Dynasty Warriors M: Weapons Tier List

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Dynasty Warriors M - Weapon Tier List

Dynasty Warriors M is a new mobile game filled with action and excitement. If you like fighting games then this game is for you.

Players will face their enemies in strategic battles. Each Officer in the game has special abilities which can be used to defeat enemies.

Players will feel like they are living the story of three kingdoms with the amazing cinematic experience the game has to offer.

This article will mainly focus on weapons players can use in battle and how the weapons rank compared to each other based on different elements.

Dynasty Warriors M - Introduction to weapon tier list
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What are Weapons used for in Dynasty Warriors M?

Weapons are one of the most important aspects of Dynasty Warriors M. Players will need to use weapons to win every battle effectively.

Weapons can be unlocked in the game and can also be bought from the score by using real money.

Each Officer in the game can have up to four weapons equipped. At the start of the game, new players will only have two weapons.

Players can simply click on the Officer they would like to equip the weapons to and then select their weapon of choice.

Players can also use the Quick Equip feature to speed up the process of loading Officers with different weapons.

SSR Officer - Weapons Equipment
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Dynasty Warriors M features a variety of amazing weapons to use in the game to be victorious in battles and destroy all enemies.

Once players have used certain weapons in the game, they can later upgrade their favorite weapons as well.

Looking at Zhao Yun for example, his starting weapon is a bronze sword as well as soft armor.

Weapons - Quick Equip and Normal Equip
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All the weapons players have at the start of Dynasty Warriors M will be level one and can be upgraded using copper.

Players can get more copper by progressing in the game or by buying copper with real money from the store.

Getting new weapons in the game will help players develop new ways of fighting enemies in battle.

It is recommended for players to equip a fighting weapon as well as armor for defensive purposes.

Once players have unlocked a lot of weapons they will also be able to sell the weapons that they are not using to receive more in-game currency.

Officers - Equipment stats
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Dynasty Warriors M – Weapons Tier List


The sword is one of the most damaging weapons players can equip for their officers to use in battle.

The sword will run through enemies like butter and can be used as the main attack of your Officer.

At the start of Dynasty Warriors M, players will receive a level one bronze sword that can later be upgraded once players have collected enough copper.

There are different types of swords available in the game. There are bronze swords, silver swords, and gold swords.

Inventory - Equipment and tactics
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The sword can be equipped for any Officer. Players will be able to choose their favorite Officer to equip the Sword.

Players can view all of the details about the sword in the inventory section. Players will also see other available equipment and tactics.

The sword is one of the top weapons to use as it kills multiple enemies at the same time and would be recommended for use in all battles.

Weapons - Bronze Sword
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Soft Armor

Soft Armor will help players with the defensive side of battles in Dynasty Warriors M. Equipping Soft Armor will ensure your Officer takes less damage than normal.

The Soft Armor will also start at level one and can later be upgraded which will increase the stats.

With the increased stats, it will be hard for any enemy to apply damage to your Officer’s HP.

Soft Armor is recommended at the start of the game when players have not unlocked a lot of equipment.

It will not be recommended to use later in the game as stronger armor options will become available for the player.

Weapons - Soft Armor
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Wooden Bow

The Wooden Bow is another exciting weapon players can use in battles to destroy their enemies.

The Wooden Bow brings a unique element to battle and is more of a long-range weapon compared to the sword which is close-range.

This is a top-tier weapon and the damage stats will be improved once players upgrade the Wooden Bow.

Players can test out the Wooden Bow by equipping it to their favorite Officer and using it in battle.

This is a good weapon to use for beginners but the sword is more effective in battle and will kill enemies at a quicker rate.

Weapons - Wooden Bow
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Kung Fu Vest

The Kung Fu Vest is another exciting piece of equipment that will help players in battle and improve their HP in Dynasty Warriors M.

The Kung Fu Vest is stronger than normal soft armor and would be recommended to use above it.

Players will be able to take less damage with the Kung Fu Vest Equipped and will survive each battle for longer.

Players can decide if they would like to equip multiple weapons at a time or just try them out one by one.

Weapons - Kung Fu Vest
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Players will need the weapon information to be able to use the best combination in battles in Dynasty Warriors M.

The tier list will help players decide which weapons fit well with every Officer in the game.

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