Dream Dale – Fairy Adventure – Tips & Tricks

Dream Dale
Dream Dale

It’s time to unveil the ultimate Dream Dale – Fairy Adventure guide and progress through the gameplay! Developed by SayGames Ltd Studios, the game challenges you to fight unique monsters and farm, unlocking new features.

Now, to be a master at Dream Dale – Fairy Adventure, there is a set of rules that you need to follow. So in this guide, we will break each aspect of the game down to help you get that sweet loot!

Dream Dale – Early game

Dream Dale Intro
Photo: SayGames Ltd Studios

After chasing the monsters that stole your queen, you take a boat to follow through. Suddenly a kraken pulls you into the ocean. You wake up on a beach, confused and equipped with only a backpack.

The first mission in Dream Dale is to pick up the axe and cut down trees for wood. And here comes our first tip! To save as much time as possible cutting trees you should stay between 2 or 3 trees at the same time.

The axe-cutting system is much wider than you think. This can help with farming wood.

stay between the trees
Photo: SayGames Ltd Studios

Materials / Currencies

There are a lot of materials throughout the game, each having different rarities. However, some of them are the most important.

1. Gold

Image: SayGames Ltd

Gold is your main currency, it is rarely used in the early stages of the game.

You can earn gold by completing tasks and missions, watching ads, selling materials, or harvesting the golden materials, (Golden Tree, Golden Rock, Golden Apple Tree, etc.)

Currently, the fastest method to earn gold is to set up wood automation farms and sell the wood for profit.

2. Wood


Wood is a material and by far the most important one throughout Dream Dale.

You can earn wood by cutting trees, watching ads, or collecting it from automatic wood farms.

Trees can sometimes be golden, they drop extra wood and also give gold.

golden trees
Image: SayGames Ltd

3. Rocks

Image: SayGames Ltd

Rocks are the second most important material in the game since they help you build early farms and unlock islands.

You can farm rocks only after crafting the pickaxe.

Rocks can be mined and farmed automatically. They can be golden too, which gives extra gold and materials.

The easiest way to farm rocks is to set up an automated farm.

automated farm
Image: SayGames Ltd

4. Pumpkins

The pumpkins are one of the most valuable resources and sell for a lot of money.

Image: SayGames Ltd

You can get pumpkins from automated pumpkin farms.

The easiest way to get pumpkins is to watch ads, manually collecting them may take some time so we suggest you watch ads.

You can get up to 50 pumpkins from a 30-second ad!

Just like the other 2 materials, pumpkins can be golden too and follow the same rules.

golden pumpkins
Image: SayGames Ltd

5. Apples

Apples are one of the most valuable resources and sell for a lot because they are very slow to obtain.

Image: SayGames Ltd

You can harvest apples from apple trees or by watching ads. The easiest way to get apples is to watch ads, because of the recharge time.

Apples, just like other materials can become golden and follow the same rules as above.

Image: SayGames Ltd

6. Fish

Fishes are not very valuable, but important for mid-game.

Image: SayGames Ltd

You can obtain fish from ads or craft the fishing rod and play a mini-game.

Unlike the other materials, fish cannot be golden, however, they can vary in dimensions, which can give more or less fish amounts.

fish amounts
Image: SayGames Ltd

7. Gems

Gems are the hardest currency you can obtain in Dream Dale. They are used to purchase materials, craft blueprints, and so on.

Image: SayGames Ltd

The best way to get gems is to farm dungeons, which can vary in difficulty or length.

We suggest you gear up well before going into dungeons to avoid dying quickly!


Farms are the most important structures in Dream Dale, allowing you to battle in dungeons without having to worry about farming.

On the other hand, farms have limited storage, which can sometimes stop you from buying that sweet sword you want.

You can farm almost any material.

Farms can be crafted using blueprints bought at the Research Lab during the mid-game stage.

research lab
Image: SayGames Ltd


Storage is the most important element you have to keep track of.

Image: SayGames Ltd

Backpacks have a limited amount of carriables.

They can be bought with gems, or by watching ads.

Each new backpack adds 50 storage units to it, which makes a big difference.

Image: SayGames Ltd


dungeon example
Image: SayGames Ltd

Dungeons are the best way to test your gear and obtain gems and gold!

There are plenty of dungeons you can choose from, each having unique enemies and rewards.

There are 3 types of enemies that are most common:

  1. Normal monsters: They run around and attack at close range. You can counter them by doing a roll, (A roll is done by quickly dragging your joystick in one direction).
  2. Long-range monsters: Usually shooting at long distances, you can counter them by walking diagonally, which takes some time until you travel the distance.
  3. Bosses: Even though they look different, the boss and normal monster share the same mechanics.
Image: SayGames Ltd

At the end of the dungeon, you are awarded a chest, which contains gold and gems.

Late game tips in Dream Dale

The late game comes after discovering wool, in this stage of the game, you have to take note of certain factors.

factors to consider
Image: SayGames Ltd

Watching ads isn’t so bad

By watching ads, not only do you support the developers in adding new features, but you honestly get the best stuff in Dream Dale.

Watching ads for materials, and boosting farms or backpacks are essential if you don’t want to spend a lot of time farming.

watch ads
Image: SayGames Ltd

Have patience

You can’t finish the game in a matter of hours, it takes a lot of dedication and farming to reach the very end of Dream Dale.

Since there are so many cool weapons added and gear to unlock, new materials, and dungeons, you can’t rush it up.

Enjoy your gameplay and stay focused on making the best choices.


Dream Dale – Fairy Adventure is the kind of game you want to play when it’s night, you’re cozy and ready to have some fun!

The diversity of choices you have and engagement really add up to a very cute and cartoony environment. Let’s be honest, the map is huge and by the time you unlock every square of it, you will be stacked.

We hope you enjoyed this Dream Dale – Fairy Adventure Guide, and happy slaying!

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