Dynasty Warriors M: Officers Tactics Explained

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Dynasty Warriors M - Officers Tactics Explained

Dynasty Warriors M is a brand new mobile game that holds exciting action and battles for all players.

Players will be able to experience the legendary Dynasty Warriors story and collect and develop the best officers in the game.

The game’s main focus is to fight in strategic battles using special tactics from different types of officers.

Players will be able to travel a massive map in the game that is composed of 13 regions and 520 stages.

This article will focus on Officer Tactics and all of the necessary information regarding different officers.

Dynasty Warriors M - Battles and Officers fighting
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What do Officers do in Dynasty Warriors M?

New players in Dynasty Warriors may be wondering what exactly officers are and what their role is in the game.

Officers are the characters that the player will be using to fight their enemies in battle.

There are many different types of Officers in Dynasty Warriors M and can be unlocked and upgraded.

When first starting the game, players will already receive a few officers to complete the first battle.

Each Officer has stats, equipment, tactics, and officer souls that can continuously be upgraded.

Dynasty Warriors M also features different rarity Officers with the rarest being the strongest. There are R, SR, and SSR Officers in the game.

Officer List - All rarities and selections
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Each officer has certain stats that can be upgraded in Dynasty Warriors. The better the stats are the quicker battles will be won.

The main stats that characters have are the following:

  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Guard
  • Crit Rate
  • Crit DMG
  • Crit Resist

When upgrading an Officer these stats will increase and get better. Upgrades are made with copper the in-game currency.

What are Officer Tactics?

Officer Tactics are one of the most important aspects of an Officer in Dynasty Warriors. These tactics will help the player to win more battles and complete challenges.

Each Officer in the game has three main tactics that are used at the same time. At the start of the game, players can only use two and can later unlock the third tactic.

For example, Officer Zhao Yun has two tactics currently available. These tactics are the Lone Rider and Stamina.

Officer Tactics - Lone Rider and Stamina
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The Lone Rider Tactic will deal extra damage equal to 30.3% ATK after every five hits while Wind Enchant is active.

The Stamina Tactic will increase Max HP by 2.6% which will be very helpful in battle.

Dynasty Warriors M also has recommended tactics options which will show the player other tactics that can also be used for their Officer.

For Officer Zhao Yun, the recommended tactics are Relentless, Unstoppable Force, and Fierce which all have their unique abilities for battles.

Officer Tactics - Recommended Tactics and Recruitment
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Players can click on “Obtain Now” to go to the tactic recruitment page. Just like Officers can be recruited players can recruit tactics.

To recruit a tactic that will enhance your Officer’s skills, players will need to pay for it with Gold.

Players will be able to see their Gold balance in the top right corner of the screen. Players can get more gold by winning battles and opening chests.

For one new tactic recruitment players will have to pay 150 Gold. To recruit five new tactics players will need to pay 750 Gold.

Officer Tactics - Tactic Recruitments
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The process of selecting Tactics will be the same for each Officer. Players can buy recommended Tactics for any Officer they like and want to use in battle.

Officer Training

The Officers in Dynasty Warriors M can also be trained for battle. The training will result in Officers ranking up in levels.

For training, players will need to collect many of the same Officers to be able to upgrade them with the training.

For example, if players want to upgrade an SR Officer to an SSR Officer, they will need to collect three SR versions of the officer they are looking to upgrade.

Officer Training - Ascend from SR to SSR rarity
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Players can get more of these officers through recruitment which will cost more Gold.

The training section will allow players to ascend and retire their Officers in the game.

By retiring certain Officers, players will give other Officers a chance to feature in battle and be the main attraction.

Retiring an Officer will reward players with certain rewards like a Tiger Emblem which is a nice addition to the game.

It is recommended to play with each Officer in battle first before deciding to retire them.

Officer Training - Ascend or Retire
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Officer recruitment

Officer recruitment is one of the most important aspects of the game. Players can recruit SSR Officers, Normal Recruitments, and Tactic Recruitments.

The recruitment section also features Element Recruitments which will only be unlocked later on in the game.

In the Pick Up Recruitment section players will be able to recruit an SSR Officer which will change every few hours.

Officer Recruitment - Recruit officers of different Rarities
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At the moment SSR Dong Bai is available for recruitment and will cost 220 Gold. It will cost 2000 Gold to recruit ten of the Officers.

The normal recruitment section allows players to recruit an Officer for free as well as ten for 2000 Gold. These are random officers.

Players can also recruit tactics for their Officers to use in battle. Some tactics are better than others and players should test them out.

Officer recruitment - Normail Recruitments and Tactics
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It is important for new players to know every single detail about Officers and how their different tactics work.

Players will need to continuously upgrade their Officers to ensure every battle in the game is won and to progress further in the game.

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