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Are you a big fan of idle clicker games? Are you a big fan of easy-to-play mobile games with infinite gameplay levels? Then Egg Inc is one game you are surely going to have a swell time playing.

This refreshing idle clicker game by Auxbrian Inc took the gaming scene by storm when it made its debut in 2016. Over the last six years, it has risen in popularity, becoming one of the most talked about idle clicker games around. It comes as no surprise this game has recorded millions of downloads on Play Store, with numerous positive reviews.

Egg Inc

This game basically revolves around your ability to transform your chicken farm into a booming empire. With this game comes the need to keep the production of eggs constant while aiming to upgrade to new facilities to keep your poultry business ahead.

Best Features of Egg Inc

Before we go fully into how to play this game, let’s take a look at some of the best attributes of this game.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Simple Gameplay Mechanics

Typically with idle clicker games, ease of play is a given. However, with this game, it goes a notch better in terms of the simplicity of the gameplay. The game comes correct with simple, colorful graphics with aptly placed icons that makes navigation easy. The main icon which is the chicken icon is clearly placed at the bottom of the home screen, and all you have to do is keep tapping to produce chickens until your hen houses are filled up.

Endless Missions

A major challenge about most idle clicker games is the fact that there aren’t enough milestones to keep the players engaged and at some point, it becomes boring. However, this is rarely the case with Egg Inc as there is an endless array of missions to scale, giving you a lot to look forward to in this game.

Commendable Prestige System

Asides from the endless array of missions that this game assures you, it takes it a notch higher by adding newer challenges to the game by virtue of the Prestige System.

Impressive Animation and Graphics

You have got to give it to the developers of this game for the commendable attention to detail applied in building this game. This game models impressive 3D graphics and animation that will keep you glued as you click away.

No Advertisement

If you are an active player of idle clicker games, you would know those ad pop-ups are one of the annoying things you have to deal with when you play these types of games. However, this game makes a difference as it ensures your gameplay experience is not interrupted by ad pop-ups.

Understanding the Mechanics of the Egg Inc Game

Building your poultry farm to overwhelming success requires you to be privy to some information and in this section, we will be taking you through everything from the basics to advanced. 

The Basics

Firstly, the way this game works is very simple. When you tap on the chicken icon, chickens move from the hatchery where the eggs have been hatched to the four hen houses. The more you tap, the more chickens are released into the respective hen houses. 

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Hence you want to make sure the chicken icon is large enough to accommodate all your fingers as you click away.

The more chickens produced, the more money you make. The chickens will be conveyed by the trucks you see while playing and will eventually be sold.

 At the beginning stage of this game, the hen houses are basically small shacks that have little capacity for the number of chickens they can contain. So, as you stack up funds while playing the game, you are expected to upgrade the houses to accommodate more chickens. 

Now, it is very important to note that the hatchery has limits to how many chickens it can produce. At some point, it will run out and you have to give it some time to resume production. 

Building Bigger Hen Houses

As we have already hinted, the start of the game will reveal smaller shacks that can only occupy a smaller amount of chickens. 

As you progress through this game, it is very important to spend some of your funds on buying bigger hen houses that can accommodate more chickens.

The more chickens you are able to have, the better your earning potential. So upgrading the hen houses is non-negotiable if you are looking to be super successful in this game.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Don’t Ignore Research

Research is a core aspect of this game that greatly determines how far you go. As such, you want to make sure you dedicate your full attention to it.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

As you can see from the image above, the icon highlighted in red is the research icon.

Once you click on it, you will be taken to a fresh page containing the list of things you can procure. These things cost money, so it is important to prioritize what you are investing your money in.

On the research screen, you will find that there are multiple Tiers, these could be seen as milestones that you have to keep unlocking. For each tier, there are elements you should prioritize investing in.

At Tier 1, you want to focus on investing in Nutritional Supplements and Comfortable Nests. This is because they are essential in ensuring you produce more and also earn more money per egg.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

On the other hand, at Tier 2, Bigger Eggs and Padded Packaging are what you should consider a priority to invest in. These two will help you scale your income. The more income you rack up, the easier it is to purchase upgrades that will be essential as you continue playing this game.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Another research element you should also look into purchasing especially if you don’t intend to spend hours playing this game is the Internal Hatcheries. This will basically increase the number of hens that are added in the hen houses per minute, thus increasing your income. 

As you progress, you will unlock more Tiers and will be required to purchase more elements.

If you take note of the screenshots above, you will see that research is split into two: Common and Epic. So far, we have looked at the Common research elements that require cash to purchase.

When you click on the Epic icon on the Research page, you will find upgrades that are very key to boosting how far you go in the game. 

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

However, unlike the Common research upgrades that can be purchased using your funds, Epic research can only be purchased using your golden eggs. 

To know how many golden eggs you have, simply look at the icon highlighted in the screenshot below:

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Golden eggs don’t come easy in this game, so knowing how to invest your eggs in this game is very essential. The following are some of the Epic upgrades we recommend you invest in:

  • Hold to Hatch
  • Solo Quality
  • Lab Upgrade
  • Prestigious Bonus
  • Soul Food

Follow Up on Missions

As we emphasized when discussing the best features of this game, we noted that this game promises you an endless array of missions. The more you play, the more you find missions that you can see as challenges to execute. Once you execute the missions, you will be rewarded in cash or golden eggs. 

To check the missions available at any stage in the game, simply click the checklist icon as seen highlighted below:

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Once you click on the icon, the missions or challenges available at that moment will pop up as demonstrated below:

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Stay Consistent with Egg Upgrades

If you want to make sure you earn more while playing this game, it is important to upgrade your eggs as often as possible.

From the get-go, the only egg type that will be available to you is the Edible Egg, which gives you $0.25 in value each. 

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

You stand a potential of upgrading to the most valuable egg type which values at a whopping $50,000 each.

With eggs valued that high, you can see how your potential of earning more from this game can be determined by the upgrades you make

It is important to note that to be able to upgrade your eggs, your farm should be worth a certain value. The farm value requirement is different depending on the egg type.

Here is a list of the types of eggs available in this game:

  • Edible (The egg at the beginner stage)
  • Superfood
  • Medical 
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Super Material
  • Fusion
  • Quantum
  • Immortality
  • Tachyon

To upgrade an egg, simply click on the egg icon at the top of the screen.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Once you click on that icon, you will be directed to a new page where you can swipe to and select the egg you want to upgrade to.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Don’t Skip Drones Flying 

At different intervals, while playing the game, you will find drones flying. These drones shouldn’t be allowed to fly past as tapping on them will ensure you receive some rewards.

The highlighted figure in the image below shows you what the drone looks like when playing.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

It is important to note that the value you earn as rewards from tapping on the drone is not fixed. The higher you go in the game, the higher the rewards you earn from tapping the drones.

Collect Boxes as they Pop Up

As you play the game, it is highly expected that you will find boxes popping up at the top right of the screen.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

 Each of the boxes that pop up comes with their individual rewards and all you have to do to claim them is to click on the box and click on the collect icon in the next page.

Just like it is the case with most of the elements that come with rewards in this game, there is no fixed amount that can be earned from tapping any box that pops up. The amount varies, but one thing is sure, the rewards get better as you upgrade in the game.

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

So, if you are looking to make it fast in the game, then you want to make sure you don’t ignore the gift boxes that pop up. The more you get from these boxes, the closer you are to be able to afford the necessary upgrades required in this game.

Understanding the Best Time to Prestige 

This is discussed later in this article because it isn’t something you are to be concerned with as a beginner. 

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

This option will basically reset your farm but will increase your earning potential. Although it will reset your farm, some of your collections like the golden egg will be retained.

It is highly important to wait for the best time to use the Prestige option so as to maximize its gains to the maximum.

From experience, we recommend you wait until you have garnered up to 50 Soul eggs. This is important because each of the Soul eggs gives you a 10% bonus in earnings. So, using the Prestige option when you have attained up to 50 Soul eggs will assure you a better boost in your earnings.

Invest in the Piggy Bank

The more you play this game, you will discover there are certain elements that you will have to buy with real money. In this case, you will have to pay with your debit card or other convenient payment methods.

Among the numerous elements, one we highly recommend investing real money in is the Piggy Bank. This is very essential as it helps you bulk up golden eggs as you play the game. 

If you have been following this guide so far, you will note how important golden eggs can be especially when purchasing Epic research items. 

So, an option that boosts how much golden egg you accumulate is definitely a good investment.

To invest in the Piggy Bank, click on the shop icon as highlighted below:

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Then click on the Piggy Bank option on the next page:

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Click on the Crack open option as demonstrated below 

Photo: Auxbrian Inc

Then, you will be directed to a new page outside the game where you can process payment.

So far, we have discussed everything essential you need to know to get a good run in this game. Ready to start a new adventure? Follow the tips discussed in this guide and become a successful poultry farmer!

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