Dream Town Story – Ultimate Combos Guide

Charles Judd
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2023)

Dream Town Story, developed by Kairosoft, is a unique city-builder with brilliant mechanics. The game looks simple at first, but it gets very exciting once you discover combos. This feature is activated when you place compatible buildings next to each other.

However, the game doesn’t explicitly tell you which groups of structures are considered combos. You can either pay with diamonds or manually guess to discover them. One way might be too expensive for you, and the other takes a lot of time and luck. You might waste resources in the process. This ultimate combos guide for Dream Town Story can help you avoid that.

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Activating Combos

The structures that make up a combo are centered around themes. For example, the buildings that complete the Picnic Combo are the Park, Bakery, and Lunches 2 Go. Activating them doesn’t require you to place them in a particular order.

All related buildings must be adjacent, meaning their borders need to be connected for the combo to activate. Also, it won’t work if one structure does not have road access.

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It is possible to play Dream Town Story like traditional town and city simulators, such as Bit City, where you don’t have to worry about building placements as long as you have space and money. However, implementing combos into your game gives you a tremendous edge.

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Combo Bonuses

While individual buildings have resident impacts and treasures as bonuses, combos can multiply the land and product prices of all bordering facilities. Even structures that are not part of the combo can benefit from it as long as they are connected.

Product prices can go up to 65%, and land prices can balloon to 250%. This all depends on the combos you choose to set up.

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Standard Combo List

Over 180 standard combos are in the game, but only about 60 can be discovered with diamonds. The rest are hidden. You don’t have to worry about any of that, though, because this free guide has every combo you will ever need in Dream Town Story.

The following tables are combos categorized by the bonus effects they give.


Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
SweetsCakery, Creperie, Donut Shop90%; 45%
GroceriesSupermarket, Greengrocer, Fishmonger90%; 45%
FamilyPark, Game Shop, Toy Shop90%; 45%
ConvenientSupermarket, 24-7 Mart, Drugstore90%; 45%
OtakuAnime Shop, Game Shop, Toy Shop90%; 45%
SeasideBeach House, Wharft, Fishmonger90%; 45%
Cheap LunchBench, Gingko, Fast ‘n’ Fried90%; 45%
Tourist SpotClock Tower, Local Center, Shrine90%; 45%
FloweryFlorist, Sunflowers, Ranch90%; 45%
AquaFire Hydrant, Fishing Pond, Heated Pool90%; 45%
Games & ToysGame Shop, Home Elec., Toy Shop90%; 45%

Most of the structures in this category are Industry A-type buildings ranked anywhere from F to B. You can discover some of them early in the game because they will be given to you as gifts.

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Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
NatureRanch, Park, Camp Site105%; 50%
House MoveEstate Agent, Info Center, Local Center105%; 50%
HousekeeperSupermarket, Dry Cleaner, Local Center105%; 50%
ShoppingSupermarket, Boutique, Jewelry Shop105%; 50%
Alpine BreadBakery, Mountain, Farm105%; 50%
VacationBowling Alley, Steakhouse, Beautician105%; 50%
MedicineClinic, Drugstore, 24-7 Mart105%; 50%
ReviveClinic, Spa, Sauna105%; 50%
ChubbyRamen Bar, Pizzeria, Donut Shop110%; 25%
Lazy DayBlogbuster, Bowling Alley, Game Arcade110%; 25%
Old-TimeyCandy Shop, Shrine, Sauna110%; 25%
LunchLuches 2 Go, Bakery, Cafe110%; 25%
FishyFishing Pond, Fishmonger, Aquarium110%; 25%
MovieAnime Shop, Cinema, Blogbuster110%; 25%
Money DrainLotto Ticket Shop, Sushi Joint, Tapas Bar110%; 25%
Farm LunchLunches 2 GO, Hydrangeas, Farm110%; 25%
PicturesqueFishmonger, Boulder, Spa Hotel110%; 25%
Day OffBookstore, Bench, Cafe110%; 25%
GrandpaRamen Bar, Sauna, Utility Pole110%; 25%

The combos in this table have slightly better effects. Because of this, some buildings needed to activate them are a little more difficult to discover. So, you must start researching in the shop as soon as possible.

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There, you will see research options and how much research points they cost. More options will occur when you level up.

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Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
GamersGame Shop, PC Shop, Game Arcade125%; 30%
H. SpringsSauna, Spa, Spa Hotel125%; 30%
HealthHospital, Gym, Sauna125%; 30%
GourmetTapas Bar, Sushi Joint, Ramen Bar125%; 30%
Anti-TheftSecurity Inc., Home Elec., Bank125%; 30%
Farm 2 ShopSupermarket, Mountain, Farm125%; 30%
AgritourismFarm, Greengrocer, Spa125%; 30%
SoakHeated Pool, Dry Cleaner, Sauna125%; 30%
FishingWharf, Fishing Pond, Sushi Joint125%; 30%
VehicleBike Shop, Motorcycle Shop, Car Dealer125%; 55%
Day OutMuseum, Aquarium, Cinema125%; 55%
CultureJewelry Shop, Museum, Cinema125%; 55%
MediaGame Arcade, Aquarium, Bowling Alley125%; 55%
OutdoorBBQ House, Camp Site, Beach House125%; 55%
SouvenirCandy Shop, Monument, Gift Shop125%; 55%
Office ClerkShoe Shop, Office Bldg., Tapas Bar125%; 55%
BlessingsMonument, Farm, Shrine145%; 30%

This tier features the first combo with an office facility. These kinds of combos are not available in the game’s co-op building feature, Next Town.

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Apart from offices, other Facility-types like decorative pieces can create combos.

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Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
MedicalHospital, Drugstore, 24-7 Mart145%; 35%
RuralFarm, Ranch, Fishing Pond145%; 35%
BodyguardSecurity Inc., Gym, Camp Site145%; 35%
Fashion (#2)Boutique, Shoe Shop, Beautician145%; 35%
PopularHome Center, Estate Agent, Supermarket145%; 35%
PicnicPark, Lunches 2 Go, Bakery150%; 20%
Eating-OutSteakhouse, Restaurant, Fast ‘n’ Fried150%; 20%
JollyMusic Shop, Florist, Cakery150%; 20%
Chill-OutBookstore, Cafe, Florist150%; 20%
Hi-TecPC Shop, Cell Shop, Home Elec.150%; 20%
LocalCakery, Greengrocer, Florist150%; 20%
SiliconGame Shop, Cell Shop, PC Shop150%; 20%
BikersPizzeria, Motorcycle Shop, Fast ‘n’ Fried150%; 20%
Meet-UpCafe, Diner, Clock Tower150%; 20%
Fresh FoodGreengrocer, Restaurant, Fishmonger150%; 20%
Clean TunesSauna, Cell Shop, Music Shop150%; 20%
TelecomPhone Box, PC Shop, Cell Shop150%; 20%
PetDoggie Statue, Beautician, Pet Shop150%; 20%
TranquilPet Shop, Mountain, Fishing Pond150%; 20%
Biker ShowBlogbuster, Motorcycle Shop, PC Shop150%; 20%

Better bonus effects don’t always mean a combo is more troublesome to achieve. Some, like the Fresh Food combo, need structures you can get in the basic research options in Dream Town Story’s shop.

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Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
Grown-UpDance Club, Casino, Tapas Bar150%; 60%
HealthcareLocal Center, Hospital, Subway150%; 60%
WeekendSushi Joint, BBQ House, Pizzeria165%; 25%
Fashion (#1)Boutique, Cakery, Drugstore165%; 25%
Day-Off ChillBeautician, Home Elec., Bookstore165%; 25%
Triple FFurniture Shop, Fire Hydrant, Orchard165%; 25%
Outdoor FamCamp Site, Mountain, Parking Lot165%; 25%
SplashyOutdoor Pool, Aquarium, Fishmonger165%; 25%
FitnessHeated Pool, Gym, Drugstore165%; 25%
Fresh-MadeDonut Shop, Ranch, Creperie165%; 25%
OrientalPagoda, Shrine, Monument170%; 40%
CelebCastel, Boutique, Dept. Store170%; 40%
Time-SaverDry Cleaner, Furniture Shop, Subway170%; 40%
Hole-In-OneGolf Training Center, Gold Trophy, Donut Shop170%; 40%
GolfGolf Training Center, Golf Course, Sports Shop170%; 40%
SuburbHome Center, Farm, PC Shop170%; 40%

A number of structures in this table have sizes 4×4 and above. These facilities let you stick more buildings to them, so more can benefit from bonuses. With this, you should carefully plan where to place large structures.

Photo: Kairosoft


Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
Passing-ByVending Machine, Farm, Ancient Pine105%; 50%
MusicalMusic Shop, Concert Hall, Blogbuster105%; 50%
Family SundayFountain, Creperie, Zoo110%; 25%
SpectatorDonut Shop, Fire Hydrant, Stadium125%; 30%
AnimalPet Shop, Ranch, Zoo125%; 55%
Seaside TourTapas Bar, Beach House, Castle145%; 35%
SecurityJewelry Shop, Security Inc., 3-Star Hotel185%; 30%
FoodieCakery, Ranch, Farm185%; 30%
Night OutDance Club, Tapas Bar, Drugstore185%; 30%
SwimmingOutdoor Pool, Beach House, Heated Pool185%; 30%
OutfittersSports Shop, Shoe Shop, Boutique185%; 30%
DIYDept. Store, Furniture Shop, Home Elec.210%; 35%
Spring DealBoutique, Cherry Tree, Dept. Store210%; 35%
Easy TourGift Shop, Subway, Pagoda210%; 35%

This section is filled with buildings that are labeled C and B in Dream Town Story. Some are ranked A, but only those with weaker price bonuses. You can always enhance building values by tapping their “Info” button and equipping them with available items.

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Remember that whatever item you choose will only affect the individual structure and not the combo.

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Class A

Combo NameStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
CyclistBike Shop, Gym, Stadium150%; 60%
Hot EventsConcert Hall, Parking Lot, Baseball Park150%; 60%
TVUtility Pole, Comms Tower, Home Elec.165%; 25%
CramCram School, Stadium, Gym170%; 40%
SinisterComms Towers, Hospital, School170%; 40%
Live GigCell Shop, Comms Tower, Concert Hall170%; 40%
Never-LostInfo Center, Local Center, Comms Tower185%; 30%
CritterAquarium, Zoo, Ranch190%; 65%
AmusementComms Towers, TV Station, Concert Hall190%; 65%
ConsortiumOffice Tower, Weeping Cherry, High-Rise190%; 65%
SportyStadium, Baseball Park, Gym210%; 35%
HollywoodCinema, Theme Park, Jewelry Shop210%; 35%
TrainingSports Grounds, Gold Trophy, Baseball Park210%; 35%
AthleticSports Grounds, Gym, Stadium210%; 35%
EventfulCinema, Theme park, Concert Hall210%; 45%
DateTheme Park, Zoo, Cinema210%; 45%
LivestockRacecourse, Ranch, Zoo210%; 45%
SubwaySubway, Office Tower, High-Rise250%; 40%
Animal LoveSafari Park, Zoo, Aquarium250%; 40%

Superior combos with at least one A-ranked building are in this tier. They are not easy to acquire, but the game will gradually reward you with top-notch facilities as you progress. That’s why you need patience.

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Class S

ComboStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
Safe FlightShrine, Airport, Security Inc.150%; 60%
SurveillanceHelipad, Security Inc., PC Shop150%; 60%
BusinessHigh-Rise, Skycraper, Bank170%; 40%
Tech & NatureRocket Hall, Cactus, Flowerbed185%; 30%
EngineerContractors, Bike Shop, Rocket Hall185%; 30%
AviationRocket Hall, Helipad, Airport190%; 65%
SpacePlanetarium, Rocket Hall, Octo-Alien Statue190%; 65%
SpecialAirport, TV Station, Skyscraper210%; 45%
Big-SpenderRacecourse, Ackbar Statue, Casino210%; 45%
High-RiseHigh-Rise, Skycraper, Kairo Bldg.210%; 45%
CastlePalace, Castle, Kairo Statue250%; 40%

S-class structures are the hardest to attain because their combos have the most balanced price boosts. Time-limited research selections in the shop make top-level buildings available early, but they are costly.

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Specialized Combo List

Some combos share similar traits with a couple of others, and they have their own categories, so players can classify them easily.

School Combos

ComboStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
StudentSchool, Steakhouse, Diner90%; 45%
Lunch-BreakTrash Cans, 24-7 Mart, School110%; 25%
TeachersPark, School, Dry Cleaner110%; 25%
SmartPlanetarium, School, Museum125%; 55%
IndustryMotorcycle Shop, Car Dealer, School125%; 55%
SchooldayDrugstore, School, Subway150%; 60%
EducationSchool, Cram School, Bookstore165%; 25%
IntellectBookstore, Museum, School165%; 25%
Small TownSports Shop, School, Candy Shop165%; 25%

The School is a 6×6 structure that can initiate at least nine combinations, meaning you can form multiple combos around it if you want. It’s also one of the most vital facilities in the game, as it helps students become working adults.

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ComboStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
PumpkinPumpkin Statue, Gold Trophy, Car Dealer190%; 65%
BearingtonBearington Statue, Gold Trophy, Home Elec.190%; 65%
Octo-AlienOcto-Alien Statue, Gold Trophy, Stadium190%; 65%
BunnyBunny Statue, Gold Trophy, Baseball Park190%; 65%
DuckyDucky Statue, Gold Trophy, Pagoda210%; 45%
Sally PrinSally Prin Statue, Gold Trophy, Spa Hotel210%; 45%
SecretarySecretary Statue, Gold Trophy, Theme Park210%; 45%
MinnieMinnie Statue, Gold Trophy, Aquarium210%; 45%
AckbarToy Shop, PC Shop, Kairo Bldg.250%; 40%
Chimpan ZChimpan Z Statue, Gold Trophy, Gym250%; 40%
SheepySheepy Statue, Gold Trophy, School250%; 40%
WariobotWariobot Statue, Gold Trophy, Ranch250%; 40%

Like Disney Magic Kingdoms, Fallout Shelter, and other classic simulation games, there are NPCs that aid you in different ways.

Photo: Kairosoft

These kinds of characters in Dream Town Story have dedicated statues you can collect, and the combos that can be developed around them are extra powerful.

Photo: Kairosoft


ComboStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
Kairo FunToy Shop, PC Shop, Kairo Bldg.125%; 55%
KairoPublic Restrooms, Kairo Statue, Theme Park145%; 30%
Kairo ParkKairo Statue, Game Shop, Kairo Bldg.150%; 60%
Big BucksKairo Statue, Office Tower, BBQ House190%; 65%
KairomanKairoman Statue, Gold Trophy, Cinema190%; 65%
Furry CritterSafari Park, Kairopuppy Statue, Pet Shop210%; 35%
KairopuppyKairopuppy Statue, Gold Trophy, Hospital210%; 45%
Angelic KairobotAngelic Kairo Statue, Gold Trophy, Zoo210%; 45%
CorporateGolf Course, Kairodad Statue, Tapas Bar210%; 45%
KairodadKairodad Statue, Gold Trophy, TV Station250%; 40%

Apart from unique citizens, there are Kairosoft-themed characters that give you fun presents occasionally. Keep an eye out for them, and establish their statues for more combos.

Photo: Kairosoft


ComboStructuresBonuses [Land; Product]
Nature SpecialFishing Pond, Gold Trophy, Fountain105%; 50%
Sweet SpecialCreperie, Observation Deck, Bronze Trophy125%; 55%
Spa SpecialSauna, Bronze Trophy, Observation Deck125%; 55%
Sport SpecialFast ‘n’ Fried, Silver Trophy, Gym125%; 55%
Museum SpecialDiner, Silver Trophy, Museum125%; 55%
Beef SpecialSteakhouse, Observation Deck, Bronze Trophy145%; 35%
Movie SpecialDept. Store, Gold Trophy, Cinema150%; 60%
Food SpecialRestaurant, Observation Deck, Bronze Trophy185%; 30%
Sea SpecialSushi Joint, Bronze Trophy, Observation Deck170%; 40%
Money SpecialCasino, Bronze Trophy, Observation Deck170%; 40%
Shop SpecialBus Stop, Silver Trophy, Dept. Store170%; 40%
Farm SpecialSpa, Gold Trophy, Ranch170%; 40%
Historic SpecialMuseum, Silver Trophy, Castle170%; 40%
Car SpecialParking Lot, Silver Trophy, Car Dealer185%; 30%
Temple SpecialTemple, Bronze Trophy, 24-7 Mart185%; 30%
Sushi SpecialComms Tower, Gold Trophy, Sushi Joint190%; 65%
Bike SpecialMotorcycle Shop, Silver Trophy, Kairo Bldg210%; 35%
Rich Special24-7 Mart, Silver Trophy, Casino210%; 35%
Fun SpecialBeach House, Gold Trophy, Theme Park210%; 35%
Castle SpecialPalace, Gold Trophy, 3-Star Hotel210%; 45%
Cherry Special3-Star Hotel, Gold Trophy, Weeping Cherry250%; 40%

These combos are basically those with names ending in the word “Special.” But that’s not the only thing that makes them alike. Each of these combos requires a trophy structure, which you can collect by helping residents win contests.

Photo: Kairosoft


Dream Town Story offers an abundance of combos to spice up your game. As long as you thoroughly plan out how you position your town buildings, you can get the best out of these incredible bonus sources.

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