Elune Game Guide: 6 Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Elune is a strategy role-playing game with a turn-based combat system. Multiple dimensions are under threat and it’s up to brave Elunes to stop the evil Lucifer’s nefarious plans and restore peace and order. Elune is a hero collecting game.

You will be meeting and summoning heroes or elunes from various dimensions. You can summon more than 200 elunes, recruit them to your team, unleash their skills and enhance their weapons to deal maximum damage to enemies.  

Elune lets you build your own team, choose offensive/defensive formations, equip gear to heroes and upgrade them to make elunes more powerful.

The game has an Adventure mode and a Challenge mode. The Challenge mode is further divided into several challenges such as Chaos Tower, Boss Battle etc.

With these tips, tricks and strategies, you will be able to choose the best formations, manage souls to unleash special skills at the right time, know how to summon elunes and make your heroes more powerful. 

But before getting started, you may want to check out this gameplay video to know how to play Elune:

1. What are Souls and How to Manage Them 

Special skills can be pretty useful, especially when you deal greater damage to a tougher enemy or heal one of your team members, create a shield or barrier to receive reduced damage from enemies or cast buffs to your party members or debuffs to your enemies. For using special skills, you will need “Souls” 

At the start of play, each Elune has a basic skill and two special skills. During battle, you can view a character’s skills on the lower-right corner of your device’s screen. Tap on each skill to know more about it. You won’t need souls for each hero’s first skill (basic attack skill). However, you will need a certain amount of souls to use the next “special skills”.  

You can also view each Elune’s skill by tapping his/her portraits on the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tapping on their special skills.  

The numbers on the bottom of the screen shows how many souls you currently have and the max amount of souls. The maximum number of souls you can hold is 16. The soul gauge just beside those numbers shows how many more turns until the next set of souls.

You will obtain 8 souls on your sixth turn. The soul gauge lights up by one unit every time a character uses a skill. But do remember that you will get 8 souls only when the gauge lights up fully. Until then you can use the basic skills of each Elune or use one of their special skills sparingly since you will be having a few souls when the battle begins.  


Once you obtain 8 souls, you can start using special skills more freely. You will now have more souls (previous souls + 8 in case you haven’t used those souls in the beginning of battle.).

Before using a skill, tap and hold a special skill to know more about its powers. You just don’t want to use a skill randomly.

Also, check the number of souls needed to use that skill. If any special skill is useful at that point of time, maybe to heal a party member or deal max damage to a stubborn foe, use it.

Once you acquire 8 souls, it will take six more turns to obtain 12 more souls and then six more to generate 16 souls. When you acquire 8 souls, you should definitely use some special skills, which you think are beneficial in that situation, to free up space for more souls. 

2. Should You Activate Auto-Play?

This actually depends on your play style. If you would like to be in full control of your party and don’t want the game to decide which skills should be used by heroes, then you shouldn’t go for auto-play.

One big disadvantage of auto-play is that you won’t have any control over special skills, won’t be able to manage souls properly and use skills at the right time.

I wouldn’t recommend auto-play when you play a mission for the first time. Try to know your enemies, your heroes’ skills and use them when the time is right to win a mission. If you still want to test auto-play, then just tap that button on the top-right corner of the battle screen during combat. 

3. Level-up Your Heroes to Increase Their Stats

Like most SRPGs, Elune lets you instantly level-up your heroes by sacrificing “material” heroes. Heroes usually earn EXP from Adventure missions, but if you want to earn EXP quickly, you can sacrifice unwanted elunes: 1-star or 2-star heroes which you don’t need. Leveling up a hero improves stats such as HP, ATK, P.DEF, M. Def etc.  

Level; up Heroes

To upgrade a hero, tap “Elune” on the lower-left corner of your home screen and then tap on a hero’s portrait. Next, tap on his/her “Upgrade” tab.

On the right side under “Upgrade” are empty slots. Tap on an empty slot and then tap on each unwanted hero’s portrait to add them to the material slots.

You will also need gold to complete material selection. Tap “Select” and the tap “Upgrade” You can see your hero stats on the left side show values change before upgrading him. 

4. Equip Gear to Increase Stats and Enhance to Improve Them  

Gear (weapons, shoes, hats, ring, necklace etc.) should be equipped to heroes to increase their stats. You can obtain gear from adventure levels and boss battles.

You will also get gear when you complete certain tasks given by Coco. Tap Coco’s icon on the upper-right corner of your home screen to see a timeline of tasks and complete them one by one to obtain rewards, which include weapons and other gear items.  

Equip Gear to Elunes

The number on a gear’s portrait pic is the GS or Gear score. Higher the score the better the gear will be. To equip gear to your hero, tap “Elune” and then tap on a hero’s portrait.

Tap on the “Gear” tab. You can tap on Auto and the AI will choose the best Gear for your hero or just tap on a gear’s portrait and then tap on equip.

A gear portrait with a green arrow is more powerful than the rest, so don’t forget to equip them. A portrait with a “e” mark on the top-left corner suggests that it’s already being equipped by a hero.  

Enhancing gear increases their stats. So, if you enhance the “Disciple Elune’s Sword” you will improve its ATK stat value. You will need Enhance Stones to enhance gear.

Tap on “Bag” on your home screen under gear, tap an item and then tap on the “Enhance” button. You will also need gold to enhance an item.

While enhancing an item, pay attention to its success rate. You may fail to enhance an item at times, especially when the success rate is 65 percent. However, you can increase the success rate to 100 percent if you are using more enhance stones. If you invest 9 enhance stones to enhance a piece of gear, you will succeed in enhancing that piece of gear. 

5. How to Form a Team and Enhance Formation

Elune is a team-based strategy role-playing game and so team formation plays a crucial role during combat. A tactical formation with the best heroes deployed on the battlefield can make it difficult for foes to penetrate through your defenses while your heroes attack enemies.  

On your home screen, tap on “Team”. On the team screen, you can see available Elunes on the right side. On the left is your team formation which is divided into two parts – “Front” and “Back”. 

To form a team, you will first have to select up to 5 heroes and then choose a formation from the list of presets. The list of presets is available when you tap on a formation’s icon on the left side of the screen just below your team’s formation.  

Team Formation Screen

You can manually select heroes from the list of “available elunes” or tap the “Auto” button on the bottom of the screen to let the game select the best heroes for your team. Once you do that, it’s time to select a formation from a list of presets. Tap the formation icon on the left side of the screen.  

There are four types of formation and choosing a formation bestows certain stats benefits to your heroes

1. Attack: Two heroesonfront, three back. For front heroes – Max HP (Hit-Points) increases by a certain percentage. For heroes behind them, ATK (power of an Elune’s attack) increases by a certain percentage. The percentage value changes based on the level of the formation. To level-up a formation, you will have to “enhance” it using gold.  

2. Defense: In this formation, three heroes will be in front and two behind them. For front heroes, the damage received by them will be reduced to a certain percentage. For heroes behind them, ATK increases.  

3. Charge: Only one hero in front and 4 heroes behind him/her. In this formation, the healing received by the front hero increases. For the back heroes, the ACC rate increases. ACC is the chance of landing an attack keeping in mind the enemy’s EVA or Evade. Make sure you select a healer is you are choosing this formation.  

4. Iron Wall: Iron Wall is exactly the opposite of “Charge”. There will be 4 best heroes in the front and one on the back. For the front heroes, EVA (Evade – chance of evading an enemy’s attack) will increase and for the one behind them, there’s a chance to get an extra soul while attacking.  

You can upgrade these formations, but their level is tied to your account level or player level. If your account level is 4, then you can level up all formations up to level 4. You will have to use gold to enhance a formation. You can “Enhance” a formation before tapping on the “Use” button. 

6. What are the Ways to Summon Elunes 

No matter what formation you choose, fighting enemies and bosses won’t be easy unless you have the best Elunes. Fortunately, you can obtain the most formidable heroes before jumping into battle. Just tap the “Summon” icon on the bottom of your home screen and you will find several ways to summon heroes in Elune: 

1. Event Summon – An event related to summoning heroes. Event summons expire after a certain date so check the dates and deadlines. Try to finishan eventsummon before it expires. The current event lets you summon heroes using rubies.

Each time you summon a hero using rubies, you earn points. Reach the points target to get legendary and epic soul stones for summoning heroes of the same grade. Make sure you tap on each tiny “?” and “Rate” boxes to know the grade of heroes you will obtain. 

2. Premium Elune Summon – You will need a premium summon ticket to get a guaranteed epic-legendary hero. You can get these tickets on completing certain Coco tasks.

In the same section, there’s also a “Free” option to obtain a hero. Tap the “Free” button and you might get a rare/legendary hero. The free purchase is available in every 24 hours.  

3. Premium Ruby Summon – Use rubies to summon heroes. There’s a one summon limit per day. You can get rubies from coco missions, as “initial clear reward” for completing all adventure levels in a map, daily and recurring mission rewards, from a special seven-day log-in reward event, daily login rewards etc.  

4. Select Summon –  Under this section, make sure you try the Free Select option. Under free select, you can summon 10 rare or legendary heroes. After summoning 10 heroes, you will have the opportunity to re-roll or start the entire summon process again.

You will have 30 reroll chances. You will also have the opportunity to select an Elune which you wish to exchange. If you do not want a particular hero, you just have to tap his portrait from the list of summoned heroes.  

Free Select Summon

You can select up to 3 heroes which you want to exchange, although there’s no guarantee that the exchanged hero would be different or higher in grade.

The 3 exchange chances reset upon every reroll, so you will get three chances each time you reroll your summon process. To obtain all 10 heroes using Free Summon option, you will need a select summon ticket to finalize your heroes selection and only then you will obtain all 10 heroes.