Elona Mobile: How to Find and Redeem Gift Codes

Anurag Ghosh
Enter gift codes in Elona Mobile
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Elona Mobile is a stunning open-world JRPG. It’s different from other role-playing games. Fans of exploration-based role-playing games will love everything about it. While quests are the best way to obtain rewards, there are also other ways to get them for free. You might find a gift code or two and enter them in the green locker to obtain lots of gold coins, potions, some platinum coins, tokens, scrolls, transformation inks, and food to boost stats.

Where are the Gift Codes?

The game’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ElonaMobile/ is the best place to find gift codes in Elona Mobile. Like and follow the FB page to get weekly codes. However, the game hasn’t posted new codes in the past few days. It has finally come out of beta and those who have pre-registered for the app will finally get to play this game on their Android device. You might find new codes in the coming days so check back often.

How to Enter Them

To enter gift codes follow these steps or watch our tutorial video:

Elona Mobile provides a unique way to enter gift codes. Instead of hitting “settings” in the menu, you will have to move to a building where you can enter codes. Here’s a step-by-step guide. You can also watch the tutorial video in this article to know how to enter them:

You will have to move outside your house or any other town you are currently posted in to explore the map.

There’s a building named “Cyber Dome”. It’s close to your house. Once you are outside your shack/cave, move straight and then move left. Enter the building.

Enter the Cyber Dome

Now move straight up until you see a green “Noble Delivery Box” on the right. Move closer to the delivery box and press the double arrow on the left.

Move next to the delivery box

Under “please enter your collecting code” enter the gift code that you found on the game’s official Facebook profile page.

Enter the code

You will receive your rewards if the code is still valid. Always check the validity of the code on the game’s FB page.

If you have just started playing, then you should read our beginner’s guide to classes in Elona Mobile.

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