Dungeon Hunter 6 – Ultimate Gameplay Guide With Tips

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(Last Updated On: October 14, 2023)

The sixth installment of Dungeon Hunter is finally here. Originally from Gameloft, Dungeon Hunter 6 is being handled by GOAT Games, and the studio has done a splendid job of preserving the well-structured hack-and-slash gameplay that made many gamers become fans of the franchise.

Embark on a journey of slaying demons, summoning Lieutenants, and teaming up with other players. To help you navigate these features and more, here’s the ultimate gameplay guide with tips for Dungeon Hunter 6.

Dungeon Hunter 6 cut scene inviting avatar to accept spirit blessing
Photo: GOAT Games

Choosing a Class in Dungeon Hunter 6

The game starts with choosing the class of your avatar, aka Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunters have five stats that determine their power: ATK, DEX, Defensive, Survival, and Control.

Each class differs in base stats, and you must be familiar with them as it will massively affect your experience, especially when you form a team later on.

The six classes of Dungeon Hunter 6
Photo: GOAT Games

There are six character classes in the game’s intro, but one of them, the Shaman class, is not yet available. Thus, for this article, we will only be covering five classes.


The Warriors in Dungeon Hunter 6 are dual-sword wielders. They have immense Survival and Defensive stats, making them ideal for close combat.

The Warrior class
Photo: GOAT Games

They inflict bleed damage, and of all the classes, they have the highest base HP. If you want to be the tank and shield for your team, be a Warrior.


If keeping a distance in battles is more your thing, becoming an Archer would be best because this class has the best accuracy.

The Archer class
Photo: GOAT Games

Although its other stats are mid to below average, the ATK and DEX numbers are off the charts.


Like Archers, Assassins are ranged Bounty Hunters. They don’t have the same dexterity, but they are one of the most balanced classes you can use.

The Assassin class
Photo: GOAT Games

An Assassin can deliver precise hits with burst damage. This makes it the optimal class for surprise attacks and stealth quests.

Boon Sister

In other action RPGs, a Boon Sister would be called a healer, support, or druid. This class’ skills let you summon creatures and enhance your team’s performance.

The Boon Sister class
Photo: GOAT Games

With that being said, a Boon Sister is best for team battles. They may struggle in solo fights with their low HP and defense.


With the use of sorcery, the Mage class enables you to strike with a diverse set of elemental and arcane spells. Most of these abilities are ranged.

The Mage class
Photo: GOAT Games

As a Mage, all your stats will be formidable, but your leading ones will be ATK and Survival.

Advancing in Dungeon Hunter 6

Doing battles and quests is how you progress in the game. These parts are pretty convenient because of the Auto function. It’s similar to Darkness Saga, another anticipated ARPG released this year.

In battles, the Auto feature will be visible on a button near your skill options. Outside of fights, you can go semi-automatic by tapping any quest you want to accomplish. There will be numerous quirky mini-games, so don’t go AFK for too long.

Avatar disguised as a cat for a quest mini-game
Photo: GOAT Games

Of course, you can always go fully manual to maximize the fun, which is also pretty easy. The joystick on the left is how you move around, and there will be several feature shortcuts on the right. When combat commences, the latter will be replaced with skill buttons.

Manual control settings for moving and attacking
Photo: GOAT Games

Storyline Battles

Storyline battles in Dungeon Hunter 6 are directly tied to your main quests. These battles are also called raids, and you can check them out instantly by tapping the Storyline option on the bottom right side of your screen.

You will be taken to where you currently are in the Story Map. Players can view map chapters they have cleared, but only the boss stage can be replayed.

Story map chapters
Photo: GOAT Games

When you replay a boss stage, you can perform Consecutive Raids to get extra rewards. But for this, you need Blitz Scrolls instead of just stamina, like in regular storyline battles.

Forbidden Tower

The Forbidden Tower is one of the first features you will unlock when following the main quests. It’s the secondary battle mode that also gives you idle rewards.

You can clear tower stages for instant loot, but you will also get improvements on your Tome of Tower that produce different resources per minute. The Tome of Tower can be accessed with the AFK button beside Storyline.

Tome of Tower/AFK Rewards
Photo: GOAT Games

On the left side of the tome, you can collect rewards and use Quick Slaying, which will give four hours’ worth of bounty. On the right is a Challenge button that takes you to the Forbidden Tower.

Leveling Up in Dungeon Hunter 6

The game has different types of content that will give you EXP, but it’s important to note that there’s a limit to how much you can level up every day.

You can view your current level cap by tapping your inventory or the backpack icon at the top right of your screen. Then, select the World Level logo on the top left side.

Backpack section with world level max in the top left
Photo: GOAT Games

When you reach your maximum level that day, the surplus EXP you’ll gain will be converted to Bronze Coins. You have to wait for your server to refresh to continue grinding.

Summoning Lieutenants

Lieutenants are the teammates that follow you around and help in battles. Like Bounty Hunters, they belong to specific classes. These odd creatures also have elements.

There’s fire, water, electricity, poison, and nature. Each element has a slight advantage over another.

To get Lieutenants, tap Summon on the upper left side of your screen. You will pay with scrolls, but unlike many gacha games with similar systems, you will also pull items instead of just heroes.

Lieutenant Summon panel
Photo: GOAT Games

Forming Your Team

Change your Lieutenants and form your team by tapping the menu icon above the bag button on the upper right side of the screen. Select Lieutenant, and then Lineup.

Team lineup formation
Photo: GOAT Games

Tap the plus symbol on a vacant slot. If the slot is taken, you can double-tap a champion you want to replace and choose its substitute.

A team can consist of up to three units, and you can form up to three teams in Dungeon Hunter 6.

Upgrading Lieutenants in Dungeon Hunter 6

Below the Lineup section of the Lieutenant panel are your options to enhance your teammates. First, you’ll see Upgrade, where you can level up using EXP Books, Tomes, and Grimoires.

Upgrading Demonic Wolf Lieutenant
Photo: GOAT Games

You also have the Perfection option. Here, you can use Perfection Stones to boost the base stats of a combatant. Once you max out all their numbers, go to Promote Star Rating.

This option will require duplicate fragments of the hero you want to promote. Succeeding in this will not only increase their stat limits but also the effects of their skills.

Improving Equipment

When any of the enhancements mentioned above are available, you will be alerted by the Upgrades shortcut on your main screen. It’s the green arrow icon on the lower right side.

Gear Enhancement on the Upgrades shortcut
Photo: GOAT Games

The same icon will notify you if you can perform equipment upgrades. Tap it and choose Gear Enhancement. You will be taken to the Enhance panel, where you can advance your equipment slots.

You can also go to Reforge, where you can use Gear Reforge Stones to give your items distinguished stats. You can also use Curing Crystals to target specific stats, but this won’t be available if you are still in the early stages of the game.

Dismantling Gear

Apart from the fact that gear can be seen live on your avatar, another thing that makes equipment cool in Dungeon Hunter 6 is that they are very convenient to equip.

Once you pick up an accessory better than the one you’re using, a pop-up will appear for you to instantly wear it. Also, you can dismantle gear that is no longer in use.

Gear dismantling section
Photo: GOAT Games

Tap the backpack icon and select Dismantle. This will get rid of inferior equipment in exchange for Gear Reforge Stones and Curing Crystals.

Daily Events

The Gameplay icon beside the treasure chest on the bottom right of your screen is where you can access daily events.

You will see the Forbidden Tower here, along with several types of dungeons that can be played for a limited amount of times every day. Below is a list summarizing the rules and rewards of each event.

  • Magic Chess: Slay waves of chess-themed enemies with special abilities to gain massive EXP.
  • Limited Time Activities: Different activities that reward winners with rare items and titles.
  • Arena: Challenge other players to obtain Arena Points and raise your ranking throughout the season.
  • Hunter Treasure: Team up with three other players to raid a powerful boss and acquire items of high rarity.
  • Bounty Quest: Dispatch Lieutenants to carry out small tasks and get all sorts of rewards.
  • Crystal Challenge: Attack or perform Consecutive Raid on a crystal monster to secure gear enhancement materials.
  • Island of Ruins: Helps you garner and assemble runes.
  • Runestone Tournament: Collect runestones with the help of minions to boost your power.
  • Dungeon Challenge: Face off against the biggest bosses in Dungeon Hunter 6 to master the elements.
Daily Events in Gameplay section
Photo: GOAT Games

Treasure Hunt

Below the Gameplay option is Treasure Hunt. Here, you can enter a number of maps that contain multiple bosses. You can fight any of them to pick up good equipment.

Keep in mind that these are shared maps, and anyone can join your boss fight anytime. This means that you may have to split the loot.

Two players fighting Treasure Hunt boss
Photo: GOAT Games

The one who brings more damage will get more rewards. During Treasure Hunt battles, you will see the leading damage dealer on the upper left side of the screen.


Joining or creating a guild will let you in on many perks, like guild chests, guild events, a wishing well for items you want, and a warehouse to exchange goods.

Guild features
Photo: GOAT Games

Note that a player-conceived guild is different from the Bounty Hunter Guild in Dungeon Hunter 6. The two can be seen in separate sections when you tap the menu icon.

The Bounty Hunter Guild will give you achievements to unlock and special quests, which give you exclusive items. This includes mounts, backwear, and cloaks.

Mount, backwear, and cloak
Photo: GOAT Games

Tips for Playing Dungeon Hunter 6

After going into the basics of Dungeon Hunter 6, it’s time to talk about some tips and tricks that will help you become a better Bounty Hunter.

Always Use the Inspire Function in Magic Chess

Magic Chess is one of the best EXP sources in Dungeon Hunter 6, but it only lets you play twice a day. So, you have to make the most out of every attempt. You can do this by using the Inspire function.

Inspite using gold or diamonds
Photo: GOAT Games

This will pop up when you start Magic Chess. You can inspire using gold or diamonds five times each. That’s ten times each battle. Even if you don’t like spending diamonds, going all out on gold will still give you great results.

Every Inspire will give you a +10% DMG. Having at least 50% will help you clear waves faster, meaning more EXP.

Don’t Collect EXP When Level is Maxed Out

Because Dungeon Hunter 6 limits how much you can level up a day, you should be wary of your EXP collection habits.

World max level
Photo: GOAT Games

When you max out your world level in Dungeon Hunter 6, excess EXP will become Bronze Coins, which you might not need that much. So, do not go reaping every EXP reward you can get your hands on.

If it’s possible to collect them tomorrow, collect them tomorrow. You can do this with your AFK rewards, bonus chests, and more.

Do Consecutive Raids as Much as You Can

You can say this is another EXP-related tip, but Consecutive Raids give more than just experience. Depending on the battle mode, you can get heaps of substantial items with this feature.

Consecutive Raids rewards
Photo: GOAT Games

Moreover, because Consecutive Raids use Blitz Scrolls, you can save up on stamina if you plan to take on a bunch of real-time battles later.

You can get Blitz Scrolls from daily rewards, Tome of Tower, and the shop.


Dungeon Hunter 6 surpasses its predecessors in several ways. It has brand new features and bits of content surprises every now and then. Whether you’re a fan of the series or modern hack-and-slashes in general, this game will surely be worth your time.

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