Dungeon of Gods Codes: How to Find and Redeem Them

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Dungeon of Gods is a fast-paced action RPG from Super Planet Games. You will love everything about this game if you have played games like The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. With excellent top-down 3D low-poly graphics and simple controls, Dungeon of Gods lets you fight enemies through 10 grueling stages, including a boss stage.

Dungeon of Gods codes

If you are looking for Dungeon of Gods codes, you have arrived at the right place. Please note that entering codes in this game is a bit different than others, so make sure you read our guide in its entirety to know how to enter and redeem them.

How to Enter Codes and Redeem Them

1. Complete chapter 1 and enter/register your nickname. The first chapter contains 10 stages, including a boss stage. Beat’em all.

The game will ask you to enter your name soon after defeating the first boss in stage 10 of Chapter 1. Enter any name of your choice. That would be your “nickname” for this game.

Enter nickname after completing chapter 1

You can change your nickname later from the settings menu, but you will have to spend gems to change it.

2. Tap the blue gift box icon on the home screen. This blue gift box icon is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Scroll down until you reach “Super Reward”.

Press the "Enter a coupon code" button.

4. Under “Register a Coupon”, press the “Enter a coupon code” button.

5. You will be redirected to this page https://gift.supermembers.net/coupon/ on your browser.

6. Enter the code and press “register coupon”

7. Under “Choose a game”, select the global launch game on the right (globe icon).

8. Under “type your nickname”, enter the nickname which you registered after completing the first chapter.

9. Press the “Register Coupon” button to redeem code.

10. Press the confirm button.

Press confirm after entering nickname, choosing the global icon and pressing the register coupon button.

11. Close the app and open it again. Tap the sealed envelope on the left side of the screen, just below the Quest (purple book) icon to open your in-game mail.

12. The topmost reward is your coupon code reward. Claim it before 30 days.

How to Find Codes

To find Dungeon of Gods codes, go to their Discord channel. New codes are available in #announcements and #events . You can also bookmark our guide to get the latest coupon codes.

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