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Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games
(Last Updated On: October 22, 2023)

Gather around Gamers! Dungeon Hunter 6 is here and has become the talk of the town as one of the hottest action role-playing games of 2023.

Developed and published by the ever-famous GOAT Games, this latest addition to the Dungeon Hunter series is the start of an epic journey. 

This new version of the game has not just brought a wide variety of vibrant landscapes and crisp graphics; it has also promised its loyal players the return of the most famous characters from the previous seasons, and that is how we know Dungeon Hunter 6 is here to make headlines!

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

And the best part? Dungeon Hunter 6 is available anywhere and everywhere. Regardless of whether you are an iPhone or an Android user, you can access the app from your either Play Store or Apple Store and let the fun begin.

Or if you are a serious gamer who likes their adventures on the big screen, the game can be accessed on your PC too.

And unlike other games that take forever to load, Dungeon Hunter 6 is free of any necessary downloads; all you have to do is click and play!

Types of Classes in Dungeon Hunter 6

I think we all can agree that having a character that represents you the best says a lot about how you are going to perform in the up and upcoming adventures.

And thus when Dungeon Hunter 6 gives you the choice of choosing your character, make sure you are making a wise decision. After all, your character has the power to either make or break the game. 

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

Dungeon Hunter 6 offers five different character classes for its players to pick from. Each character has its own set of pros and cons. However, once you choose, there’s no turning back, so choose wisely!

These are the classes available in Dungeon Hunter 6:

  • Archer
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Mage 
  • Boon sister 

1- Archer Class

Let’s start with our first class, Archer. These sharpshooters are pros at ranged combat and dodging potential dangers from a distance. 

Armed with their bows and arrows, Archer characters are usually active and quick in making their moves.

Moreover, they are exceptionally good at hitting targets from far away which makes them a stronger choice for when you are about to enter a battlezone. 

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

But here’s the catch: Archers are all mighty until they are out of your opponent’s sight and range. Once Archers are caught, it won’t be long before they die since their defense attacks are relatively weak and have a very meager health rate. 

However, on the bright side, their Damage Per Second (DPS) will leave you jaw-dropped. If you are someone who likes fighting challenges up close with strategic role play and staying clear of any unknown attacks, the Archer class is the best fit for you! 

Playstyle: Exceptional ranged attacker playstyle. 

Stats: Balanced statistics with respectable attack and HP.

Pros: Ranged, more creative playstyle.

Cons: low health rate.

2- Warrior Class

Up next, we have the warrior class. These characters are like action powerhouses. Unlike archers, warriors like dealing with threats up close and can deliver some seriously heavy hits when required. 

Armed with their powerful long swords, warriors will have your back in both the offense and defense of the game.

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

Ask any dungeon hunter player, and they will tell you how Warriors are famous for their strength and expertly blocking out attacks, thanks to their strong armor. 

However, this stiff and strong armor does keep them back from winning marathons due to low speed. Moreover, their attack speed is not something we will call “super fast” thus be prepared to deal with a low DPS.

But don’t lose hope just yet; when in their element, Warriors can be a real nightmare for enemies especially if they are not the center of attention. 

Therefore, If you enjoy the feeling of getting back at your enemies without them having the slightest clue of your next move, the Warrior class was made for you! 

Playstyle: similar to the Diablo Barbarian. Frontline, tanky, and wind-up skills.

Stats: Low attack, high tackiness, and HP.

Pros: Veteran Diablo players will recognize the playstyle.

Cons: Little originality; comparable to many ARPG frontlining classes.

3- Assassin Class

The Assassin class is probably the most quick and “sneakiest” character class in Dungeon Hunter 6. Call them the masters of sneaky, high-damage attacks since they use lightning-fast moves to catch their enemy off guard. 

What sets Assassins apart is their ability to deliver incredibly powerful attacks in quick bursts. They’re pros at launching surprise assaults and swiftly taking their enemies down with a single strike.

Their speed and agility on the battlefield make them hard to pin down and leave the opponents in fear since they can attack from any angle at any time.

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

Playstyle: similar to the Diablo Demon Hunter. Agile, dual-bow wielding, ranged AOE damage.

Stats: Low HP, good attack, high defense.

Pros: Moves quickly and deals AOE damage.

Cons: Similar to Diablo’s Demon Hunter; lacks creativity.

4- Mage Class

The Mage class operates at a medium range in Dungeon Hunter 6 and thrives in controlling and directing the movements of opponents.

They have a knack for using the magical energy of nature’s elements to target specific enemies which results in an extraordinarily high area-of-effect (AOE) damage.

This characteristic makes the Mage class a force to be feared on the battlefield. 

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

Playstyle: Comparable to the Diablo Wizard. High magical damage; attacks with an ongoing energy beam.

Stats: Glass-cannon: extremely high attack.

Pros: Strong magic attacks

Cons: Limited variations in a familiar play style.

5- Boon Sister Class

The Boon Sister class, which fights up close, is really good at dealing long-lasting damage. The Boone sisters have the power to call out various kinds of forest spirits and trees to help you with the fight. 

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

Playstyle: Supportive, paladin-like playstyle. offers healing and benefits.

Stats: Highest defense, low HP, and attack statistics.

Pros: Playstyle originality, essential for party play.

Cons: Unsuitable for lone players.

Final Words

That is all for our guide on Dungeon Hunter 6 character classes. If there is anything we can conclude, it is that Dungeon Hunter 6 is far more amazing than its previous variants.

It has many new features and some in-game surprises that will be revealed over time

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image: GOAT Games

Whether you love this series or the modern hack-and-slashes generally, it will surely be worth your time.

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