of the screen.

– The first tool will be the fishing rod. You will have to craft it using 2 logs, 1 rope and 1 scrap. You can craft the rope at the workbench using 2 palm leaves. Build the workbench if you haven’t built one.

Fishing rod

– Once you have crafted the fishing rod, move your character to the edge of the raft. The fishing rod icon will glow. You can find this icon on the lower-right corner of the screen, below the hook icon. Tap on the rod to start fishing.

– Do nothing and wait for a few seconds. You will see a fish icon above your character. Quickly tap on the fish icon to catch it.

– If you don’t tap on the fish icon on time, your character will miss it and you will have to wait to catch again.

Note: You will get several retries to catch fish, but the quality of the rod will deteriorate. Tap on the inventory to check the life of the rod. The green bar beside the fishing rod’s portrait shows its condition. Once the green bar hits the lowest level, the rod will be destroyed and you will have to craft another one.

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– You can’t eat raw fish. You will have to cook one or at least dry it to avoid bacteria from entering your intestines, which might lead to food poisoning. After catching fish, craft the “Fish Dryer”. You will find this workstation under “Produce”.

Fish dryer

– To craft a dryer you will need – 6 logs, 2 ropes and 1 scrap.

– Once you build the dryer on your raft, go near it, press the hand icon to use it and choose the fish that you want to dry. It will take a few minutes to dry the fish before you can snack on it. You can then take the dried fish with you when you are exploring an island.

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