Elona Mobile: Beginner’s Guide to Classes

Anurag Ghosh
The Warrior Class in Elona Mobile

Elona Mobile is an excellent top down open-world role-playing game from LTGames Global. Created by the Japanese game developer NOA, this roguelike RPG was first released on Windows PC in 2007. The Android version has excellent on-screen controls and the graphics look great on your smartphone. If you love exploration-based RPG and are bored with those games that boast “auto combat”, then you shouldn’t stop playing this game.  

There are 10 starting classes and 11 races. You will have to choose a race and a class to begin your adventure. There will be a change in skills and attributes of a particular class when combined with race. Selecting a class will also let you know the weapon and armor equipped your character. Without further ado, here’s a guide to all ten classes in Elona Mobile:

Warrior (Assault)

The Warrior Class in Elona Mobile

If you are looking for strong character who can inflict greater damage to enemies, then you should choose this class. Armed with a shield and sword, a warrior can wield all types of melee weapons and has a strong defense against enemy attacks. However, warriors are poor at magic. If you looking for a class that provides the battle strength and magic at the same time, choose the Warmage class.  

Thief (Fatal Strike)

The thief can be equipped with dual weapons, thanks to its excellent dexterity stats and the dual wield skill that allows him to attack using two weapons. A thief is quite swift-footed and speedy during combat, but isn’t as strong as the warrior. True to its name, a thief has excellent pickpocketing skill. He is also adept in “darkness magic” and can negotiate to get better equipment.  

Hunter (Hawk Eye)

If you prefer a character that attacks from a distance, then the Hunter class should be your ideal choice. However, Hunters also have certain melee combat abilities, so you might have fun attacking enemies from a distance as well as close combat. But in most cases, you will be using a Hunter’s abilities to attack enemies from afar.  

Wizard (Sense of Magic)

Don’t expect a wizard to be as strong and robust in defense and melee combat as the warrior, but since they are “masters of magic”, their superb magical skills compensate for the lack of physical strength. If you love casting powerful spells on enemies, and inflict AoE (Area of Effect) damage, then you should select the Wizard Class.

Warmage (Accurate Casting)

A Warmage is a hybrid class. Those who are looking for a strong melee fighter who can also cast spells should go for this class.

Claymore (Breakthrough)

Known as “silver-eyed slayers”, Claymore are extremely good at dodging attacks. They can evade attacks better than most classes in Elona Mobile, attack and slay enemies at breakneck speed.

Priest (Tenderness)

Great for those who want a class that’s good at melee combat as well as magic/healing abilities.  Much like Warmage, but a priest’s survival attribute is better.  


Not a great class to start with, especially when you have just started playing. There’s a “difficult” label around this class, so if you choose it along with any race, the game displays a warning message on the screen “is an extremely weak character” “it would be very difficult for you to play with this character”.  Tourist is the only class that’s the weakest of all starter classes in this game.

Pianist (Creativity)

Pianists can carry loads of equipment as they are real good with heavy weight lifting. However, they are not that strong when it comes to battling enemies during combat. A Pianist has a high charisma attributes, making it easy for you to equip powerful pets to your character.  Charisma’s performer skills allows you to gain more rewards than other classes. For better rewards, you will need higher performer skill.

Farmer (Grass Cutter)

A famer isn’t a martial class, so don’t expect your character to be good in combat early in the game. However, with this class, it’s easy to grind platinum, which is Elona Mobile’s in-game currency, by performing quests in the farming town named “Yowyn”.

You will need platinum to purchase combat-related skills and since it’s a bit easy to earn them through harvesting/cooking quests, you will gain a lot of platinum in no time, which will ultimately help you purchase the much-needed combat skills.

    1. You can create a new character from the settings menu. Tap on the smartphone icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Find the settings menu (gear icon) on the in-game smartphone. Under “system settings” go to “character management”. Tap on the empty slot “+” to create a new character. You can then start right from the beginning with the new character. You can also switch between two characters from the management screen.

      In the beginning, you can create up to three characters. Once you reach level 20, you will unlock the fourth character slot. You will also unlock the fifth character slot once any of your existing characters reach level 40.

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