Drive Zone Online – Car Game: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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main loading screen of Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Drive Zone Online offers a vast open world that’s filled with missions for you to complete and SIX more game modes for players to enjoy. Other than that, there’s an extensive car upgrade and customization system. 

From tuning the engines to paint jobs to tires and rims, you’ll have full control over everything.

While the game looks fairly simple at first, there are a few complex mechanics in there, hence this Drive Zone game guide. 

Game mode overviews, RPG and gacha mechanics, and various in-game currencies- this guide will help you understand the lot. 

So, let’s rev it up!

Understanding the Main Screen in Drive Zone

Before we dive into the complexities, let’s get the basics out of the way.

Once you’re in the game and finalized your character, you’ll meet Eva. Eva is the in-built guide of Drive Zone Online. She’ll teach you how to navigate through the New Drive City and introduce you to the various in-game mechanics.

screenshot of Drive Zone Online gameplay
Photo: Jet Games

There’s no way to skip Eva’s tutorials, so you might as well pay attention. She’ll keep popping up as and when you unlock new stuff.

After you complete the basic tutorials, you’ll be free to do whatever you want. I suggest getting back to the main screen and making yourself familiar with everything available. 

If you haven’t done that yet, here’s an overview.

Player Profile & Progress Tracking

In the top-left corner of the main screen is the player profile and progress section. You’ll see your player ID, name, and level in this section. Tap on it to see your player level, a progress bar, and the rewards you can get by leveling up.

Player Progress in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

From in-game currency to containers to car parts to whole cars, the list of leveling-up rewards is not to be ignored. 

Settings, Friends, & Lottery

Moving over to the top-right corner, you can see two small icons. The first one is the Friends tab where you can manage your in-game friends. You can send friend requests and respond to incoming requests using the Friends tab.

The gear icon is the Settings tab.

In Settings, players can tweak graphics and sound, configure controls and camera views, choose language, and take care of some other game settings.

If you don’t want to get friend requests or want to change your chat region, the Settings tab is where it all happens.

Main screen of Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Just by the Settings tab is your Credits wallet. It’s one of the in-game currencies. We’ll discuss all of them in detail later on. 

Under these three, you’ll see two banners showcasing different deals.

The top banner is from the Shop.

You’ll have to spend real money to buy the stuff showcased on the Shop’s banner. As for the bottom banner, it’s from the Lottery.

Using a certain amount of DZO-Points (another in-game currency), you can buy a Lottery and win different rewards from the showcase. Hit the question mark to find out the probabilities of every item in the showcase.

Lottery in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Under these banners, you’ll see three buttons.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel, join the Discord, and join the Telegram channel of Jet Games. Doing all three things will get you 30,000 Credits. It’s worth doing just to get the annoying buttons off of the main screen.

Car, Character, & Chat

The centerpiece of the Drive Zone Online main screen is your car and your character. Tap on the car to enter the garage and start fine-tuning it. 

Similarly, you can customize the characters by tapping on them.

The game allows customizing the wardrobe, hairstyle, build, gender, and every other detail. You will have to spend some money to buy accessories and a wardrobe for your character.

Main screen of Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Just under your car is the global Chat bar. While it’s mostly spam, you can find some great trade offers in there. It’s worth checking out from time to time. 


Right at the bottom of your main screen is what I call the action bar because it’s where all the action is.

Starting from the left, you’ll see Tasks.

The Tasks tab lists your Daily and Weekly tasks in Drive Zone Online. Complete these tasks to get Credits, Tickets, DZO Points, Containers, and other rewards. 

Tasks in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

There’s also an Achievement board within the Tasks tab. These are menial tasks that you’ll complete in the course of your daily gameplay. For example, log into the game for three consecutive days, and you’ll get 20,000 Credits and 1 Bronze Ticket. 

Lastly, you’ll see the Seasonal Calendar. Make sure to sign in every day and collect your Seasonal Calendar rewards. They get progressively valuable.


Up next is Shop. 

Clothes, cars, discounted deals on in-game currencies, there’s no shortage of stuff in the Drive Zone Online Shop.

If you’ve got enough of it, you can spend real money to buy the various in-game currencies of Drive Zone Online. The most valuable in-game currencies – DZO-Points and Car XP – can be bought in the Shop. 

Shop in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Credits are also available, but you’ll hardly ever need to buy them.

Using Credits and DZO-Points, you can buy the best cars in the game. But, some of the cars are only available in containers.

Containers can be won as a reward for completing certain tasks in the game as well as bought in the Shop. You can use Tickets, Credits, or DZO-Points to buy Containers.


Jet Games really went all out with their Tuning mechanism. They allow extensive modifications and fine-tuning. But the best part has to be the Vehicle Progression system. 

When in the Garage, players get SIX options:

  1. Body
  2. Rims
  3. Performance
  4. Suspension
  5. Skins
  6. Paint Job

All of these are pretty self-explanatory. So, instead of wasting time with these, I want to talk about the Vehicle Progression system. 

Vehicle Progression in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

It’s a pretty neat system that’s similar to the character progression system in RPG games. Using CarXP, players can upgrade their car to improve its overall performance.

This is also connected to the Performance section in the Tuning tab. As players upgrade their cars, new car parts get unlocked in the Performance section. 

To put it simply, if you want to increase the overall performance of your car, upgrade it using the Vehicle Progression system. That will unlock more parts that you can use to fine-tune your car in the Tuning>Performance section. 

Vehicle Tuning & Modification in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games


Before we hit Play, let’s quickly take a look at the Inventory section.

This is the section where you can check out all of your Drive Zone Online belongings. Cars, Rims, Containers, tuning items, and in-game currencies- everything you own is listed right here. 

Aside from keeping track of all your things, the Inventory section is also a quick link to selling, spending, and trading the various stuff you have. 

Inventory in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

With all the features and some of the mechanics explained, it’s now time for the Drive Zone Online game modes.

Game Modes – Open World, Career, & More!

If you think Drive Zone Online is just some GTA wannabe, this will make you rethink. Along with open-world exploration, DOZ has SIX other game modes that players can try.

Game Modes in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Here’s the list of all Drive Zone Online game modes.

  1. Open World.
  2. Career.
  3. Racing.
  4. Skill Test.
  5. Drifting.
  6. Circuit Racing. 
  7. Custom Game.

Out of these SEVEN, Circuit Racing and Drifting are still in the works but will be added to the game before December 20.

Here’s a quick look at all the modes.

Open World

Explore the New Drive City or the Aerodome in the open-world mode of the Drive Online Zone. This is the MMORPG mode of Drive Online Zone, where you’ll join one of the many servers created by players from around the world.

In the open world, you can have a carefree drive, chat with other players, trade parts and cars, and do pretty much anything you want.

Open World gameplay in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games


Who hasn’t dreamt of being a race car driver? I know I have. Well, you can fulfill that dream in the Drive Zone Online career mode.

After passing out of the Driving School, you go head to head with millions of players from around the world to get to the big leagues and make a name for yourself in the DOZ metaverse. 

Career mode in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games


If you just want to race, head to Racing. 

There’s no exploration to do and no reputation to uphold in the Racing game mode. Just pick a car, drive the best you can, and win the race. If you lose, who cares? You’ll still get some reward.

Racing mode in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

Skill Test

Skill Test is the challenge mode of Drive Online Zone.

You’ll have a crazy stunt-filled race with other players in real-time. It’s a slightly crazier version of Racing and a lot more fun too. If you like those checkpoint races of GTA V, you’ll love the Skill Test.

Skill Test gameplay in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games


Compete with other players in a game of collecting drift points. Whoever collects the most drift points after a set amount of time wins.

Drifting is being added to the game as I write this article. As per the in-game timer, players will be able to play Drifting from December 17.

Circuit Racing

Hopefully, Circuit Racing will be available to play from December 20.

In this game mode, players compete against each other on the Pacific Race map following the typical circuit racing rules. 

Custom Game

The final game mode of Drive Zone Online lets you create your own game. 

In Custom Mode, players can join one of the many public servers or create their own server to have some Drive Zone Online fun with their friends.

Players can only create Open World servers right now and choose between the New Drive City or the Aerodome map. 

Custome Game mode in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games

A minimum of one player is needed to create a server, and up to 32 players can join a public server.

In-game Currencies

Drive Zone Online has THREE different in-game currencies.

  1. Credits: This is the basic currency of DZO. You can buy mid and low-level items with Credits. Credits are quite easy to get. Players can farm these in Racing and even by completing menial tasks in the Open World.
  2. DZO- Points: The Drive Zone Online points are the premium currency. They are hard to get which is why most of the premium stuff in Drive Zone Online is hidden behind DZO-Points. The easiest way to get DZO-Points is to buy them from the Shop. You can get 420 DZO-Points for $1. 
  3. Car XP: You need Car XP for the Vehicle Progression system. You can only upgrade your card with Car XP. Thankfully, players can get Car XP as a reward for playing the various game modes. It’s also available in most of the Containers.

Apart from these three defined currencies, there’s a Ticket system as well. Drive Zone Online has Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tickets. These tickets can act as a substitute for DZO-Points when opening Containers. 

first person camera in Drive Zone Online
Photo: Jet Games


And that’s it from this Drive Zone Online game guide.

If you have any questions about Drive Zone Online, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer as many as I can. 

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